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  1. That is just perfect...exactly what I was looking for. I can't get the darn text to align left though...sill working on it. I don't know why it isn't working. Thanks a bunch.
  2. I need a script that will show a tooptip when your mouse is over a link. Something like this http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex5/texttool.htm The problem with this is that it isn't customizable. I need the tooltip window to be large and accept <br> relatively well. Anyone know an Alternative to this code? Thanks, Dave
  3. That is one of the worst shoutboxes I've tried before. I went down the line in hotscripts.com and I didn't find one descent one.
  4. well smileys, link tags, and flood prevention mainly.
  5. Anyone have any good recommendations on a php shoutbox. I already checked hotscripts.com and I didn't like any of them.
  6. Yup, i really love to abuse barnes and nobles and borders. They are great. Borfast needs to visit the states so he can check one out.
  7. ah i found it. it was imagecreatefromjpeg. Anyway, thanks borfast and thanks mav for the help.
  8. So if anyone has any solutions I'm open for them. Mav Head Bash So how did u put your picture on there after all. IT works fine for me when I use the imagecreate, but how I do I use a jpeg or another file instead. I need a so called "resource image to use the imagettftext() function and also the imagejpeg() function. So what do I use to make a jpeg resource image using a pre existing image file.
  9. Anyone know how to code something like this, its a png file...If so, how hard is it and do you have any onlince documentation on how to do something like this?
  10. Site is under 1 MB, basically no images just tiny icons. http://torrentlinks.com/stats/june03.html
  11. lol, this one is also good.
  12. Yikes, it looks like it was trying to close the DB twice. I think i fixed it, thanks.
  13. hahaha...this one is funny...good job. But i think you can add way more bullets to that.
  14. Hi, i've already had 2 php scripts give me a myql_close warning like the one below. >Warning: mysql_close(): 5 is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/username/public_html/classes/database.php on line 132 Does anyone know what normally causes this problem? thanks, section31
  15. Microsoft is just like any other corporation.. They are crooks. My vote goes to PHP.
  16. Yep, i checked...don't worry nobody is.
  17. HEH, i'm really suffering. My site has one tiny mysql db and is completely text, I mean no banners or anything else are on that server. My visits are skyrocketing, and I don't know what to do. Too much b/w for me to afford. I wish your b/w rates were a tad cheaper.
  18. Right from the support page!!! Cancellations If you wish to cancel your TCH account, you will need to send an email to: cancellations@totalchoicehosting.com and include in the email: Your domain name Your username and password First and last name of the Account holder
  19. Yup, like i said. Shouldn't be a serious problem, I'll just do it manually. And yes, i hate to make a few modifications to the script for it to work, but overall a descent script.
  20. UH, thanks for the nice script, but this still doesn't solve my problem with the - not being friendly to phpmyadmin. The mysqldump from the commandline seems to always use - instead of #. In the meantime, I've been using a search and replace which works fine but its more work for me. Its not like i'm going to be restoring my db anytime soon, its just in case. ya know I decided to try this script for s***s and giggles anyway. But for some reason my db is being corrupt during the ftp transfer to my computer. The gzip file is perfect on the server itself, but during the ftp transfer it gets corrupted. Any idea whats causing this. Must be something to do with this syntax. >$ftpconnect = "ncftpput -u $ftp_user_name -p $ftp_user_pass -d debsender_ftplog.log -e dbsender_ftplog2.log -a -E -V $ftp_server $ftp_path $filename2"; shell_exec($ftpconnect); Any Ideas?
  21. I think that may be a weird caching issue somewhere. I get that myself sometimes, and when I hit Refresh, it shows me as being logged in. Yup, that is definetely something to do with caching/cookie. Delete temp files, Delete coockies, and try once again
  22. section31


    LOL, INDEED. I don't think you have to compress it that much.
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