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  1. One other question: Have you managed to isolate which site(s) are the targets of the DDOS attacks?
  2. Are we having another outage? My site once again won't load.
  3. Ah. *That's* why I can't open any pages on my site or check my email.
  4. Okay, figured it out. An absolute path was needed. Say, Bruce. It's been a while since I've been on the forums, but they seem ... quieter than I remember them. How are things around here?
  5. Thank you, Bruce. But before I open a ticket, could I resolve this problem simply by adding the error-document line to the subdomains' .htaccess files? At first blush, that looks like what's missing.
  6. I have recently deleted a number of pages from my site, and I noticed something interesting. When I click on such a page in my main (www) domain, my custom 404 page appears. When I click on one from another subdomain, I get a 404 *and* a 404 for the 404 error page itself! Is this caused by something missing from the .htaccess files for the subdomains? I thought I should ask here first before changing the .htaccess files because I don't like to mess with them any more than necessary.
  7. I've downloaded and installed a full-text site search engine which, despite some limitations, seems to serve my needs. However, I'd like to modify it to paginate the results. Here's the existing code: <?php /* Easy Real Time Full Text Search © 2012 Christer Svensson ---------------------------------------------- Instructions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If the name of this file not is easy.php then rename it to easy.php Upload it to the directory (folder) on your homepage server that you want to search through. The
  8. If possible, I'd like to have my last reply deleted. I know, of course, that the fault is entirely mine, for posting a vague question that no one could answer. I will try to make future questions clearer.
  9. I want to thank you for providing me with a venue to come in and talk to myself in front of a number of indifferent strangers. Lord knows there's nowhere else I could go to do that.
  10. Hmm. Three out of four. The search bar now works correctly in Firefox, Chrome and IE -- but not in Safari.
  11. Question withdrawn. I finally figured out what was wrong: My input type for the "Search" button was "button" and needed to be "submit." But ... if you want to help me improve my search pages, I would also like to ask any if two refinements can be added: 1) Pagination of results pages where there are many results. By default, the script renders one long, continuous page, and I'd rather split it into pages containing, say, 50 results each. 2) At the bottom of each search page, the script displays the number of pages with results. I'd like to echo this at the top of the page:
  12. I downloaded a nifty little search script (you can see it at http://www.christersvensson.com/easy/) for my site and installed it as directed. The search pages themselves work fine, but I also wanted to add a search box to each page so visitors can search directly from the pages. To set this up, I added the following code: <!-- Search area --> <div id="search_area"> <?php /* Easy Real Time Full Text Search © 2012 Christer Svensson ---------------------------------------------- Instructions --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Well, I'll look on the bright side: If I can't use Entropy Search, I can stop worrying about how to get it to validate.
  14. In this case, my .php pages use that extension only because they contain includes. There is no sensitive information in them, and apart from the includes they are static pages indistinguishable from the ordinary .html variety. On principle, I am averse to using major search engines to search my site. I suppose I can look up the necessary instructions and build my own search engine if necessary, but I'd certainly *prefer* to get Entropy Search to index my (static and non-sensitive) pages.
  15. After all my concerns about Entropy Search breaking W3C validation, now I find that it won't index any of my pages anyway because they're served as .php. Apparently ES indexes only .html, .htm and a few other extensions, *not* including .php. Is there a way to change the parameters so it will do so?
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