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  1. Do you drive a car? There are far more things in life with greater risks of death than this. If the sky is falling I'll just have to look up more often
  2. http://www.stufftosee.com/cool - works http://cool.stufftosee.com/ - The page cannot be displayed
  3. Ankle bitters. Its always the little ones that bark the loudest, nipping at your heals thinking you will run. Turn and face them and they run for the hills
  4. I would be a little leary of the year end totals from that page. 744,000+ "unique" is questionale since these numbers are broken down by month and then each month is then added together. you could have the same unique viewer in all 12 months.
  5. Wow, reformated the hard drive already! Usually that is a LAST resort option and other ways to correct these problems are used first. But to each their own. Sorry you wasted your money but it's not a complete loss. If you do not have another Virus Program I would suggest you at least load that part of Nortons back. Virus protection is a MUST HAVE and Norton is a good choice. As for a better firewall I would suggest getting Zone Alarm Pro
  6. Alan, if you believe the problem started with Norton then verify this and correct from there. Windows XP comes with a "System Restore" option that when turned on will "save" a snapshot of your computer and allow you to return to these restore points very easily. You can select a date and restore the computer to just before you switched to Nortons and then try a download and see if the problem is corrected. If it is then you can continue on and place the Nortons program in the pile of do not use software. (sorry, not a Nortons fan, been burned too many times) If the problem is not corrected then you can go back and restore back to the current time and troubleshoot some more and find whatever else may be causing your problem.
  7. In addition to those, try here. http://grc.com/optout.htm
  8. See if this helps. http://www.abuse.net/relay.html
  9. LOL <waits fot the Mac crowd to shoot you with flaming arrows>
  10. Maybe I am not understanding the question or what you are looking for. If you just want an email why not try a free email account instead paying for a domain and a hosting plan? http://mail.yahoo.com/
  11. Hi Louis, I believe you will have absolutely no problem what-so-ever with the bandwidth limit. Bandwidth is the amout of data going to or leaving your website. If you only have 50MB there it will be hard to reach that limit unless you upload and download the whole thing several hundred times a day. As for your email, I believe you have unlimited email an using only 3 will take up very little space or bandwidth.
  12. Someone mentioned this site in an earlier note. http://whatismyip.com The IP at the top is yours. To find the IP of visitors you need to resolve the DNS to an IP and this can be accomplished several hundred different ways. You can go to any number of different web pages, I use www.tracert.com. Or since I am usually in IRC I just use a command /dns [whatever] and it will resolve the IP or host for me quickly. Soory I am not a Mac user or I would give you the command that you could use on you local machine for these.
  13. Yes (but with all the sub-sub-subdomain work you've been doing I don't know what's working or not working for you anymore)
  14. Your more than welcome Boojum. I know you are really getting frustrated here and I do wish it was easier. This is a suggestion and no way a critisism so please don't take it the wrong way. I just want you to get what you want. It appears to me that the difficulty you are having is due to the "design" of your site and the way you want it to "act". You want it to be viewed both online and offline exactly the same way on each and this has set up some roadblocks because of the way each system works. Is there a specific reason why it must work offline or is this just something you would like? The easiest solution I can see is to just forget about coding it to work both ways and concentrate on the job at hand...creating a kickass web page that is viewable by all ONLINE. Most of the folks I know spend a lot of time looking from the outside in at the web pages they design, they worry about how it looks in different browsers. They worry about the speed it takes to download. They tweak the colors and the fonts, they change the size and move tables around. They are always asking others "hows it look on your end". In other words its more important to get it right on the web, not on your hard drive. I look at the individual pieces while writing and creating and then upload and see how it looks. Then I make sure all the links and the whole site is functioning correctly online, thats where it needs to be working correctly anyway. This is the design change I am suggesting. Forget about getting it to work on your hard drive. Maybe someone else has a way that will work. I don't do Javascript so maybe someone else will jump in and havea way to get what you want. Good luck.
  15. There it is...on page 2. I specifically looked for a second page SEVERAL times and the option was not there. it wasn't at the top or the bottum of the page. Well at least the next note gave it a swift kick and got it working again. I noticed someone else mention losing a reply and wonder if that happened to them also?
  16. Well thats an interesting bug. I posted a reply and it does not show on the board. When I click on reply and look below the edit window in the "Last 10 post [in reverse order]" area my reply is showing. hmmmm lets see if it shows after I post this reply
  17. Ok, from what I see in your code you are using the short version for your links. I assume you are doing this to get your web pages to work both online and from your hard drive. This is fine except in several cases where it will not work because of moving around. You use the short version to conserve on space(typed characters) and this will work as long as you remain in the same location. The files, html and images and folders are located right where you are and the complete path to them is not needed. But once you change locations, they cannot be found. This can be a difficult bridge for you to cross at this point. I know you have been round and round trying to design your site to work a certain way and had to start redesigning all over again...well you may need to redesign again . OR...just duplicate your files in each subdomain. This way is a lot of extra work and a lot of duplicated files and remembering file name schemes and a lot of wasted disk space, on and on. Not sure what else to tell you, maybe someone will come in with a better idea on what you can do.
  18. I had a feeling it would work in any browser. I agree its an annoying "bug" and I imagine it has something to do with your older version of IE. You have three choices. You can try and tell Invision about it and see if they can upgrade their BB software. You can complain to uncle Billy and see if he'll fix it (fat chance). Or you can use this little work around. I think you are stuck my friend.
  19. Boojum, its a little more work and typing but it works. Instead of using the button for italics just manually type in the code before and after the text. the "code" is [command], thats brackets before and after and "I" to start and "/I" to end italics. BoB - (manually typed)
  20. Yes, upload was the "picture" I was hinting at. Not only will we be able to see it, we can take a look at the code and someone will be able to see whats causing your problem.
  21. Boojum, it sounds like a simple "coding" problem and the simple answer is to change the code in error to make it work. The correct code should have one instance of the santa-cruz not two. Now if it were me, I would open up my text editor, find the lines that contain the bad code and correct it to say "santa-cruz" once, save and check the page. I don't know what you are using so I am leaving all those instructions out. I hand code most of my pages and use a simple text editor. You may be using a different text editor or a Full blown WYSIWYG Web editor program, I don't know. Does this help? Or do you need help on how to edited the code?
  22. Thanks for the approval Dick, I appreciate it. I wasn't going to stop helping here, I've been doing this type of volunteer help for a long time, so I am afraid you are stuck with me for awhile. Well at least a year, but from the way things look so far we'll keep hosting as long as you'll have us. Rock Sign
  23. Boojum, the way these boards work is for ANYONE to be able to help. When you qualify your questions with these "experienced webmaster or admin " statements it scares the regular members away and they sometimes have the answers you maybe looking for. Now with that out of the way. Let me think about this some more and do you have an example to show us so we can see what you are saying? A picture is worth a thousand words I hear and it will probably help here. I need to drive back to work, lunch is over but I also have been reading from there...shhh. I'll check back in and we'll see if we can get you some answers.
  24. What you may have done is created the subdomain using the full name "santa-cruz.squort.com" instead of just "santa-cruz". This may have confused everything by making it santa-cruz.squort.com.squort.com. When you then looked in cpanel you saw santa-cruz.squort.com and the last .squort.com did not display. Why it finally dropped off I can not explain. Now I have been trying to ignore these comments of yours thinking you are unaware of the meaning. I did not answer this note because of the similar comments you made to me previously, but no one answered this one so I jumped in. If you think I am not qualified I will stop replying to you, just let me know.
  25. Boojum, the domain ".squort.com" is assumed in cpanel and you will not see it. This is normal. You name your subdomain "santa-cruz" and you will see a folder called "santa-cruz". You do not name it "santa-cruz.squort.com" anywhere. On your hard drive it will also be called "santa-cruz". Sorry I can't answer question 2, I am having a difficult time following exactly what you are describing. BoB
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