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Cpanel 11 Upgrade


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We are pleased to announce that all TotalChoice shared and reseller servers are now upgraded to cPanel 11. We are very exited about this new release as it moves us one step closer to completing other projects such as PHP/MySQL 5.


All accounts have been migrated to the new theme to take advantage of the new features and the most notably change you will see is the new AJAX based interface for the cPanel theme. This AJAX based interface is also carried over to the new File Manager for easier navigation and editing. Some of the other notable features are the integrated help/wizards, user level email filtering(multiple actions), web disk, and the Perl module/Pear package installers.



If you are receiving an error when accessing cPanel you are most likely using a direct bookmark to an old them. You will need to access your cPanel at:





Dedicated customers may contact the help desk if you would like us to complete this upgrade for you,


Enjoy and if you have any concerns or issues due to the changes please contact us via the help desk at https://tchhelp.com

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So others are aware...


The upgrade only allows you to use the x3 theme.

Do not try to change the theme, or you will get stuck and have to submit a support ticket to get it changed to x3.


I wish I knew this in advance.

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The upgrade only allows you to use the x3 theme...I wish I knew this in advance.

Actually TCH announced over a year ago that all accounts were supposed to be on the same theme so that when upgrades were posted, they would go smoother. If you still had bluelagoon or some other theme, your site was not set to the default and would require a ticket to update.


I checked my accounts tonight and found that 2 of mine required a ticket to get them tweaked for me. :yes:

A third account updated normally and gave me a chance to glance at the cpanel 11 interface. :)

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Will branding work for the new cpanel?

I want to change only the graphic at the top of the page- preferably without screwing everything up :sweatdrop:


Thank you,




Yes, branding works if you have access to WHM and has been improved. If you want you can just make simple changes such as the logo, which can then be dragged where you want it.

You also do not need to worry about breaking things as you can reset the theme at any time.

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I have two different sites, both hosted with TCH on different servers. Both have been recently upgraded to the new CPANEL. Both look different. One has the welcome to server at the top and the other has the server name half way done the list.



I one, 6 out of 10 times it gives me an error when report the disk space usage.


You have our conatct info from the CPANEL, please, please as I stated the last time you upgraded CPANEL, send us a broadcast announcement. I don't have time to lurk on the forums waiting for the next upgrade. CPANEL is important and affects me. I hate to be surprised by the changes plus I now have to train people again on what to do. These are not the most technologically minded people and everytime this changes it is alot of work for me.


Please send me the e-mail when you are affecting my account.


Todd Van Buren

www.agilityphotos.com (TCH)

www.agilitymb.ca (TCH)

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You will need to open a ticket with the help desk if you are having problems with cPanel.


Also, please subscribe to the support announcements forum, the latest hosting news forum as well as the forum for the servers you are hosted on. When messages are posted in those forums you will receive an email alerting you that something has changed or about to be changed.

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Just thought I'd share something I found about Cpanel 11 for the benefit of others who may have the same problem...


The converted filter rules worked fine for me after the upgrade... UNTIL I made a change (I deleted a filter). Once I did this, all the converted rules stopped working, and instead of sending certain messages to an email address as they used to, messages that matched the filters just disappeared. To fix this, I deleted all of my converted rules and re-created them. This wasn't too bad, considering the filtering is much nicer in cpanel 11. However, I wish I had known to do this yesterday so I wouldn't have lost an entire days worth of mail that should have been delivered to a different address according to my filters. (I use these rules extensively to filter potential spam from my users, in addition to spamassassin).


Just thought other people may want to know this!

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Rob, nice to see you pop in. Going to stick around for a while this time? :(


Sorry, went to the fridge. I will be poping in every so often to make sure you kids are staying out of trouble. Taking a cruise tomorrow so I will check back on Monday. Be good over the weekend.

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