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  1. Here's an update: I disabled the hotlink protection, and then of course was able to link to the images. I cycled the setting BACK again to enable hotlink protection, and it now is working correctly. Not really sure how this fixed it. It needed a little kick? I guess I don't want to know.
  2. I need to try some things to further isolate the problem (i.e. enabling hotlinking via CPanel and see if the problem does not occur) but am behind a firewall here for a while. Will try later and report back!
  3. Yes, that is correct. To reiterate, if I use the right mouse context menu items Open, Open in New Tab, Open in New Window, then it fails. I noticed that after it fails, if I place my cursor in the address bar and hit Enter, it resolves fine. Copy/Paste into the address bar is OK. Internet Explorer
  4. Mods - If this is not the best forum for this question, can you move it? Thanks
  5. Hi - OK, this is a strange one. I have set up my TCH site with CPanel to not allow hot linking (but to allow direct requests) to image files. This has been fine for a long while (years). I usually use the Firefox browser. If someone sends me an email (say, Yahoo email) with a link to a picture on my site, and can right click on it and open up the picture. If I use IE (IE 7 right now) and try the same thing, I get a Forbidden You don't have permission to access blah blah message. I can directly cut/paste a link into an IE browser window and it works fine. Anyone have a clue to why the difference? Thanks
  6. OK, thanks. I'm having a problem getting into the domain control panel as it is. Says that my domain account has been suspended... What is involved in "validating the transfer"??? Oops, you changed your answer from 24 hrs to 72!!! I wouldn't make it before I got charged the renewal if it took 3 days. I have a feeling I am going to get charged regardless, after reading up on the web about folks in similar situations.
  7. Hi - My site is hosted at TCH. I'd like to transfer the domain to TCH before I get charged a HUGE amount by another (large web firm) that manages my domain Question: How quick can I do a domain transfer? days? hours? Also, I see in the TCH domain transfer FAQ that I need to do these tasks first: * To unlock your domain * An authorization code for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, .tv, or .info domains * A valid domain administrative contact What the heck is all that? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi - I have been with TCH for a while now, and just realized that I can't change my own email password (or more importantly, others cannot change theirs) without accessing the main account thru CPanel. Is there any way of letting individuals do this "on their own" without having the person that administers the website also set passwords for people? Sorry if this is a rehash, I did look around for an answer!
  9. Just to clarify for anyone else - It does not just affect the .htaccess file in your "root" directory, but also any .htaccess files that you may have anywhere else in your directory structure. I'm cool now though
  10. Holy Schnick! When you do this, it WILL whack all your .htaccess files recursively... fortunately it retains the files but renames them with numeric extension. It's up to you then to rename them back.
  11. Thanks Don. I did a little looking and noticed that my request is already in the Wishlist of features for future enhancements.
  12. Hi: I'm setting up my preferences in SquirrelMail. One thing I can't seem to change is the way the message is presented in the "Reply". It seems like the default is to present the original message at the top of the message text box, prefixed by the ">" characters. What I want is to add my reply text ABOVE the sender's original text. Is there a way to set this as my preference? (I know I can cursor up/click up to the top and add a new line each time. But this is what I want to avoid). Thanks, thehighwaystar
  13. Thanks for the advice on php. That is something I have down to learn next! I did find instructions on WS_FTP, so I'm OK there. Thanks for all the help!
  14. Thanks for your quick reply. I think it probably will be OK. Since I have you on the line, there is one more question: I use some .htaccess files to prohibit directory browsing, etc such as >Options -Indexes I can FTP them to my site using WS_FTP, but for some reason I can't see the files any longer. Is this some limitation of WS_FTP, or some setting? I can see them with cpanel OK though. Thanks for any help on this -
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