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  1. Hi I exclusively use webmail(Horde) to access my email. Needless to say I have accumulated several MB of mail on the server. I would like to archive these onto a CD and be able to open it in outlook or some other desktop client. How can I do this without downloading every email into Outlook. Besides being time consuming I don't know if this will get the emails I have in folders in horde. Appreciate your help.
  2. Thanks to all of you for your comments. I found some really useful ones. The sad part of all this is I know the guy who did this. He has not changed it even after my calling him. He had the audacity to call me and tell me to lookup his site! We are pursuing this legally. If any of you get into a situation like this the following link might be useful. http://autoweblaw.com/ Again thanks to all the good folks at TCH. Rock Sign
  3. I took lot of pains to put together a nice website for my company. I was aghast to find my site copied by somebody I know. It is copied word to word, pic to pic. Just the company name is changed. My url is www.techcircle.com and the copy cat is www.microfocusinfotech.com. I am working on going after them legally. But meanwhile I would like to know if there is any way I can avoid this kind of thing from happenning in the future. I am sure whatever changes I make this person will copy it without hesitation. Appreciate the useful comments. Mad!!!
  4. Under the Options->Personal Information we can setup Identities, what is its intended use. Can this be associated with sub-mailboxes like user-newsletters@domain.com or is it user.newletters@domain.com. Is user.newsletters@domain.com or user-newsletters@domain.com a valid email address for the user. I am looking for a way to sort the emails into different folders based on the to address. Appreciate your help. Rock Sign
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