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  1. grrrrrrrrrr.... sorry i took so long to reply...once again I didn't receive an email.... I'll go ahead and do that and see what happens... BTW, i submitted a help desk ticket just right now...it appears server23 is running out of disk space.... http://upit.section31.us/uploads/ss.png EDIT: Hey bill, i just realized you can't register as a different user with the same email address...I'll try using my email account i have with you all...it forwards to my yahoo account anyway.
  2. I think I found another bug on ie, does anyone know how to fix this. IE doesn't seem to like a percentage height value for a textarea box, yet it works perfectly on mozilla/firefox...why am i not surprised. check with both ie and mozilla/firefox http://section31.us/temp/test.html Anyone know how i can get around this w/o using a fixed value.
  3. a mystery indeed...I checked my yahoo bulk mail too...nothing there.
  4. around 1.5 years ago they broke into my cpanel b/c I had a weak password and messed up my entire site.....They placed some anti arab stuff on there...apparanty it was an israeli fundamentalist hacking group... A lesson well learned...hah
  5. One of the reasons I never liked invision message boards was its failure to notify me by email when i'm subscribed to topics or forums....Ex. I've been subscribed to this forum for a while now and I never get any emails stating a new topic was posted. I do have the settings properly set in my profile. oh well.
  6. thats ok...i just wanted to let everyone know about it. heh
  7. Just encountered a flaw with mozilla/firefox and css which is quite uncommon... I always encounter css problems with IE, but this goes in the book as one of the few mistakes mozilla/firefox makes with css... http://section31.us/temp/firefoxflaw.html Anyone know of a fix for this... What i've been doing temporarily until they fix the problem is just adding a white background color to the image.
  8. lol...check out that link u posted now... Google apparantly crawled this post as well...too funny
  9. EDIT: Please delete or disregard this post..I'm a moron... I posted a really stupid question. Figured it out.
  10. Edit: it looks like i found the problem... it appears the image magik version u have installed isn't up to date. Those scripts were for version 6. I used these scripts for version 5 and they worked fine... http://www.cit.gu.edu.au/~anthony/graphics...ating/#labeling someone may want to update this page, the tutorials are dated or dead. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/id161.htm
  11. Wondering if anyone could help me. I was trying to do something like this... talking about the black rectangle on the bottom with text. So I started experimenting with imagemagick using the scripts from the following site, but some don't work at all and others just work partially. http://www.cit.gu.edu.au/~anthony/graphics...ating/#labeling In particular, I'm looking at the Splice and Draw and the Append and Draw. The splice and draw doesn't work at all, and the append and draw just drew the yellow box, but didn't write the text on it. ie -> http://section31.us/upload/blah.jpg Has anyone tried doing something like this. I know its not my syntax, since i was able to do other stuff with imagemagick.
  12. i know this thread is old...lets see if someone can help me... I noticed by adding that line "php_value output_handler ob_gzhandler" to the .htaccess file it does it to all the directories under it as well. Is there anyway to just restrict it to only that directory. if there isn't I suppose I could just put ob_gzhandler on every file i need it in.
  13. hehe...I figure that would take a few hours.... I'll start tomorrow i guess.
  14. u fix this yet...if not send the files over.
  15. hi, does anyone know how some sites use a loading script...they normally use a gif animation saying "loading" and then it appears to redirect to the page. I googled this and found one method but i'm not sure thats the way most people do it. They just use a div layer with css and change the layer from visible to invisible with a javascript function... So, does anyone know any other methods. I created an example using a div layer.... http://section31.us/temp/test.php
  16. thanks...this one is sweet too.
  17. yeeeeeeeeah...look what i found.. http://www.kevinroth.com/rte/demo.htm
  18. thanks...i needed to know what to look for and now i do... I didn't like spaw b/c its not compatible with firefox. I'll keep searching for others...thanks for help.
  19. Hi, does anyone know how they some of these blog sites and online email websites create those fancy interfaces for posting stuff. Ex. I mean i know the basics of html and I have no idea how they manipulate the textarea like that. Here is my interface for my site i created from scratch... notice how primitive...It uses bbcode like format for html code.
  20. I was wondering how do forums like phpbb and others do regular expressions across several lines instead of line per line... Example, I have bbcode-like regular expressions on my scripts yet they will only work if they are on the same line as they should since these test line per line. But on forums like phpbb and others, I am able to do something like this >[b] test [/b] and it parses just fine. Does anyone know how they do something like this.
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