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  1. LOL, I have no clue. I just needed one, did a search and quickly added it. I'll get around to finding one that better suits me sometime.
  2. Sounds interesting and I used to love beta testing...but I probably fail a couple criteria. Not sure I have the domain, but I do have a few sub-domains I am going the set up. And I have not used sql, but my friend who is helping with some of our sites does. Let me think about some more.
  3. Both of you go to thet web site and it will tell you your IP. Both go again in a day or two and see if the IP changes. If its the same you have a static IP. Be sure to reboot the computers and the cable modems and routers if you have them. If either of you are using a Dialup connection like AOL or MSN then you have a random IP each time you log on and what you want to do will not work.
  4. Thomas, if you go to the website Jim gave you, your IP will appear at the top of that page. This will be the IP that others see from outside. The command I gave you will give you the IP that you are using on XP. If you are on a home network which uses a router you will see a different IP. Routers use "natting" which assigns a different IP to all the computers connected to an internal network. The external IP assigned to you by your ISP is used by the router. This external IP is the one you are looking for. Now you can have either a "static" IP or a "random" IP and this is determined by your ISP. A dialup connection from an ISP is always a random IP, a cable or DSL connection is usually static but not always. Check with your ISP ISP to find out which one you have.
  5. I'm on the other side of the spectrum Rob. I started in this business back in the 70's working mainframes for Control Data Corporation fresh out of High School. In the 90's I switched to the PC side and was laid off after 29 years when my Y2K project completed. All I had was OJT and I was up against young kids with degrees and all sorts of paper certs. They were willing to work for half my pay and I had a wife and two teenagers to feed. But I still love the business and I'll tough it out a couple more years hopefully
  6. Thanks again and I'll keep you in mind. I Never say no to a possible job source...especially the way the IT market has been of late. Too many of us on the streets looking for a paycheck .
  7. Thanks, just hoping we stay alive now with MCI in charge.
  8. Yes, MCI just picked up all the outstanding shares of Digex.
  9. There was a smiley face at the end of my last note Bill...relax. You gave me the explanation and I appreciate it. I work in a NOC and I am monitoring servers as we speak and know that servers can be UP but services are down.
  10. But the forums here were down
  11. Did anyone else just experience the Forums here going down? I was sitting here reading and clicked on a post to read and got a page not found, I tried several others and got the same results. When I tried to go to the Forum home page it also was not found. The TCH Home was working as was some of my sites. I then checked Server Status and saw two red lights on SSL Server for Server 1 and Server 28. This only lasted for about 10 minutes and it started about 11:59AM EST. I then checked the server status reports and nothing is listed and they still show 100% uptime. Any comments?
  12. Sam, to use DOS in Windows click on START | RUN and type "command" and then press the ENTER key. A window will open with the DOS prompt. Type in your DOS commands from there. To close DOS type EXIT.
  13. Sorry, I was wrong. Since there were two similar threads on this issue I decided to do a little research and looked up the RFC that would possibly help explain things. Well I ended up with a headache trying to understand what was said in the RFC Here it is for any of the brave souls reading. http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1034.html The URL is read from left to right not right to left as I mentioned. The hiearchy of the tree structure is determined from right to left, highest to lowest. The period is not a character and will still act as a separator.
  14. Rick, I know of and have seen sites that have more than 2 periods in the url and my understanding is that the url is read from back to front and the first two periods found are treated as the separators for the TLD, domain, and subdomain. The next period found is now a "valid" character and treated as part of the subdomain name. This would make the "www.subdomain" the full subdomain name. So I believe the full "www.subdomain.domain.com" will work if thats how you have it in cpanel.
  15. Hi Thomas, In IE 6, click on TOOLS | INTERNET OPTIONS and then the PRIVACY tab. Lower the Scroll bar on the left to a lower setting. See if that clears the problem.
  16. Boojum, I am afraid what we have been telling you is the way it is and there is no way around it besides what we have told you. The internet uses a domain name with the format xx.yy.zz , where: zz = TLD or Top Level domain, .com .net for example yy = domain microsoft, CNN, or squort for example xx = subdomain www, email, or nation_and_world for example there is no sub-subdomain. It is not defined in the DNS protocol as far as I know. See http://webopedia.internet.com/TERM/s/subdomain.html you will have to use folders for the different levels you are trying to create. BoB
  17. Yeah, its gone. When they Added the Help Desk link they must have deleted it...or used the old code that didn't have it.
  18. I got it earlier today at work but I didn't get it just now at home.
  19. Boojum, I am still unclear on exactly what you are trying to accomplish here but I'll give it one more shot. You are working with two separate protocols here and you are trying to get them to function in a similar manner. The problem is a 31 character filename limitation built into the OS 9 operating system. The Internet can handle URL's greater than 31 characters in length. So, what you need to do is write to the lowest common denominator...meaning you can't get around the 31 character limit. Change your coding to fall within it. Instead of using full descriptive names for your sub-domains use abbreviations or limit each sub-sub-sub domain to 3 or four characters per level.
  20. Well I may get flamed for mentioning this but a lot of folks already have what you are asking for (except for the ftp)... Microsoft Office. All the parts to the Office package come with a "Save as" option and .html is one of your choices. When I am in a hurry it is a simple matter of opening up Word, Typing and formatting the text, dropping in a picture, adding some hyperlinks and clicking the save as. I then upload the results and its done (besides editing the html files pointing to it). Or look here for some: www.webhostingresources.com/html/Authoring_Software/WYSIWYG_HTML_Editors/
  21. Try here: grc.com/optout.htm I also highly recommend checking out other parts of that site. He has lots of free downloads that are well worth looking into.
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