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  1. Commercial site: www.allstarpowerwashllc.com Company: All-Star Power Wash Provides commercial and industrial pressure washing and painting services in Southern Wisconsin. I have posted the proper back-link to Total Choice Hosting in the bottom center of the home page. Thank you very much!
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    Add Me To The Family

    Oops- thank you very much!
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    Add Me To The Family

    URL: thedeckdoctorofmadison.com Description: Deck and wood refinishing, interior & exterior painting, and pressure washing services for Southern Wisconsin. Link back to TCH on the home page. Thank you all very much!
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    Email Problem

    Well, that sounds like it makes sense- thanks folks! I didn't realize an option like that had to be selected manually; I don't remember having to do it before. thanks for your help!
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    Email Problem

    Hello, I've configured my webmail to come through Outlook Express here at work, but I also check webmail regularly at home (using Horde). For some reason, I seem to be able to receive all intended emails through Outlook Express, but most of them aren't showing up in my webmail account. Peculiarly, I've been sending test messages to myself periodically, and they seem to all arrive at both destinations. This entire account had been switched over from my old host not too long ago, with the exact same email address as before. Could this problem be somehow related to the switch? Like I said, I have been "testing" it on my own but never have a problem. Anyone have any idea what this is about? thank you!
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    New Site

    My URL: http://www.olestractors.com Name: Ole's Tractors in Arena, WI Description: Antique tractors for sale, original and restored, all makes and models, repair and hauling available. Link back to TCH on the index page. Thanks so much!
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    Ftp & File Management Problems

    I've tried viewing the site at http://IP/~user; it shows the background color and html text, but all images are broken. Same thing with the other subpages: http://IP/~user/page2, etc. Evidently, the structure of my directory has broken down somewhere, but my file manager shows it just as it should. Somehow it relates to the fact that my html editor saved the individual image components of each page in a sub-folder of images; I tried to maintain these correct paths within my directory, but for some reason it's not working. public_html -index.html -pg1.html -pg2... -images1 (folder) --img1.jpg --img2.jpg... --images2 (folder) I signed up for my original reseller account and was assigned a username and password. When I use these to access the cpanel for this site, I'm shown what appears to be a correctly formed directory. When I added new account in whm, added this site's account and had to chose a username and password for it. When I log into this site's cpanel with the latter username and password, it shows a different structure in file manager. Similar, but not the same, and not correct. (Probably because I've been trying and re-trying to upload & move these files around, in different ways, not necessarily logging in the same way each time.) I realize it sounds ludicrous that they're different, but they are. Perhaps I can find an easy way to purge the whole damn thing and start over! When I tried before to delete all new folders and try again, some of the items just wouldn't go away; I had to do it with my ftp program. Then when I logged back into cpanel it still didn't look like the correct changes had been made. thank you for your time!
  8. Hello, I am a bit new to this, and just trying to get my first site uploaded but am running into a few snags, perhaps because I'm not so well-versed in my SmartFTP or TCH's file manager quite yet. The entire site on my computer is organized pretty well; one root folder with a series of subfolders, and I did make sure all links were relative links directed to the root folder. I understand everything should be uploaded to public_html, but is that folder intended to become the new root folder? At first I assumed it was, and tried to re-create my directory within public_html, but then couldn't tell if all my sub-folders were set up correctly. I could preview the home page (index.html), but without any of the images; all shown as broken image tags, and none of the links working. (is the first / in each link path supposed to point to public_html?) Then I tried deleting and starting over, and just uploaded my entire root folder to within public_html, but now File Manager doesn't show that everything is in there, although my ftp program seems to indicate that it's all complete. Via trial-and-error, I've been trying to upload this entire directory in different ways; often in pieces just to make sure all components are being uploaded to the proper place in the directory tree. But still, File Manager and my FTP program are showing different things. Bottom line is, the trial-and error method is just not panning out! Any suggestions to why I'm having these problems? BTW- I'm still having to preview my changes via IP/~username, because my domain propagation is not yet complete. thank you! EDIT: I think I have noticed a strange phenomenon, if it helps. I am both the web host manager, reseller, as well as designer and sole control panel accessor for this site (and a few others, when they're ready.) I've noticed I can log into cpanel with my reseller's username, as well as that account's username, and I seem to see different items in the directory depending on who I say I am. Could this be right?
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    File Management

    Thank you both for your help. That did make sense, and I tried it with a single page and image file, but it didn't work. The code seems to read correctly, but when I click the link it tries to follow an incorrect path: "C:\Images\picturename.html" and can't find the correct image, since the computer is assuming the root folder is my hard drive (instead of the website folder.) Is there something else I should be doing to use these root-relative URL's, or is my computer just not recognizing that that's what I'm trying to do? Thank you again!
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    File Management

    Hello! I'm apologizing in advance for what might seem like a very elementary line of questioning; I'm a bit new to this, and I'm not sure if my questions will be answered once I start playing with CPanel. (Or, perhaps, once I download an FTP utility, like SmartFTP-- is this recommended, even though TCH provides a file manager?) I've been perusing these forums for a while now and am about ready to take the plunge and sign up for a package. I've been setting up my first site with an HTML editor. My main question involves how to name and link between my files: each page on the site contains thumbnails that will link to expanded pictures, (html files,) each with a button linking back to the previous page. When creating these image maps, I am given 2 choices for the URL: local file (which is only a path to the local file on my computer, which I know won't work;) or Web URL. For each link back to the page itself or the sub-page with full-sized pictures, can I assign its exact URL now (www.mydomain/page1... or www.mydomain/page1/albumpage1...) so all my links are complete, and then assume those exact URLs can be assigned to the files once I'm online? Or, since I've created the entire site in a folder with a series of subfolders, that I'm hoping I can just upload with the same structure, is there a way of creating those links just to files within that folder, which will remain the same once they are uploaded? Again, I apologize if these will become apparent once I get further along; I'm transfering from another host (that had a lame site builder built in,) redesigning everything from scratch, and I want to prepare as much in advance so the down-time is minimal. Thank you! Darwinlady