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  1. I recently asked to have subversion installed on our VPS so I could use it with NetBeans. The support staff was very responsive and now my problem is "connecting" NetBeans to subversion. If anyone has any experience with this, the error I'm getting is: org.tigris.subversion.javahl.ClientException: Repository has been moved Repository moved permanently to 'http://regnavigator.com/subversion'; please relocate It might as well say: "Didn't work - try something else" for all help it provides. I've used both svnadmin and svn mkdir to create the repository at www.<domain>.com, and
  2. It's clear that we (you and I) have different views of your performance. Rather than challenge your points, let me say that I find your comments both offensive and condescending, undeserving of a reply. I am the customer after all, and an attitude of "do it yourself" tells me all I need to know about your organization. How embarrassing for you - I hope your response was not posted for others to see, especially potential customers. I took the time to reach out to you with honest observations about our experience, asked for a closer working relationship with TCH, even offering to pay extr
  3. After having stuck my neck out by recommending TCH over other sites when moving from another well-known hosting service a year ago, I've learned a lot: compared to other fully managed dedicated hosting services, TCH is the near the bottom in cost, and somewhere near the middle in service. This is not a criticism, just an honest appraisal. As the saying goes: "you get what you pay for." What we like: * Cost. * A very simple process for getting up and running quickly. * Easy to use GUIs for routine administrative tasks. * Pre-emptive actions that we're probably not even aware of that
  4. Either no one knows the answer or no one else is interested, but I've found the solution. Invoking the setPort( string ) method will access any port defined by the WSDL.
  5. I've been using MX for a year now, a I'm very happy with it. After climbing up and over the learning mountain, I can now very quickly maintain our site (PHP/MySQL model). By the way, my advice is to just work through all their tutorials, however long it takes, before a) banging your head against the wall, or buying a book on it. As for FW, I'm also reasonably happy with that, but we only use it to create nav bars and buttons. I really appreciate the ease of creating four-state roll-overs. Again, walk through the tutorials to save much time and grief. Just recently, we were able to qu
  6. I'm accessing a sample weather web service at http://live.capescience.com/wsdl/GlobalWeather.wsdl via SOAP_WSDL. There are two bindings within that service (if this is the correct terminology): "StationInfo" and "GlobalWeather". After creating creating the proxy object, I only have access to the StationInfo methods. The StationInfo binding is defined first in the WSDL, so I don't think this is a coincidence. In other words, the following code: >require_once 'SOAP/Client.php'; $wsdl = new SOAP_WSDL('http://live.capescience.com/wsdl/GlobalWeather.wsdl'); $weather = $wsdl->getProx
  7. OK, I must have had a problem of some sort of error between the actual executing code and what I provided above, as it's now creating the SOAP_WSDL object correctly. Thanks for confirming that the sample I provided should work. I needed an independent opinion. Dorsey
  8. PHPInfo tells me that the PEAR module is installed, and the TCH help desk me that they've installed the SOAP package. My question now is: how do I use it? I'm looking for a simple example that creates a SOAP client object. Here's sample code I was provided: ============================== // Load the PEAR::SOAP client class require_once 'SOAP/Client.php'; // Read the GlobalWeather WSDL document $wsdl = new PEAR::SOAP_WSDL('http://live.capescience.com/wsdl/GlobalWeather.wsdl'); ============================== I was also supplied this HTML: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLI
  9. I should have mentioned that there are almost 50,000 ZIP codes in the U.S., possessions, and territories. The algorithm to locate ZIPs within a radius of a given ZIP Code is five lines of PHP for the math and one select. Incredibly simple. Dorsey
  10. OK. About two hours after posting this, I found what I was looking for, and have implemented a decent locator. The most informative seems to be: www.greatdata.com. Of course, they want to sell you their database and software, but there's a free demo and an explanation of how to use it. They even accomodate changing latitude in their longitude calculation. Another source for info is the U.S. Census Bureau at www.census.gov/geo/www/gazeteer/places2k.html. These folks only have info from the last U.S. census (2000), but it's extensive and free. The USPS also offers ZIP Code products fo
  11. I'm looking for something, either software or an algorithm, that would allow me to determine which ZIP codes surround a given ZIP code within a mileage range. I know that this is a somewhat nebulous request, but I'm looking for similar capability to map sites that locate businesses within X miles of one's home, given X and your home's ZIP code. I would hope this might be easier than implementing a map database and working at the street address level. I suppose that I could obtain geographic data with map coordinates (latitude, longitude) of all known ZIP codes, and do the math. That may
  12. How do you specify the actual file name? I'm trying to use a simple counter file, and have had no success opening the file with: $fp = fopen( $counterFile, "r+" ) or die( "Can't open counter file [$counterFile]" ); It fails everytime. I know the file exists, although I can't seem to change the permissions from 644, but that's another issue. I've also tried "r", "w", "a", and "a+" options with the exact same result. Do I have to give the full path? I've tried just "counter.txt", "www.ebackbid.com/counter.txt", "/home/ebackbid/public_html/counter.txt" and "public/counter.txt".
  13. I understand that dial-up lines could create an artificially high visitor count, but what about AOL users who all appear to come from the same IP producing an artifically lower visitor count? We're trying to guage the success of our marketing efforts, and REALLY need reasonably accurate visitor counts. Dorsey www.ebackbid.com
  14. It's probably a start at what I'm looking for. If you don't mind, please send me a link, or show it in this forum. The script I wish to "profile" consists of outer and inner query loops. Within the inner loop, e-mail is generated, but not necessarily on each iteration. It would not be uncommon for the innermost code to execute millions of times. Other RDBMS will show their query execution plans for given SQL, but I'm not aware of this facility with MySQL. Evaluating a QEP can reveal how effective indices, key selections, and table organization actually are. Honestly, I don't have
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