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Does Tch Have Anything To Do With This?


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From today when i access this forum following box pops up (see attached).

This box only appears when i enter the forum, no where else on the net.

Ive have run every spyware-, antivirus- program i have but no luck.

If nothing new started by TCH, do anyone else have this problem?


-Thomas :D


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I think we got it corrected on the forums.


If any one else sees this message on the forums again please let us know by posting again right here.


This java simply allowed a user to click the Live Support Chat at the top of the the forums. It has now been corrected (I think).


Sorry this even happened.



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So you are aware, it it happening on these pages for me...


Status Home

Current Network Status

Server Monitoring Page

Real Time Server Stats

Server Uptime Reports

Data Center Network Graphs

Dedicated Server Monitoring

(Status) Site Map

Web Hosting FAQ



Not that it's that much of a problem for me, but thought you might want to know.

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