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  1. Comcast blocks port 25 when it notices unusual amounts of email coming out via that port on your connection. This is to help in case your computer is infected with a virus, as most only try using port 25. They block it, and send an email to the primary email account on file with that connection telling them it's been blocked. Problem is most people don't read this email address. It only blocks port 25, so switching to port 26 fixes this.
  2. Took a while.. but I finally got 1066.1 it's all about them spring things to keep him going
  3. The only thing I could think of is Add-on domains, that way we could host multiple domains on our single account. (Personal sites that don't require a reseller account)
  4. I installed it on my machine.. works pretty good.. havnt notice any bugs.. I removed my google toolbar simply because they only thing i used it for was the popup blocker.. I still prefer going to thier website to do the searches. I use eztrust antivirus+firewall and it works fine with sp2.. havn't noticed any other wierd problems yet..
  5. I like my Linksys WRT54G.. I put the sveasoft firmware on it, and it added a bunch of stuff that the default linksys didn't offer..
  6. I tried, and it seems to hang on this part.. ><script language="javascript" src="http://www.swiftwx.com/warnings/warnings-plugin-simple.aspx"></script> </div> I was unable to load swiftwx.com's main page either..
  7. When I used to work for taco bell (ages ago) if there was a cop in line, in uniform/squad car, we would provide them free meals
  8. haha.. I always thought kia's self destructed anyhow.. but I always believed that wasn't an april fools joke
  9. one of the many netsky variants they are soo much fun
  10. youneverknow, I actually just got it re-tinted a few days ago, but I got the driver/pass side lighter enough where you can someone see my face now.. (still illegal). I got it dark originally to keep people from seeing in. I even told the cop that, he was pretty cool about it.. but he did tell me that was the only reason he pulled me over I also do alot of night time driving, and it cuts down the glare from trucks and cars with improperly aligned headlights.. which in my opinion could prevent an accident, because I can see without seeing dots from being blinded.. It also helps hold the glass together in the event of an accident.. ) Everyone has thier opinion on window tint.. I've wrote to my local law makers asking to have the laws revised/reviewed.. In this state any window on the car cannot have more than 35% tint.. yet suv's are allowed to have blacked out windows.. doesn't make much sense to me.. as I can fit more armed gunmen in the back of a suv than my cavalier I feel tint laws should be made like the law they have against bullet proof vests, they can charge you with breaking it, only if your committing a major crime.. I also never use someones facial expression to judge wether I'm going to do something.. That would be like pulling out in front a car because they put thier turn signal on.. then they decided to go straight.. I wait until they turn... I've been to florida many times, and a majority of the cars there have dark tinted windows, and they don't really seem to have any problems.. but like I said.. everyone has thier own opinion I like having my windows tinted..
  11. cant you use something like this >https://serveryourservernumber.totalchoicehosting.com/~cpanelusername/pathtofile I tried it with my site.. and it worked fine.. like this https://server5.totalchoicehosting.com/~lscott/
  12. I see this problem every day (sorry I didn't respond earlier) That error is caused by your DHCP Client service being disabled/turned off.. sometimes you can simply go to start/run and type services.msc and look for the dhcp client in that list, and turn it back on.. but sometimes it wont turn back on without a fight.. if it wont come back on here is a fix (note.. it mentions uninstalling nav as the problem.. but this is the same problem you have) http://www.bl.com/moshe/text/quiddities/norton_errors.html good luck
  13. That would be a fun trip to the bank to get them replaced Imagine the look on the tellers face when you tell her you microwaved them..
  14. My first car was a 91 ford festiva... (it was made by kia.. so you know how that went) then I got a 98 cavalier which was nice, until some old lady decided to hit me head on at 55 oh and then I got a 97 malibu, but the 3.1 engine in it kept blowing intake gaskets.. now I got a 2k3 cavalier in bright yellow and within the 6 months i've had the car i've been pulled over numerous times.. The buick should be a pretty good car for a young person (not that im not young still) as it wont stand out.. plus those cars are pretty comfortable..
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