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  1. Hi Bill ... My name is Bill too ... and I have been where you are. It is scarey at first, but while you may at first feel like you are giving something up, you are actually gaining new fredom. Your friends will thank you. Your family will thank you. For some, you will find, their stories are a very sad tale, littered with attempt to cover up what they were afraid to admit ... that they needed to stop this bad habbit ... once and for all. I have been recovering now for two years. Still, to this day, I find I do things occasionally that remind me of my old ways. Welcome to the growing group of people who have walked in your shoes. My you be comforted that you are not alone.
  2. Forgive me ... but my calendar says April 2nd is the time to change clocks. That would be for the US, not including Arizona and Mars. Can someone please clarify this in case the calendar I have is incorrect? Thanks!
  3. Now THAT would be wrong! How can you even SUGGEST such a thing ... it's golf heresy! I'm outraged at such a suggestion! (ok ... really just kidding ... stop typing ...) I'm not a hunter at all so I give no opinion on more serious matters.
  4. I think if you follow what Bill said that things will be good. The longer the better of course, but 7 minutes falls into the guidline he gave to you earlier today. It sounds like you understand the impact that this can have on the server and the other people who share the same resources. If we all play nice then everyone will be happy. Just my 2 cents here ...
  5. I was wondering that myself after I answered that question. Good to know for anyone transferring from another host. That's probably 99% of the compatibility question answered right there.
  6. I'm sorry if my little CYA statement bothered you. TCH has transferred hundreds, if not thousands, of accounts this way. I can't imagine there being any problems. So let me rephrase ... There is no forseeable issue that I can see in doing what you are asking and that things will work seemlessly. I personally can't guarantee anything. The TCH staff will be sure that things transfer everything correctly and you can check out your account before you start using the new area. So you can be sure things are working well before you make the final switch to TCH (see a reference to the DNS change TCH-Don mentioned) Sorry if my "no guarantees" statement scared you. I'll shut up now and defer to a "qualified" TCH technical staff person to answer if there are any issues with your tranfer!
  7. I remember doing this a long time ago and that's all I did. I was confused on how simple the process was ... but it is so simple! I am thankful for the simple things!
  8. Well, given that information, you sound good to go for a transfer. No guarantees, but I'd feel safe in doing it! There's great customer service here, good people, solid servers ... everthing that most websites would ever need. I think you'll like it here!
  9. I checked ... no problems. FYI - I generated my .ico files by simply making the right file size and then doing a rename to the right file name. I never did anything unique to create them.
  10. Um ... this one really works ... let me explain ... There was a day that some of you may remember, where there was no such thing as an "undo". Software wasn't quite as polished as things are today. Even some didn't have that well-used option of "close without saving". So, back in these ancient times, the only option you had was to hit the reset switch. But computers also booted up in about 30 seconds so you could get back to work relatively quickly too. Now, either I just dated myself, or I just proved how long I have been a geek. (maybe I did both).
  11. Welcome to the forums Butler! Hey, as a web designer myself I do have a small concern for you. Have you talked to your web designer to be sure that everything you have on your site is complatible with a Linux setup? If you were previously hosted on a Windows server AND you used windows-specific technology, then you might have an issue with the TCH servers. Maybe the TCH help desk guys can look out for this upon transer, find out what your website is currently running on, as they look to make the transfer. Just a suggestion. I would definately keep your web designer in the loop on this. This is a great place to be. Glad you have joined us!
  12. I realize that this doesn't answer your question ... however ... You can put about 120 songs on one CD, and over 500 songs on 1 DVD ... So why not just burn yourself a few CDs or a DVD ... then you don't have to rely on all that technology to accomplish this? Just my thought ... that was offered ... without solicitation.
  13. BTW ... Keep in mind that my plan lacks the detail needed to actually accomplish this. It requires a rough working knowledge of PHPMyAdmin or other database management and that you backup your existing database before attempting this. There may be other things that may be missing because I'm unaware of the additional software installed to make your particular forum work!
  14. Hi, Hmmm ... I've never had this problem before myself. But if it did happen to me this is what I would try ... which shouldn't hurt anything ... Try exporting your database, so that you create all the SQL to re-create the database itself. Then re-create your database by executing the SQL. My hunch is that the SQL file might be corrupted. Doing this might help rebuild the database and thus get rid of the corruption. Just a thought ...
  15. I found your answers very interesting David ... good to know!
  16. Huh ... I didn't know that. Live and learn ...
  17. As I understand things we don't have access to any command prompt. Instead, the PHPMyAdmin interface is provided. I run a Linux server on my end and have used the command prompt interface. But that interface takes much longer to accomplish things than through the PHPMA interface. Because of this I installed PHPMA on my own Linux box so I could accomplish things more quickly. This is my experience. Hope if was helpful.
  18. Hey ... it's possible that I might give you a few answers ... I think if you want to pay up front for a year, they will accept your payment. In the past, they have offered a free month if you do so. Not sure if that is true now, but I think it is. <<== Guess I'm not right on this one. Whoops! Sorry! You read right. You receive a "main" area for you to "set up shop" for your main company web area, equal to that of your reseller space. I assume that bandwidth is equal too. Honestly I got a little lost with your question. You can use any domain you wish, as long as you are pointing to the TCH servers with the correct DNS pointers/names. You can also set up whatever accounts that you wish as a reseller and point any domain to them too. It's about as flexible as it can be. Hopefully this answers your question. Welcome to the family!
  19. Chances are you want to open up a ticket on this. See the HELP DESK link above.
  20. There's a lot to consider, and maybe more to consider than what you have written down. I can't speak to the most efficient "server" way of dealing with 30 databases or tables. But my guess is that the differences may be imperceptible. On a purely database design aspect, I think there is some relation between the 30 dabases/tables as you wish to access the information to bring it together on one page. On this rather small indication, I think putting them in 30 tables under 1 database might be your best approach. Otherwise you'll have to maintain 30 separate database connections. I don't think this would be wise, especially to try to do that all at once. Really just an opinion, with a dash of experience. Good luck!
  21. For anyone who may stumble upon this thread and wonder how this ended ... I changed nothing on my end. In fact, since this only has been a problem in downloading through FTP, a few days passed where I didn't give it much though. But today I'm downloading backups and just thought I'd leave everthing as it was and just do it and see what happended. Well ... all I can say is magic happened. I can only suspect that my ISP, which experinced connectivity issues shortly after I started to report these issues, fixed something. In the end I'm just happy to have great ftp speed averaging about 400kb/s, which taps out my internet speed. Yahoo!!!! Full speed ahead. Bill H
  22. Hmmm ... I can use that ...
  23. I was just diagnosed with this disease and I thought it best to spread the word ... because you may have it too. Maybe not now, but probably in the future. I'm sorry to be the one to break the bad news ... MAIDS: "Mobile and Internet Dependency Syndrome". Read about it HERE Bill H
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