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  1. Or you can purchase a reseller account. But if you only have two domains it might be cheaper to just purchase two accounts.
  2. I have not used this one part of my website in a few months, and now I believe since they upgraded the version of PHP on the servers I get the following message on my pages and I was wondering if any one knows how to get it to stop comming ip. Notice: Only variable references should be returned by reference I have found this topic about this issue but I can not figure out how to make those changes so that it will not display that message. If anyone has any idea can you please let me know. with: You can also just suppress all PHP warnings but there's no guarantee that G2 actually works as expected:
  3. Can you login to your old host with ssh and then type the following command: ftp www . yourdomain . com or ftp ip address in welcome letter Remove the spaces between the dots then it will ask for your username and you enter the one that was in your welcome letter then it askes for your password. If you can connect that way then cd to the directory where your files are located and then type put filename and see if it will upload a file to tch.
  4. Place this test in your html file where you want the text displayed and it should show up correctly. (A)
  5. Well you could transfer you dns to someone like dyndns.org which is where mine is hosted, then you can control everything with your dns and have what you want pointed to tch and what you don't pointed some place else.
  6. What I was talking about is if you have ssh access on your current host then you can type "ftp ip address". Then it will prompt you to login and you just login and type "put filename" and it will upload the file to the tch server. You can also do the same to get ftp files from another site just type "get filename" and it will download the file name. If you need anymore information about how to do this you can send me a message and I can tell you how to do it. Like I said before it is really easy.
  7. TCH should be able to add a cname record for you to point to another ip address for a sub domain. I would not see where that would go against TCH's TOS agreement. Otherwise you would have to do what they were talking about and do the mod_rewrite to point to the windows host. Otherwise what you could do it what I have done. I use dyndns.org to host my dns, and then I can point the different parts of my domain to different places. I have a sub domain xxx.**** pointed to a server at my house, and I have ohter sub domains pointed other places.
  8. Cpanel which we manage our accounts with is not a download it is software that runs on the server so all we have to go is go to a webpage that is given to us on our welcome letter to manage all aspects of our websites. Normally speaking as a TCH Customer I would have to say they normally will not download and install software on your websites and I looked at IBP does not look like it is an option in cpanel to install it do you would have to download it and then ftp it up to the server. Another option that you might have since you have SSH with your other hosts is download it via FTP with SSH to there server, then FTP the files to TCH from your old host. Then if the file is a tar, or zip file you can extract it with File Manager in Cpanel. THen once you are down with the upgrade you can take a backup of your old site database ftp from your old host to TCH then open a ticket to get that data loaded into mysql. Then run the upgrade scripts. This is a very easy process. I would say since you say you are working with dialup it would be alot faster if you do the transfer between servers. So you would SSH into your old server and then ftp everything to TCH. That way you are dealing with a fast connection between servers and do not have your slow dialup connection making this a slower process. Oh I forgot welcome to TCH Family Forum.
  9. I am very intrested in helping out
  10. It says in the list server 17 is done but I do not see it listed in my cpanel for my account. Should I just wait a little bit longer and hopefully it will show up soon?
  11. Any results on the tch status page not displaying the correct date. It this actually current data that is being displayed or is this old information that is not correct anymore
  12. On the server I am it does not appear like that is enabled but I am sure a TCH tech can answer it for sure.
  13. or if you only want to access squirrel mail you just enter /sqmail at the end of your domain and you will be taken to that login which you are have unlimited number of different users.
  14. I was looking thru those status screens and according to the date and time at the top of the screen they are not up to date. The detailed one is Generated on 12/3/2005 at 10:57:25 PM, and the simple was was Generated on 12/19/2005 at 12:21:38 PM. Is that normally how they are, or are they ususally updated every few minutes.
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