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  1. Lianna, I haven't seen it but have heard it. I agree, an "audit" is a very necessary tool in a lot of aspects in the business world and a network security audit is one of them. But putting the "ethical hacking" label on it I suppose rubbed the wrong way Criticism is hard to swallow and thats what an audit is. I guess my point was this "criticism" was aimed at the wrong folks, the current Admins. They were hired to administer what was already set up and probably did not even know there were such holes so how could they be responsible for it.
  2. You are paid to come in and find holes in Networks for a President or a Director of a company that does not know the technical side of the business. If you did not find any holes you maybe accused of not doing a good job, so you look everywhere and find whatever you can by doing your best...and yes there are lots out there to find. The Network Admins are the ones who more than likely inherited these systems which were setup by others and are just there doing the administrative work of keeping it running, backing up, applying patches and upgrading the systems when the money is available. So you come in without the knowlege of these Admins, break into the system because there are always going to be holes and get the guy fired or put on the hotseat because he was left with an unsecure system. Systems are built and none are perfect and some are better than others. Lots of factors go into this process and money and time is usually a major force. If you invest enough money and time to make the system secure upfront, then your job is a little more difficult and you find a lot fewer holes to break into. But the majority of the time the cost for this security is too much and these holes are left open for you to find. A job is a job and security is a very interesting field and an extremely important one, I hope you enjoy what you do. But personally I do not want a job that may be the deciding factor on whether someone can feed his kids next week because of the work of someone before him.
  3. A temporary fix is to use the arrow keys or page down and page up keys, these should still work.
  4. http://www.aprelium.com/ "Abyss Web Server is a free personal web server for Windows, MacOS X, Linux, and FreeBSD."
  5. Lets see DOS OS/2 UNIX Palm Windows CE and lots of other OS's out there to make up that "other" 4%
  6. Not sure if this is the correct answer or not... file "sizes" are sometimes interpreted differently depending on the program you are using. They do not round the numbers the same way. For example looking at one of my index files on my hard drive using Windows Explorer (XP) it reports the file size as "6K". Looking at this file in WS-FTP online and offline its reported as 5406. When I go thru cpanel and look at it from File Manager its reported as "5K". So there are three different "sizes" for the exact same file...but there is actually no difference, they are exactly the same just the size is different because of the way the program calculates the size. One uses the actual bytesize, one may use the correct kilobyte=1024 and the other may use kilobyte=1000. Or it maybe a simple rounding issue with one rounding up and one rounding down (or not rounding at all). I would think there is not an issue with dreamweaver, but I could be wrong.
  7. Sorry I got here too late. Here are some simple instructions to follow. http://www.clothingtraining.org.hk/itlab/tips/cdrw.htm
  8. Ok, we're back to your original problem. I always check my pages "offline" and I never have the problems you seem to be having...so I'll have to say sorry I can't help and hope someone else can come up with an answer for you.
  9. Ummm, online...yes. Isn't that the way viewing web pages are suppose to work? You've lost me, what is "preflighting"?
  10. Read about LOP here http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite/lop.html
  11. The only advantage to separate folders is when (or IF) you want to remove a subdomain or subfolder. It is very easy to just delete the individual image folder. If all images are in one folder you will need to identify which ones to remove. Otherwise you end up leaving them and wasting space
  12. I started reading and reading and reading...since I didn't see an end to the sentence I had to stop and take a breath. Now you have listed several questions and problems here and they do not look related. Give us one problem at a time and someone will try and help and when its corrected we can move on to the next. The first question you had was about Active Directory. My question would be why do you want to install it? AD is for "Organizations to centrally manage and share information on network resources and users while acting as the central authority for network security. Active Directory is designed to be a consolidation point for isolating, migrating, centrally managing, and reducing the number of directories that companies require." If you are an individual user you would not need it. If you are from a big organization I would direct you to your Network Admin and let him install it
  13. Hi John, sorry if I bore you but thats the way it goes sometimes. You have the option of just ignoring my posts if you wish. As a customer here on TCH I have every right to post my comments as long as they follow the guidelines and I believe all my posts have. Take care John and have a nice day.
  14. Guess I have already done the upgrade and I am still alive Those are probably the standard MS mumbo-jumbo denying you yours rights to sue them if something goes wrong (which it does). I never read them since it makes little sense to anyone anyway. If you have Windows XP you can set a "restore point" before updating and if things go bad you can come back and restore to your point before the upgrade. Has saved more than one person so far
  15. Oh I forgot to mention. No where that I can see does that 99.9% uptime mention a timeframe of one year. If you use a month instead its not as high.
  16. Hi Scott, I worked for a Research company for 29.96346132 years (at least thats what it said on my severance papers, I loved all those numbers behind the decimal point) and so I've seen how numbers can be used. And you are right and I stand corrected. Averaged out across a year a server needs to be "down" for 1000 minutes before it slips below the 99.9 percentage.
  17. Ahhh, playing with statistics...I love it. Actually I know better than to argue about them because they are always twisted to meet the individuals view of them . And what about server26?
  18. I was thinking of posting a similar question yesterday but decided after the second server went down in a day to let the Staff have a rest I didn't feel brushed-off the last time the question was raised because the note was given an answer. What I felt was that "we" were ignored or forgotten because the "problem" was not fixed and no other reply was given as to the status. I understand that this is a 3rd party program but that is not an excuse. These servers have been down for a lengthy period and there has been plenty of time for the "reports" to be updated with these times. Now I do appreciate all the hard work and the excellent status that is supplied the customers here in the forum. TCH truly goes above and beyond to keep us informed and happy. But you need to light a fire under someones butt over there at Alertra. I assume you are paying for their "service" and if its not working, get a refund or get rid of it and find one that works. My other concern here would be the page that has the "99.9% Uptime" advertised on the homepage. Sorry but that will need to be corrected, with these lastest servers going down hard you took a big hit on that percentage and only time will bring it back up again.
  19. http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,4149,1434432,00.asp a change of heart I see, appears MS does listen to its customers.
  20. Steve Gibson, the owner of grc.com and writer of "Shootthemessenger" is a well known and respected programmer and security tech. He has been writing and supplying the world with free programs for some time now. The manual instructions that Virtual Imager gave here is all the program does. But the program will also turn messaging BACK ON if you need it. It a simple one click ON or one click OFF process. I have this program in my "tool box" and use it all the time when troubleshooting friends computers. The other programs of his are also in the toolbox and I highly recommend his site and programs.
  21. A virus will send emails and you will not know it. The virus sending itself to you because you are in the infected computers computers address book. The virus sending itself to an invalid address and putting YOUR address in the "From:" field, this is called "spoofing". Since the mail could not be delivered it was returned to you because your address is in the From: field. There is not much you can do about these since its someone else who is infected and with all the spoofing of the To and From fields of the email its difficult to trace back. So alls you can do is recognize what the email is, delete it and move on. Be sure that you are protected by running a virus scanner and keeping it updated with the current signatures. And DO NOT open email attachments before scanning.
  22. This is a known error and they are supposedly working on it.
  23. Memory fragmentation is only an issue on a small percentage of computers. It is caused by a poorly written OS and on PC's that start and stop a lot of apps frequently AND on PC's that are not rebooted. The majority of home users usually reboot regularly and they do not run into this problem. Even if they did, the slowdown is only in the thousands of a second and will not be detectable. My opinion is why run software that a simple reboot will correct? Also the software will probably take more time to run than the actual time being lost
  24. Here are more things to worry about. http://www.nsc.org/lrs/statinfo/odds.htm Why ruin a perfectly good steak by cooking it? Just show it the oven door an bring it on!
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