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  1. I'm opening another account with TCH this week for a client and I had a question regarding subdomains. I would like to set up a subdomain record using dynamic DNS (via DynDNS or FreeDNS to keep it free or cheap if possible) so that rdp.mysite.com always points to a dynamic office IP and can be updated by one of these DDNS services. I would still like the rest of the domain to go to TCH so that I can create additional subdomains in the future using CPanel. How do I go about doing this?
  2. The following is a true account of what happens at TotalChoice when a server goes down... Problem discovered at 8:35 AM: It was determined to be a main hard drive failure: But TotalChoice would not be conquered by a simple hardware failure. They had already been prepared for the situation by using a backup drive. They installed a new primary drive within half an hour of determining the problem. As soon as they installed the drive, Bill gave us another update. Did they wait until the machine was up again to tell us what was happening? No. They kept us up to date every step of the way. They even gave us updates between steps. Instead of putting the machine up right away, they made sure the new system was solid as a rock. They kept us posted during this process as well... ... and told us as soon as they were working on the restoration process. Again, frequent updates during this period reminded us that our websites were in good hands. They finished the whole job in less than 12 hours after noticing the problem. I'm not on Server 27 (I'm on 29) but I've been watching the "Server 27 issue" thread, and how you have given your customers detailed updates. It is really a picture of TCH's dedication to keeping its customers happy. From start to finish, you kept everyone posted every step of the way. Maybe this is a "business secret" but could you possibly do an article on how you can keep a hosting company running so smoothly, and back up again so quickly when you have problems (even major hardware failures)? I'm not trying to start my own hosting company or anything, but it would be neat to see how you guys do it. and as always... Rock Sign
  3. First, I'd like to thank TotalChoice for their great service, great support, and great price thus far. I've been very happy with your services and have signed two other people up for TC as well. And now for the problem: I use Horde webmail exclusively for my e-mail access - I don't use Outlook or any PC-based email client. So, all my email is stored on the server, which gives me quick access to any message from anywhere. I really like the Horde interface and I'm glad you've included it in your hosting package. Over time, my inbox has grown to hold almost 400 messages. As I've saved more and more messages, Horde became slower, and slower, and slower. A slight lag is understandable, but now it takes 5-8 seconds to perform any operations in Horde. Even doing something simple, such as clicking "compose", takes quite a while to respond. This problem only applies to my email account ( drew * at * hearlefamily * dot * com). Other mailboxes I've created for family members don't experience this lag. The problem is not browser-, computer-, or ISP-specific. Perhaps some SQL database used by Horde needs to be optimized? Just a wild guess. The lag is getting pretty annoying, and I'd like to know if there are any solutions besides just doing some spring cleaning on my inbox Thanks, Drew Hearle
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