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  1. much better...thanks bill... Rock Sign Thumbs Up
  2. Thanks, but i was looking for this to be done straight from the shell...those php scripts probably use those lil handy php functions.... Well...if anyone is a linux guru and can help..i'll be here...hehe
  3. hehe... I'm sure everyone would love that.
  4. You sound angry..... hehe...tch is extremely popular and the simple fact is..the more popular something is..the more its crawled...so yeah i've found several of my posts on google as well...kind of annoying and cool at the same time....hehe buts its all good... How many times have you asked google a question and you get like tens of people asking the same thing...i wouldn't have it any other way.
  5. this is a n00b question..what would be the most efficient way of displaying a directory tree with all my files on lets say a bash shell. Sad...i was able to find a way using msdos hehehe...using the tree cmd..but need a way to do it on a linux machine. I was trying to do a ls recursively but it didn't work Got this working, thats what i get for not readin the entire ls man section...i was using -r instead of -R.....but I know there has to be a prettier way of displaying it...i've just never tried doing this before......here is an example I did with the cmd prompt on windows. Oh..and don't report me to the RIAA...If you do, i'll be the first person they put to death for downloading mp3s....LOL UPDATE: i think the only way is for me to write a sed script and use it with the find or ls -R command. mymp3s.txt
  6. Thumbs Up Rock Sign Bill is insanely nice and dedicated to us.....i'll tell you that.
  7. any chance that server is loaded...i'm getting broken images and sometimes an incorrect status. Its either that, or the server thats on has some packet loss coming towards my isp...i wouldn't doubt it...my isp is p00p. Just started happening in the past few days.
  8. I started up a thread at winamp.com but it doesn't look like its possible...I'll just have to wait for another version update and see if they add that. http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=176716
  9. someone stated it earlier in the thread i think...google toolbar.
  10. hehe..thats what i do have it set as...I guess i'm just spoiled...I want there to be a preview function like musicmatch..maybe a little tick or arrow the left of the track to quick play a song instead of adding it to the playlist...Like i said that play button on the bottom would do the trick only if it didn't clear the playlist. thanks anway.
  11. Well, due to the popularity of ogg and musicmatch just sucking more and more with every release. I decided to try out winamp again and I was impressed. Big improvements in the past 6 months...I've decided to convert. I have a question though. I have my media library set add a track to the playlist when I double click on one and play it if nothing else is playing. Is there a way I can preview an audio file w/o affecting the playlist? Everytime I click the bottom play button the playlist clears and adds that particular track to the playlist. Thanks, Dave :Nerd:
  12. The site has been shut down now for over 8 months..it outgrew the tch package i had it on in a few weeks...I had to switch to a semi dedicated server elsewhere...however, i run my 2 personal sites on tch still...which gets only a handful of visits a day..hehe.. I get that warm feeling inside hosting my personal sites with tch, the most reliable and dedicated webhost. Rock Sign OH BTW Google finally cached my index page...finally....Remember i stated earlier that it had just indexed the page but hadn't cached it yet. Now I just pray that google starts crawling through the site. Does this normally a take another few weeks after it caches it?
  13. Here was the alexa rank.... I actually got under the 40,000 page rank.
  14. damn..i couldn't find the stats to that site i made for one particular month..it was frkn really active.
  15. Something similar also happened to me..i registered a domain with godaddy. Within like 15 minutes, it was on my isp's dns servers...no idea how that happened so quickly.
  16. a lil late...But thanks. Rock Sign
  17. My personal site isn't getting crap...maybe like 20something unique visits..but google hasn't cached any of my pages yet...they just indexed the site...I'm stuck here.. I did run a site a year ago that got upto 80k unique visits, it was a bittorrent links site...its all gone now...heh Couldn't afford a dedicated server for it.
  18. No i wanted a decimal...just unsure why it rounds to the 6th decimal place... Oh...another quick question if anyone can help..anyone know which is faster...mysql LOCATE function or LIKE.
  19. nah..i don't think casting is an option. thanks anyway, dave
  20. Hello fellas...I need some clarification on something. Ok...i'm not clear on mysql float datatypes. I mean, my script is working but I would like to know exactly what its doing. I'm running a particular query... >$sql = "UPDATE table SET votes=votes+1, votecount=votecount+$rating, rating=votecount/votes WHERE linkid=$id"; mysql datatypes are as follows votes (int) votecount (int) rating (float) the part i'm unclear about is the division i used here "rating=votecount/votes" I read up a little at mysql.com and it discusses some arithmitic operations, but not division... so i'm dividing 2 integers and I want to know what type of division mysql does (percision wise). This is what i'm getting pushed into the database..Ex. (29/6) = 4.83333 You would think since its a repeating decimal, it would push the maximum length of numbers, but that isn't the case.
  21. Yes, you can :blackhole: your primary e-mail account so only accounts you create will get e-mail see Block e-mail to non-existent address on the help site. /me smacks himself on the head...thanks don..
  22. man...this reminds me...I Just checked my primary email account today which I don't use, after like 6 months...and I had over 800 spam emails...this is crazy.. I can't believe how much spam is floating around out there.... Is there any way to delete my primary email account from cpanel....its just a waste of resources for bots to be spamming that account....especially considering I did not use that email once anywhere....
  23. Fantastic..I understand perfectly now. Thanks guys... So do you guys have any good sites to recommend to find little nitpicky stuff like this. Or are you just javascript gurus or what.
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