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  1. Is the subdomain name "mail.****" a reserved domain? Do I need to have one specified? The reason I'm asking, on one of my accounts, there is not one set up, but mail works just fine. On my other account, I removed the mail.**** subdomain through cpanel, and I couldn't get my mail anymore. Added it back in, and after the usual couple hours I could get my main again. Thanks!
  2. I did open a ticket before posting here. They said it's working as designed. Poor design if you ask me. Bandwidth and cpu to process emails for an account that does not exist.
  3. My default is :fail: and the account does not exist. SpamAssassin doesn't care what account it's directed to, existing or not, it flags it and sends it to my spam email account. I would like it to just delete the email if that account does not exist. My only thought at this point is to put a user level filter in place to delete it. But then I will have to do that for each and every throwaway email account I ever create/delete until the end of time.
  4. I created an email account to use on job search boards, used it for months. It generated plenty of spam of course. Now I no longer need this email account, so I deleted it. But SpamAssassin still catches all junk email directed at this now deleted account and forwards to my spam email account (which is used for all my other email accounts of course). So, the process of creating a "throwaway" email account for the purpose of no longer accepting any email to this account does nothing. I can forsee receiving spam email for every email account I create and delete forever. How can I stop receiving email directed to a deleted account, but still keep my SpamAssassin settings and spam email account active for use with my other email accounts? Thanks.
  5. Duhhh, I think I found it. When I registered the site for him, I pointed it to my site, just to give it something. Need to fix the redirect. Just need to wait for that to propigate. Been a long week I guess. Thanks for the as usual quick responses!
  6. Thought of that too. The login box that comes up still has my site name in the title bar, not the one I'm trying to get to that I entered in the IE address bar.
  7. I currently have a site and can log into cpanel just fine. I'm trying to help a friend with his, from my computer, but every time I try to get to his cpanel, the login box brings up my cpanel login. Any clues? Thanks!
  8. Auto reponders have the ability to add in variable information; %subect% %from% %email% Are there any other varible fields that can be used? I'd like to add in something like %to% to the auto response "Hello, your email to %to% will be..." Thanks!
  9. Even more weird stuff. Added a forwarder to my GoDaddy forwarder, which forwards to my cell phone. It works. Only thing that doesn't appear to work for me is a TCH forwarder to my cell phone. Will keep looking around and trying things.
  10. Double checked everything. I then tried this, set up an email forwarder at GoDaddy for one of my other domains, forwarded to mycell(at)cingularme.com and it works just fine. Now looks like TCH doesn't like Cingular, or Cingular doesn't like TCH. Can't we all just get along
  11. That's what I'm thinking now. Forwarding on TCH seems to be fine, as I created a forwarder to my work email, and it was fine. Got to be Cingular not taking in the emails as a forward, but only as a direct email. Thanks!
  12. I've set up an email forwarder so that any email sent to mycell@domain.com forwards to my cell phone email address of 2035551234 [at] cingularme.com Seems to not forward, as the message never gets to my cell phone. But if I send an email directly to the cell phone address, it works fine. I've sent the email from different addresses (work, my domain, etc) with the same results. Is this something that should work? If so, maybe a help ticket is needed. Any clues! Thanks! TCH-Bruce: I edited your email address
  13. Yup, I could do that. But in that case, my virus checker catches them anyway. But, 1) not all my PC's on my home business network have their virus definitions updated as often as they should be, 2) using Horde while on the road lets them all in, no scanning of those emails as they are opened. I know enough not to open the attachments, but not everyone does. Would like to just strip them at the server level, as is done for other certain attachment types (.eml, .exe, etc). Would like to be able to configure these things, even better would be to configure at a user level. For example, if I have a user I don't want receiving .jpg as attachments in email, I'd like to block it. Thanks!
  14. I'd like to be able to do this to. I could care less about .zip files and all the viruses contained in them. I just want to block all email with a .zip attached. If I need something, I'll FTP it, or unblock the .zip temporarily. Please, how can I block these attachments before it hits one of my PC's when downloading my mail?!
  15. OK, so I finally figured out what works for me. Requirements: 1) Wanted Spam Assassin to watch over all my email accounts. 2) Wanted to move all those emails marked as spam to another email account for later retrieval and review. 3) Didn't want each email account to have their own Spam box. In cPanel: 1) Created an email account "Spam@****" 2) Created a filter "SpamAssassin Spam Header", "begins with", and then enter "Yes" in the box. Destination "Spam@****". 3) Enable Spam Assassin. 4) Do not enable Spam Box. In my Outlook: 1) Created an account to retrieve emails from "Spam@****". 2) Created a folder called "THC_Spam". 3) Created a filter to move all emails beginning with the string "***SPAM***" in the subject to the above named folder. Rock Sign
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