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  1. Watch out, that Wii browsing can get addicting once you get used to the differences. Reading the forums with the twist of a wrist and a push of the thumb. Differences: - Cookies are not saved past the current session so you have to log in every time (no 'remember me') - Less information on screen at once - Zoom (+ and -) in Auto mode works from where your cursor is and you miss that going back to other browsers - No program downloads, including flash and some Javascript. (Great for viewing MySpace and similar) Enjoy
  2. I like #1 as the banner ribbon on #2 overwhelms the rest of the logo.
  3. CPanel gives this warning: Installing or uninstalling Frontpage Extensions will result in the loss of all ".htaccess" files in your web area. Any changes you have made to your ".htaccess" files will be lost. Any directories you have protected with WebProtect will become unprotected until you reprotect them. Does this suggest you need to know your way around what .htaccess changes are FrontPage related and which are not? I had some re-directs installed by support that I may not want to lose after removing FP extensions and I don't know what lines are related to what. Thanks
  4. Fantastico is now sending email updates when a script is out of date. This is a good thing to keep you informed. However, I have directly installed 3 SMF script updates since my original install with Fantastico. I have a lot of SMF modifications to my install so I would rather NOT tell fantastico to run any updates. I have received two e-mails so far about my script being "out of date" (even though I know I am running the most current version) What are my options to correct situation and avoid unnecessary e-mails?. 1. Can I change the version number Fantastico thinks I am using? If so, How do I do that without installing the update script from Fantastico? OR 2. How can I tell Fantastico not to bother checking that script? (I am concerned that Fantastico will delete my current working install) Thanks for your thoughts. Kevan
  5. Oh man. Mine is set to half this time! crash!
  6. 42 But I knew that before Google...
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