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  1. HI, do any of you know of an image editor that makes doing fade out borders really simple. I attempted to use photoshop but I didn't like the way it was coming out and I wasn't sure what else to try. I would really like an app or a filter for photoshop that does it all for you... This is the way I tried doing it using photoshop. Select>ALL Select>Modify>Border=5px Select>Feather=5px Select>Inverse Add Layer Add Vector Mask I also tried using Fill. These methods weren't producing the results I expected. Doesn't look smooth. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dave
  2. Actually no, Sessions last on the server 1440 seconds (This is the default). On the client, the session cookie can last as long as you want it to last by using the session_set_cookie_params() function. The problem is, i'm trying to change how long the session lasts on the server. I'm asking if its possible since these are shared servers and if someone could explain the purpose of the set_ini function and if it has any bearing for this particular script i'm trying to make Thanks, David
  3. that one is nasty...They are using deprecated php functions and its too basic. About the php.ini file i understand what u mean. But I was asking if anyone knew what the ini_set function does exactly since the value u change using that function is changed back to the default once the scirpt is done. I don't even see a purpose for it. Man, I was banging my head here for a few minutes on why these sessions were going wacko on me. Well, it turns out that its best to rename your session variables to something different than the variables ur using in your scirpts. They were being overwritten by other scripts in the page since registerglobals are on. grrrrr. I can't wait til the day where everyone starts writing code for disabled register_globals that way our hosts can have it disabled. Thanks for the replies, Dave
  4. Well, i'm not using any other scripts as refrences. I"m just doing it from scratch. Basically I created a user login page that uses sessions. I made an option where they can check to remember their info on the computer. So, I need to find a way to change that session.gc_maxlifetime value. I'm using a regular cookie just to store if they want to be remembered or not, and if they do I just start up another session and access the session variables. I'm just about to give up on sessions. I don't think sessions would a be a good idea for a login script. I'm thinking of just putting their password encrypted on a cookie and just querty the database each time to make sure its valid.
  5. ok, does anyone know how to change the session.gc_maxlifetime value. How does the ini_set function work. I don't quite understand it. I tried doing this ini_set('session.gc_maxlifetime',604800). but that only changes the value for that particular script which doesn't make sense in my opinion. Isn't there a way to change this value permanantly?
  6. Ok...thanks..I'll use sessions instead.
  7. Ok, i'm confused. Can cookies be faked. I've been looking at a few php user login/authentification scripts, and I noticed once the cookie is placed on the clients computer the only check done is to check if the particular cookie variables have been set using the isset function. Since the script only checks if the variables are set and not the actual values, couldn't someone just manufacture a cookie with the required variables, lets say username,password, and expdate. At least with sessions, the only thing thats stored on yoru computer is the session id. I know i'm missing something, can someone please clarify this.
  8. NM, I got it. Hi, does anyone know off the top of their head how to append something to a certain part of the file. Not just the beginning or end. Lets say something like this >$lines = file("somefile.txt"); foreach ($lines as $line) if ($line == "line blah") { replace this line with "blah" by using an fwrite or something } Is this even possible? Thanks, Dave
  9. This is straight from the link So you see its not a bug. So now my question is, how can i simulate 1 table (1 row -> 2 columns of 50%) inside a box with CSS. Thats basically what i've been trying to do from the beginning... I guess floats won't work like i thought after all. thx for the replies raul.
  10. Are u sure this is a bug. I thought it was normal, I thought there would be a way around this though. I guess i was wrong.
  11. Yup thats it...just as it does when the inner box isn't set to float.
  12. Actually I went ahead and did write a function to push/check the ips in my database. I have them set to expire 24 hours to restrict people from posting more than once a day. Feel free to try them out and tell me what you think. http://davesrig.us/new/emailme.php?userid=1 http://davesrig.us/new/guestbook.php
  13. Hi, Lets say you have 2 boxes, 1 floating inside the other box. How can you make the outer box grow according to the content thats in the floating box inside that box. If I'm not making any sense i apologize...see included webpage for an example. Notice that when u have a box with a flloat value inside the other it doesn't expand according to its content. http://davesrig.us/css.html PS. I know what a bunch of you are thinking...why don't u juse use tables and make 2 columns...duh...Well, b/c I'm trying to make a site w/o any tables. thanks, Dave
  14. Well I suppose I could do that. But I would have to create a dummy table b/c this particular form data isn't going into my database. It's being emailed to me. I want my database clean...hehe... Any other suggestions? If not, i'll go ahead and have to do that. I still feel that there should be a more efficient way. I was looking at sessions and the only way to make them work if the user has cookies disabled is too pass the sessionid variable and thats no good. Dave
  15. HI, do any of you guys know what would be the most efficient way of preventing a form from being spammed. When I say spammed, I mean preventing the user from submitting data numerous times with a few minutes. Ex. This mail script I made. http://davesrig.us/new/emailme.php?userid=1 What should I do to prevent people from going back and abusing that submit button? I was thinking about using cookies or sessions but they can easily just restrict cookies. Any other options I missed?
  16. My apologies for the extremely late reply. Well, something is definitely wrong with my account/server or something. Cause I already tried several ftp clients including cuteftp and I can't see any of my hidden files. Once again, i double checked some of my other servers and I can see the hidden files just fine. Its only happening to my account here. Strange, huh.
  17. Yup i checked using the file manager via cpanel and saw them there.
  18. I apoligze if this has been discussed in the past, but I did a search and didn't find what i was looking for. Did something change in the past few months? I can't seem to see any of my hidden files via my ftp client anymore. I'm using smartftp and I have it set to list all files. I even double checked on an different server I own just to make sure the client was setup correctly. I used to see the hidden files a few months ago, i never noticed until recently that they aren't being listed anymore. When I say hidden files i mean files that start with a .
  19. I really have a problem with other people having that Sobig worm. My yahoo mail is being flooded every 15 minutes causing my mailbox to overload. It really pisses me off...you know how inconvenient it is to switch primary emails..grrrrrr
  20. I couldn't tell if this addresses your specific question, but it helped me compress content down and let the website visitor decide what content warranted further explanation. Yup, it appears I'll have to do that.... Thanks for the tip.
  21. HI, is there any way to wrap some long word w/o any spaces. Lets say I make a table or css box 100 pixels wide and write something like a url (ex. http://www.blah.com/forums/index.php?&act=...=Post&blahblah) in there. Is there any way I can make the table or css box wrap that keeping the fixed width instead of expanding it? If i'm not making any sense let me know. hehe Thanks, Dave
  22. Wow, that is one very neatly organized library.... Thanks borfast this is very cool.
  23. That option doesn't work...I had to change the content variable to get the text aligned left.
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