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  1. Well, i know its a boring and rather tedious task, so i'd rather not.
  2. Anyone know a good place to submit php code for some criticism. I have a class that I made and I'm dying for some criticism on it. The only place I've found so far is phpbuilder.com's forums but nobody even bothers looking at the code critique forum so that sucks.
  3. I swear to god i was just about to post this when I noticed you beat me to it by a few seconds.
  4. if you google "php poll script" you will find tons of results. This seems to be the most popular. http://www.proxy2.de/scripts.php
  5. If you can't get the script working, just reply here and we'll help.
  6. This has been discussed before, you have to use a php script to send flase headers. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...=force+download http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...=force+download
  7. A few questions regarding the apache raw access logs. Whats the easiest way to access them via a php script or something. I know you can have them archive onto your logs directory after every month, but what about the current log. I can only find 2 places where I can access them. 1. Under http://****:2082/getaccesslog/acce...in-4-19-2005.gz password protected by cpanel. ( So I'm guessing it could be possible If i were to manually send post request varirables [username and password] ) 2. The other place is via ftp. Under the username username_logs. So are these the only two places I can access them, and do they always accumulate by month. I figure this is just the way you have them setup. By month rather than by day right? Thanks, Dave EDIT: By the way, I have 2 accounts and I can't seem to access one through ftp. I'm probably going to submit a help desk ticket to see whats up with that. I'm almost certain it has to do with the my domain name change around a year ago.
  8. Agreed, thats exactly what i meant.
  9. Well first of all you didn't reply to dick's or andy's replies. Where exactly are you getting stuck at? Are you stuck at logging into your ftp account, your cpanel account, or can you just not find the directory once your there. The more info you give us on your problem, the easier it is for us to help you.
  10. both cuteftp and wsftp support this. Wow, I've been using smartftp for years now and I'm surprised to see that they don't even have this feature. Thanks, i'll check those 2 ftp clients out.
  11. Does anyone know of a little app/tool that adds a feature where you can right click on a file and send to an ftp server (specific folder). Someone told me how to make a bat file while using the windows pre-existing ftp client. It works fine, but I'm looking for something a little more attractive and intuitive. These are the instructions on how to get this to work. This will be your bat file (ftpupload.bat) Put your hostname where it say "ftpHostname" >@echo off type cmds.org > cmds.txt echo %1 >> cmds.txt echo quit >> cmds.txt call ftp -s:cmds.txt ftpHostname del cmds.txt pause This will be just a file where the commands are held. (cmds.org) Specify your "ftpUsername" and "ftpPassword". Make sure and change the cds to point to the actual directory you want. >ftpUsername ftpPassword cd public_html cd images bin put Now put this into one directory and then create a shortcut to the batfile. Now goto Start>Run Type sendto and put that shortcut you just made into this folder. Ok, finally done. Yea yea, I know its a lot of work, but thats why I made this thread. To discuss any other alternatives.
  12. As a buyer, I would like to see a prettier website. The tables used for the shopping cart are too bland. Spice it up a bit with nice borders and colors using css. Thats pretty much it.
  13. Yeah, I've seen stuff like this on other sites. Where I load a site and the page doesn't render correctly. Then I just refresh and it fixes the problem. Its obviously something that firefox doesn't like. Don't know what that could be though.
  14. Has anyone had a problem like this with IE. Notice how the input boxes are not aligned yet they have the same fixed size. Here's a link to the page. http://section31.us/temp/contacts/auth.php EDIT: DAMN, I feel so dumb for missing that. I had the wrong font-size on my css file causing it screw up. Sorry for making a horrible thread for nothing.
  15. Did you read my post? "probably will end up on an account different than my own. But I am trying to figure out how to get one running in the first place" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, I haven't tried torrentbits myself. I have my own modded version of the bitgrog tracker.
  16. Bittorrent Trackers are best kept away from shared servers. Unless you keep the peer count under 300, you will hinder the performance on the server. You wouldn't want to do that would you.
  17. First, What happened to the edit feature...I couldn't find it...lol Don't tell me these boards have it set where you can only edit within the first few minutes. Next, let me revise my question. I just realized that by sending a reference and destroying the variable doesn't mean the data will be lost. I guess now my question is, don't functions always return references or do they return copies. If its the latter, i think i can understand why it would be beneficial to return a reference rather than a copy... Efficiency purposes, right?
  18. I know about the usage of references to variables, but i've never seen them used on functions like this. >function &getFoobar() { // code return $data; } and on the script its called with the ampersand like this. $contents = &getFoobar(); Can someone shed some light on this for me. I was thinking that it could just return a reference of the data thats returned but that wouldn't make sense since its destroyed when the function call is complete.
  19. all I read is liberal propoganda hehe. I can't help myself, i love it.
  20. WOAH.... Good find.. I've now added the other functions to my test and have increased the file to 220KB... Check out the results... http://section31.us/test/includeVsfile_get_contents.php
  21. since you all are sharing efficiency tips... how about this..if you're only including html/text and not php...don't use include...use file_get_contents...its waaaaaaaaaaay faster and more efficent. I just made this bechmark script just for you guys...Observe and comment!!! http://section31.us/test/includeVsfile_get_contents.php
  22. I apologize for coming off insulting... Sometimes it happens. Sorry.
  23. read the first post...He was just trying to scrape something from a server by using fsockopen... I would never consider running a daemon on a shared server. Arun Mathe already helped me out via help desk.
  24. Alrighty, thanks for the reply bruce...I'll put in a help ticket.
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