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  1. President's Day: Monday, February 16
  2. Read about it this morning and said oh boy, better warn the kids. Later in the day we got an email from security warning everyone and giving instructions for removal. When my son got home from work I started to pull up the article about it for him to read and was partially explaining it...he goes, "oh, the Osama bin Laden game...its great!" geesh Took me a little while to actually get rid of it since the instructions didn't work exactly as described. Some of the files were still attached and could not be manually removed. But after a couple reboots and retries I got it I believe.
  3. Sorry manu, I don't think your link is the one HG is refering to. That is an old patch issued back in July 2003. The link I gave will take you to the one "I believe" HG is talking about. Select the link for your Operating system and it will take you to the correct download page.
  4. http://money.cnn.com/2004/02/10/technology...dex.htm?cnn=yes http://www.microsoft.com/technet/treeview/...in/MS04-007.asp
  5. Ok, the 40GB is your choice. Now to get the drive split into 2 partitions. I recommend Partition Magic.
  6. How much....that depends on... Basically I would say half and half. You will be running 2 systems and will have duplicate installations of all your software. Oh, did I not mention this . Once you install a clean version of XP you will need to reinstall all your programs into XP. You end up with all the MS Office files in two locations for instance. Now if you have another drive you could install to that and boot from one drive to another.
  7. Thomas, a "clean" install of XP is what I would suggest. If you are having problems now these might be carried forward. You may also want to look into installing into a new partition and setting up a dual-boot system. IF you have enough diskspace. With a dual-boot you can be sure all your programs and hardware will work. If something doesn't work over on XP you can reboot into ME and it will still work there.
  8. No, did it break any policies or guidelines?
  9. 5 words have brought the wrath of TCH down upon his/her head. Mission accomplished it appears . Were they really that bad?
  10. A. Cut back on the number of Groups and Forums. The Board is made up of 10 groups with 42 forums, anywhere from 2 to 10 forums per group. Either combine some of the Forums or eliminate them and cut down the number. 1. Some of the forums are for a specific products while others cover more than one. Try and be consistant and not split out specific products. For instance, Backend Services is a catchall forum and Frontpage, CSB, Dreamweaver are specific. You can combine to cut back on the number of forums. 2. Some of the forums are very active, lots of topics and replies, and others are not. Eliminate or combine the less active forums. 3. Some of the Forums are Static and maybe better off out on their own web page. The "About TotalChoice Hosting" group for instance, the "More Specifics" and "Policies" forum. The board is for interaction, posting a note and reading replies. These two are just there to read. And "Contest" is just dead space at the moment...unless you are bringing them back . B. If Cutting back is not an acceptable option, maybe divide and expand is. Make two Boards. At the moment I see a possible division point for the board(s), Potential customers and current customers. For me splitting up into two boards seems like a better solution.
  11. Ok, tomorrow at work I'll see if I can come up with some more suggestions. Work is where I "work" best afterall .
  12. Did everyone skip over my note? I see several suggestions in it. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...indpost&p=46942
  13. Hi Jim, Oh I agree 110%, that was not what I meant...sometimes I say the wrong things the wrong way at times. Mike said: so his emphasis was on the other side of the equation and I was just saying MINE leans the otherway. Well I come from the school where quick and to the point works best, when reading, you want to find something without having to read around unnecessary text. The Top of the page says TotalChoice Hosting, The forum is TotalChoice Hosting Family Forums, the topic is TotalChoice Hosting Family. This is probably one of the reasons people (like me) missed the right place to post, they end up skipping over reading to find what they want and skip over what they are looking for. Only one suggestion? I believe I dropped a note there (as have others) and I had more than one suggestion I believe . As most can see by now, I am not afraid to speak my mind and this was intended to be constructive. I have given reasons and suggestions and appreciate all comments either for or against.
  14. There it is...how did I miss that? Maybe it was the term "Backend Services" and I didn't concider Email or FTP a backend service so skipped over it several times. So I went to Google and typed in "Backend Services" to do a little research and guess what I got. Yep, top two returns were "TotalChoice Hosting Family Forums" which surprised me. I also did a quick search of the forum and found other notes saying they were not sure where to post. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...indpost&p=47747 Hi folks. Hope i'm close to finding the right spot for this question~. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...indpost&p=47754 hope this is at the right place http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...indpost&p=45490 First, apologies if this isn't an appropriate place to ask this. But I'm trying everything. Glad I am not the only one confused
  15. Mike, ok I understand your point about SEO reasons for being repetitive with "TotalChoice Hosting" and I agree that it would be a great marketing tool. I personally just place more emphasis on helping the customers you currently have. I've been around the BB's for a long while and have helped design and format and select the topics for them for Prodigy. Yes every single question can not be accounted for by a topic for it, but you can come up with several generic areas where most will fit. For example lately I have seen lots of general questions about email or email problems and spam and from what I can see there is not a spot where they would fit. TCH offers Email accounts so I would assume help would be necessary for this and lots of questions would be expected. A General Email topic would probably be a welcome addition for them .
  16. Hi Mike, the email I received is: Subject: Forum Subscription New Topic Notification ( From TotalChoice Hosting Family Forums ) From: "TotalChoice Hosting Family Forums" <forums@totalchoicehosting.com> Date: Wed, January 7, 2004 4:34 pm To: user@**** (changed by me so I don't get spam) Priority: Normal Madmanmcp, lizzyS has just posted a new topic entitled "File Manager" in forum "Server 53". The topic can be found here: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=6692
  17. Ok, I would like to toss this out again to be discussed. Where oh where do we post our notes. I have noticed multiple times people starting their posts with a comment stating "I don't know if this is the right forum..." or "if this is not the right forum...". I just went thru the same futile attempt to post a question and went up and down the Forum list to try and determine where the proper place for my question would be. Well after 5 minutes I gave up, there was no Forum that I could see where my question would be fitting to post. Has anyone else had this problem? It was a simple question and it was not affecting my web sites. I received an email saying someone started a new topic and I could go read it and gave the link here. It said if I wished to unsubscribe it gave me directions. I have not subscribed to this topic nor have I subscribed to ANY topic and I said no to receiving emails when I set this board up. Why did I get this and why doesn't the instruction to remove work . So I came to the Board with this question for a change (my first question, all I usually do is help) and I went up and down the forum list several times looking for the proper place to post my question. Email...nope, can't find any email, sqmail...nope, I don't know where to post it. Sorry TCH, I don't want to offend or insult anyone there but I believe the boards here need to be reworked and the forums and Topics named a little better and new ones added. For example, the Forums have "TotalChoice Hosting" in them and it shows multiple times. This one that I am writing in shows as "TotalChoice Hosting Family Forums -> TotalChoice Hosting Family -> Open Discussion". You do not need all the TCH's everywhere. This board is for TCH so its assumed its about TCH and really doesn't need to be in all those places Again, I am not trying to offend you guys, I just want to help and help others get the help they need easier and faster.
  18. is known as the "loopback" connection. Is is used to test the network connect to your OWN PC. When you connect to it you are actually ON the PC you started out from .
  19. I'm with Bruce. Create a folder, web protect it and put the file in it. Quick an easy I would think.
  20. Here's a "list" of several clipboard programs. http://lists.gpick.com/pages/Clipboard_Tools.htm
  21. Since you seem to be hunting for "tools" to help your productivity here is another one you might be able to use. I use it here in the NOC. Its a virtual desktop program called GoScreen. I run maybe 25-30 programs at one time and found it difficult managing and finding the ones I needed from the taskbar. This program allows me to organize multiple programs into multiple "desktops" and I can keep them open fullscreen or minimized. Each taskbar only contains the buttons for the programs running on that desktop. http://home.eol.ca/~andgur/software/goscreen.html
  22. Clipboard Magic http://www.cyber-matrix.com/clipmag.html#screen
  23. Thomas, is the directory going under /lang or under /forums ? Maybe you need to change /forums to 755 if you are not already trying that.
  24. AHHHH!!!! In Outlook, click on TOOLS then on OPTIONS and click the CONNECTION tab. Now remove the checkmark next to "Hang up after sending and receiving". See if thats the problem
  25. I agree...plus I have additional suggestions. I've been providing "help" to people for ages it seems . I started On Prodigy Classic on their infamous Bulletin Boards back in 1990 where I helped members with computers on the "Computer BB" and the became a "volunteer" an got a title as a Member Representative on the "Member Help BB". I am now part of SBC/Yahoo and have the title of "Special Contributor". What helped our boards was to organize by generic Topics and subjects and request that members make the subjects descriptive of the problem. This will attract the helpers that would be able to help with the actual problem and not have to read every note to find the ones that they knew the answers for. It saved time. When you make a subject and call it "Help, what do I do" and its an email question. Nobody will know until they drill down and read the whole note. If I am not good at answering email questions then I have spent time not helping when I could have been elsewhere helping with what I know. So, could everyone please "try" and make their subjects more relative to the general problem. Like "Horde logon problem" or "MySQL can not find database", you don't need a long description, quick and to the point, leave the descriptions for inside. Thanks
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