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  1. If i may ask...what are the correct settings?
  2. To who ever can help. Recently My members have been complaining in large numbers that they are recieving SQL database errors. I have been submitting tickets but no one has been able to truely recreate it. I have the Invision power Board that was offered through TCH when i started version 1.3.1 final. If anyone has any ideas or reccommendations please let me know. I am a novice at this so lets try not to get to complicated in responses please. Below is the error i got today when i was refreshing the page to go to the main forum page.
  3. Ok a couple weeks ago i was messing around with my forums myself and my partner were making new groups and titles...and i moved the only name in root admin to another section . I never gave it a second thought, but recently i went into my forums admin CP again and click on several things and i receive the error stating that i am restricted from accessing these features because only the members of the root admin group can. When i tried to move my admin member name back into root admin it told me that only a root admin can make this change. So my question is...if there is anyway to get myself back into the root admin group or to fix it? i hope this makes some sense if not please let me know that it sound slike jibberish and i will try to better explain. i have version 1.31 final of the invision board that use to be offered with this service.
  4. Yeah i havent done any of that yet i have been doing like the guy saiud above and just have buttons on my home page that point to the diff subsections and domains. I must have misunderstood the other thread that i read oh well. That is why i asked here before i did anything. Thanks to all the members and the TCH team that responded. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
  5. I dont have a Resellers account so I have a main logo page i then have a home page and a Forum page. I have domain names to the diff pages but since pointing to a subdomain is not allowed they are kind not being used. So with that said I read a thread about redirecting index.html pages to subdomains. So i was curious if that is what i could do or if i read it all wrong. Since i can only point domains to my main page and all.
  6. Well that is not exactly what I want to do. I want to point all my parked domains to my main domain. Then redirect that main domain page to one subdomain. Is that possible?
  7. So is rob right would that be a violation?
  8. what i want is to use my main domain to redirect it to a sub domain. What is AUP?...is that like terms of service?
  9. Ok i understand that but i can then make my main domain redirected to a sub domain right? Im sure i read that somewhere inhere. So i can point all my domains or park them on the main site and then make the main domain redirect to a sub domain right? Is that correct or am i missing something.
  10. Ok i have been reading through alot of these threads in discussion to this so please correct me where i am wrong. Is it true that with my hosting account i can point as many domains i want to my Main Domain? I can then make that a dummy site that redirects to one of my Sub Domains? Rock Sign
  11. i did that and i swapped it with the base skin and i reinstalled the original skin the issue is not there so its obviously something i did when i did the MODS. But that is alot of script for me to read through and some of it i dont even understand.
  12. Ok so i downloaded a skin for IPB v1.3.1 and then i did some mods to it. Somehow now i am getting weird errors. Like when i post a forum message instead of refreshing and redirecting it goes to a blank screen that says done and if you hit the refresh button it double and triple posts. Also deletting items on the main site or in the my controls PM area have the same issue. Is anyone good at html scripting or IPB scripting that could look at my site and tell me what i did wrong? For free as a friendly community favor?
  13. I use to work with phpbb for 2 years it is free source and great but since march of this year i have been using ipb while teh pricing is not so great, and what they are doing in the future may totally suck....but user friendly and custimization wise it is very nice. There is so much more you can give to your clients or members in the forums that you cant on phpbb. Avatars, guests, teh admin cp in IPB is just far more in depth in my own personal opinion of using both. When i went to a diff host that offered phpbb i setup my forums and was very dissatisfied....luckily someone pointed me to TCH and i love that they offer both to you so you can choose. I say creat 2 forums and play with them urself and see what is more comfortable to you. But for me IPB has an awesome Forum its clean, user friendly and filled with goodies. Rock Sign
  14. thanks alan and all the TCH mods....i get what you guys are saying but there is one simple thing i simply used the self install IPB from Cpanel X for the first 2 boards...so i dunno which one which belongs too. Here is what i think. fantasy_home - This is my phpnuke site(main page) fantasy_ib(this one i have no clue) fantasy_ivbd1(this one i have no clue) fantasy_pchat1(no idea is this default? i made a chat once but deleted it) fantasy_phpbb1(im guessing this is phpbb board that im testing) now the 2 middle ones i did not create or make they were done by the auto installer if i am correct and since there are only 2 listed and im talking about a 3rd newly manually instaled IPB my guess is that maybe this 3rd one is not one of the above...so if that is true i still dont get how to create one....if it is one of teh above how would i test to see which one is which?
  15. ok i found it so how do i know which one corresponds to that sub domain? These are the ones that i have. fantasy_home fantasy_ib fantasy_ivbd1 fantasy_pchat1 fantasy_phpbb1 Now i have active right now 2 active IPB boards, one PhpBB boards, one phpnuke site, and html index file. Im in the middle of an install for another IPB board so either one of those abov is the corresponding board or i have to create one...i dunno
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