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    When my office was near the road I could sometimes hear the truckers radios on my PC speakers. RF interference all over the place...
  2. Wow, that's interesting information. Nice answer site! Do you think that such a "serious resource hog" might contribute to Mrs. Muddled' mouse "freezing" ?
  3. anyone know what the BackWeb Plugin is all about? Also, I wonder what errors F-Secure is seeing (That's the anti-virus stuff I think)
  4. I've been using sitemap.xml since December. It took about a month before I noticed a real difference in how Google crawled my site. Now Google pulls the updated pages from my site within 12 hours of an updated sitemap. Plus the statistics and robots.txt file check are nice to use from time to time. They have just this week changed the interface a bit so I'm getting used to the new layout now.
  5. What? Our posts count? Just kidding. I spent some deliberate time in word games just to drop the "newbie" moniker. Then I got hooked. Bruce's posts can be quite entertaining. anyway.. Congratulations Paul!
  6. Does this forum use AJAX to quick-edit posts?
  7. swimming ! Wheeeeeeee ker-splash! (oops it's word not words... lol)
  8. Sami, I get similar results to yours for both sites, including a couple of drop outs. I don't see anything unusual in any of the 4 results I've looked at. You might also try the Auto Start link on myspeed.com That tests your upload and download speeds.
  9. F12 is preview in a browser which should work too. I was thinking more the Preview mode in the Design View / Code View / Preview options of Dreamweaver.
  10. I also use a separate UPS for the cable modem and router. During certain times of the year here the power company switches something and the lights blink out at the same time every day for weeks. Just for a second but enough to change clocks, turn off the TV, etc. That kind of power blink drives the router crazy and the cable modem to a lesser degree. The UPS on the modem and router cleared our connection problems up nicely.
  11. Is your CSS file loaded in the same relative location as pointed to in the html file? If so, there is also the posibility you are not looking at a preview of the page. Page design mode does not display the page as the browser does. Page Preview does however.
  12. What about a needle? You have thread but no needle. That's not a pin is it? Oh, and chewing gum to keep you busy while you load the over sized box...
  13. Hi Sami, Have you powered off your cable modem yet? lol Just kidding... Seriously though, I think BOTH problems might be related to your cable connection. The key is "Cable Light Flashing" and "data not lit" That's the first thing I look for now. Flashing CABLE light means you do not have an internet connection. Under normal operation (for almost all newer cable modems) the CABLE light should be on steady. The data light blinks when data is transferred either from/to the net OR from/to your PC. If that light blinks that means something is talking to your modem. Here is what I think may have happened: Your cable connection was down (company was "working on it") when you opened your photo program. When most of my photo programs first open they almost always "phone home" to check for updates. If the connection is down it appears to hang until a certain time-out period of as much as 2 minutes. (Seems like 2 hours though) Something I find useful on windows machines is to add the Local Area Connection icon to the system tray. The front "monitor" flashing blue indicates my PC is sending data and the rear monitor blinking indicates my PC is receiving data. If that rear light doesn't go on that's when I check the cable modem. To add the icon to your system tray open Network Connections in Control Panel. Look for "Local Area Connection" or what ever connection does NOT have a red X. Sometimes there are several connection types but only one applies to your cable connection. When you find the right connection right click it and go to the General Tab. Check the box at the bottom "Show icon in notification are when connected" Don't change anything else and Click OK. You should now see the dual monitor icon in the systray on your start bar. Any internet activity will be indicated by a monitor lighting up blue. Double click the icon for a status window. Next time you open your photo program check to see if your internet activity increases. Keep in mind that other programs, especially anti-virus programs, also check for updates from time to time. Good Luck, I'd like to know about the normal cable light operation for your modem. Steady or blinking when you have a working connection.... Now if the cable tech had read that line he would have known to check the connection to your modem.
  14. Great idea. I tried a few sites and they all seem to have a limit of 25 meg or less. Even trimmed down a lot the video doesn't have enough resolution to look presentable at 50 meg. The video owner did put it on one site (Google Video) but it was gone two days later. Thanks for the ideas
  15. Here are my initial reactions to CPanel XP 2004 (Disclaimer: I am NOT a beta tester at this time; I just visited the demo site on my own) Likes: - Ability to receive important messages from the hosting company. - Flash tutorials! - Clear, large tool tips explaining what each menu item does - Ability to manage multiple accounts from one location (if this applies) - Direct link to billing information - Direct link to Submit a Support Ticket (Easy to submit a ticket, see below) - Branding, resellers may like this one - MyCPanel settings . - CPanel notes so we can save notes/reminders/whatever in the same place we may need the info . - Tool Tips on or off . - Communications Center looks great but how can you top the TCH forums? - Integration with Forums (PhpBB is listed, no mention of IPB though) - Multi-Language (even though I would only use one language) DisLikes: - Slightly slower loading, lots of graphics, on initial page load - Larger pages (spread out) with less information in the same space as CPanel X - Direct link to Submit a Support Ticket (maybe it's TOO easy to submit a ticket? see above) - Some sections, like under MyCpanel settings, lack the normally ever-present 'Go Back' button (MyCPanel button does the same thing though) - No "Advanced User" mode, that I can see, with fewer, smaller or no graphics. However, this may be the lack of themes in the demo I tried. Overall it looks great especially for new users/accounts as it tells you a bit more information than other skins. Plus the ability for the hosting company to send all users special notices looks like a very good thing for anyone, new or experienced. I look forward to hearing from the folks who use it on a real site.
  16. clever, yes. loading the box should be fun
  17. Wow, some of those items seem like they would be pretty large given the small amount of space available. Good list though!
  18. And if you paint an "Eat at Joe's" sign on the side of the then grained sized elephant will that count as another house hold item?
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