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  1. Unsolicited Email from anyone I don't know is spam. There is no difference from someone elses list of names collected from whatever means and acquired or purchased by you, and your list. Yes you were selective in your choice which will increase your odds of replies. BUT they did not ask for you to send them an email so its wrong. My opinion.
  2. Hi dieguy, what Don gave you is an example of one way to do what you want which is using "frames". With frames you will end up with 4 files to make one web page. The first file is used to define the shape of the final page and identify the files to use to go into it. The other three files are the contents of each part of the page. So using the example don started the "frameset" lines wil go into the first file and call it index.htm. Then you will need to create the 3 other files, the top part will be file "index_top.htm", the main or middle part will be file "index_m.htm", and the left side will be file "index_left.htm" . I used this for one of my sites and you can take a look at the code to see how it works. http://www.venitsports.com/wast Now mine is a little different than what you wanted. My top is a menu used to select a different year for the team. The left will select a different "meet" to be displayed in the "main" page. And because of the need to display multiple years (from the "top menu") and multiple pages in the Main section (from the "left menu"), I need to create 4 separate files for each year...which ends up to be a lot of similar files. See if this helps.
  3. The only reason I can think of is a disk space issue. If you are low on disk space to begin with, installing 4 browsers will eat up additional space. You will also have issues with temporary internet files due to space and this will also affect your windows swap space, which slows down your computer.
  4. Boojum, I don't use a Mac so someone who knows them may need to help. I don't have to name my folders on my windows machine the same as the domain and I view all my different sites just fine. I just create a folder, say "WAST" for my kids swim team under a main folder called "VENIT". When I open the index.htm under WAST my pages display just fine. (www.venitsports.com/wast) As you can see above the actual domain does not match the main folder name.
  5. Hi again Boojum, I think you are just confused here on how to "view" your pages when they are on your hard drive. You do not need start off with the folder on your hard drive having the same name as the domain name, just the sub-folders. To start off viewing "offline" using IE click on FILE and then OPEN and click the BROWSE button. Now locate your hard drive and the folder that contains you main page and open that html page. This "should" display the contents of your web pages from the hard drive. See if this clears the problems you are having.
  6. Right-click on the top toolbar, click on the menu you want to activate.
  7. Hi Boojum, the way the web works is by givng specific directions (to a browser) to locate the pages or pieces of information to place on your pages. Normally these "directions" are for locations on the Internet so that anyone can find them. These are in the form of domain name with folders/files under these domain names, ie. santacruz.squort.com/index.html. Now a browser will also work "offline" and display your web pages if you use "generic" directions to the pages and files within your html code. The more specific you are in your code the more limited you will be in what you see offline. What I mean by this is to not always use the full path to your images and pages in your coding, once your in the domain (or location) of your files this will become the default location and will not need to be used again. The way to navigate around the harddrive is by using the "path" or folders/subfolders/filename route which is slightly different then the navigation around the internet which is your problem here. Your html code specifies the domain name and offline everything is in a folder and these do not match which is the cause of your confusion. So the trick is to not code the domain name each and everytime, it should be the assumed default starting point. Make sure that the folders, subfolders and files names are all named the same on both ends and things should work fine online or offline. When you see santacruz.squort.com/index.html, change it to just index.html. The santacruz.squort.com/index.html is directing you out onto the internet and if you are not connected to the internet will give you an error oir will not display. Using just plain index.html will look for that file in your current (default) location. If you are on the page it will pull that file from the server, if you are offline it will pull from the current folder on the hard drive. BoB/Madman
  8. I've done lots of Beta tests and will help if you need me. BoB/Madman
  9. See if this is what you need. http://zipfind.net/ BoB/ Madman
  10. I had a friend just a couple weeks ago show us how his web site was stolen the same way. Now his is a "help" site that offers help and instructions for the Service we work for SBC!Yahoo (formerly Prodigy) and general computer related problems. There was not much he could do and he decided to not put the effort into having it resolved. Now here is a suggestion. Since you are so close to this "thief", both of you are in PA, why not pay a visit to the "Registered Office" that is listed on the other web site. Print out both sites and print out the proof of dates the sites went live. Go to the president or COO or whoever is in charge and demand the site be pulled or legal action be taken. It could be a simple matter of this second company hiring a young kid (or a relative of an employee) to do the web pages for them. The kid did the quick and easy route by using your design and changing company names to make it work... for a quick paycheck. The other company may not even know that you had the design first! Good luck and thats is a nice looking site.
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