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  1. Okay, all seems to be working now (phoenix server). Thank TCH guys for being on top of this. It would nice to know how this all happened. Maybe after all the dust settles...?
  2. Forms still aren't working here. (phoenix server) I guess we have to submit a request for a restore..?
  3. Not so easy to change your WHM password. TCH requires you to submit a support ticket and they will change it. However, sub-accounts can be changed through WHM.
  4. On server Phoenix.. I think more than just the index pages were affected. My sites contact forms have stopped working; some are perl (cgi) scripts and others are php form processors. However, I seem to be getting regular emails on some of the accounts affected. Is anybody else experiencing this as well?
  5. Same problem here on the Phoenix server. Fortunately, just a few accounts seem to be affected on my reseller account. I restored them with my own back-ups and seems to be okay now, and I don't see any databases were affected but should I trust them still? Yes, I would like to know this, too. Restoring is one thing, but how did this happen to so many different servers?
  6. Thanks, Got it to work with: my-domain.com:3306 Without the "http://" Appreciate the help Ray
  7. So in a config file that normally would have 'localhost' what would be the correct path to the remote mysql database. Something like this? http://my-domain:3306/ Or?
  8. Yes, that's exactly what I needed to know. I did try a search earlier, but that post did not come up. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  9. I would like to access one of my databases remotely. What would be the path to the database? Currently, any database I set up is used for the same domain, so I use locahost as the path. I would guess the path would have to be an absolute URL. Is this even possible with my TCH reseller account?
  10. Thanks for all your responses. I can sleep soundly tonight.
  11. The username I see listed is one I never created, but it doesn't mean they have access to my cpanel, correct? Ray
  12. I noticed in one of my domains Cpanel Awstats report page there is a section called "Authenticated users (Top 10)" which has a username that I have never heard of. None of my other accounts has a username listed in this section, they only say "Other logins (and/or anonymous users)" and then list the numbers for pages, hits, etc. Does anyone know how this username possibly got there? Did someone hack into my account? I definitely never used such a username, and I don't even know what this "Authenticated users" section is used for or represents. Any tips would be appreciated, Ray
  13. So others are aware... The upgrade only allows you to use the x3 theme. Do not try to change the theme, or you will get stuck and have to submit a support ticket to get it changed to x3. I wish I knew this in advance.
  14. Great, thanks for the clarification.
  15. If the purchased certificate does not expire for several years, does the TCH yearly renewal fee still apply?
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