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  1. I bank online with Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Citi (not a govt. card, so it might be a different web site) using Firefox, with no issues. But some other web sites, particularly U.S. government sites, are problematic. Dept. of Education sites like to let me get to the very end of long, multi-page online forms only to present me with a non-functioning Submit button in Firefox.
  2. If you really want your site to look the same whether accessed through your domain or your IP address, you can accomplish it with some PHP code. You'll have to either change the file extension of your .html files to .php, or change .htaccess so that PHP inside .html files will be parsed. (Off the top of my head I'm not sure what needs to go in .htaccess for this, but someone more familiar with .htaccess than me must be reading. ) One easy thing you can do is to use PHP's include statement instead of server-side includes. PHP include takes a system path instead of a URL so your problem is s
  3. Two additional issues, now that I'm fully awake. First, the code to write to the log file is always executed, whether the page is requested by Googlebot or not. You want to move the rest of the code into the if (eregi("googlebot",$HTTP_USER_AGENT)) block. Also, when you open the log file to write to it, you're wiping out the existing contents, which means you'll only ever have one entry in the log file at a time. This is probably not what you want, so open the file in append mode ("a") instead. With that and the other suggested changes, the script should do what you want. Are you
  4. Hi mr_lucas, Yes, the filename string you have there looks correct. The line: >print "$HTTP_USER_AGENT crawed this site on $today"; doesn't write to the log file, which I'm assuming is what you want. Try this instead: >fwrite($log, "$HTTP_USER_AGENT crawled this site on $today"); Also, this line can be removed: >$log = "$HTTP_USER_AGENT,$today\n"; It's not causing any problems for you, it's just not doing anything. The syntax error Bruce mentioned is the only one I could find, so the code should at least run. But then I am only half awake. The e
  5. I think that some issues could be avoided if the TCH support page were reorganized and reworded. It seems to me that it's misleading to people who are new to the forums. It lists the forums ahead of the Help Desk and says that you can find the support team here, which implies that it's a place you can get tech support from TCH. If I were having a problem and came upon the forums for the first time via the support page I would probably think that it was the preferred avenue for technical support, and not think twice about posting here instead of submitting a ticket.
  6. On Linux, I use gFTP. On Windows, I used WS_FTP LE for years. The last time I reformatted and went to download it again, I found that it had finally been discontinued, so I got FileZilla instead, which I already like better.
  7. My old host was (and still is) expensive. I paid about $20 a month for a plan that's more restrictive than any of TCH's. I put up with it because I was skeptical of cheaper hosts, but eventually the service from my old host became sufficiently bad that I had nothing to lose. They had rolled out new site management tools for new customers only, and stuck existing clients with resources that were outdated and, in some cases, outright broken. They repeatedly made promises to transition old accounts to the new system "soon" but never delivered. I started looking at other hosts and decided
  8. I agree that making site navigation easier and more consistent would be a big help. The only original thought I can add is that, if you decide to go with a new design, steer clear of anything too "super-hip" where everything's in a 7-point font and you need a magnifying glass to read it. My previous host rolled out a new web site with a lot of fanfare, but it was really difficult to use because they were more concerned with being trendy than functional.
  9. It looks like $uploadDir is set incorrectly. Try this: >$uploadDir = '/home/your_username_here/public_html/uploadedfiles/'; // Other code unchanged Where your_username_here is your TCH username. With PHP filesystem functions, pathnames are relative to the server root and not your own public_html directory. Your original code is trying to write to a directory just under the server root directory, which presumably doesn't exist (and of course, you wouldn't have permission to access it even if it did exist). Edited to add: Alternately, you could use a relative path such as
  10. I use phpBB for my site's forums. At the time I set it up I didn't really know about Invision at all, or I would have considered using it instead. Having used both now I still prefer the "feel" of phpBB, but that's probably because I frequent at least two other communities that use it, so I'm very accustomed to it. From an administration standpoint, it's more difficult than it probably should be to customize some basic settings with phpBB (it looks like TheWraith has just found that out ). Just changing the logo or making a background image show up is not a trivial task at first, although
  11. Unfortunately, my system and Firebird did not get along well and I had crash problems the entire time I was using it. But I used it for several months that way, which is a testament to how much I like it. I try each new version when it comes out but so far have had no luck resolving the problems. In the meantime I'm using Opera. Either of the above is preferable to IE in my opinion.
  12. So your domain is currently with a different registrar, not TCH? If you're already using TCH as your registrar then I think it should renew automatically. Otherwise, transferring a domain to TCH is really easy. From the TCH homepage click the Domain Registration link, and then "Transfer Domains." It costs about $11 and that includes a one-year extension. One important thing to do before you start the transfer is to make sure you are the administrative contact for your domain and that the admin e-mail address is correct. That's accomplished by logging into the account you have with your
  13. Unfortunately, I wasn't the administrative contact for my domain -- the old host was. Rather, my name was listed but the contact e-mail was theirs. The last time I had accessed the domain I noticed that, but it didn't occur to me to change it, since at the time I had no intention of switching hosts. I finally did get access to the domain restored, though, and I've since changed both the DNS info and the contact information. The next step will be transferring the domain to TCH.
  14. If I can do that too, then that's what I'll do. Thanks again.
  15. indeed! I'll get with some of my site's users and see if we can't agree on a good name for a new domain. Thank you for the quick response!
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