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  1. Gil


    I know this is a strange question. <g> Will the DNS propagate faster if one registers a domain name first or sets up the server first; or doesn't it make any difference? Gil
  2. Gil


    I already did, Andy. Here is the reply I received: ***** We are sorry that this Help Desk is primarily for server related issues. We have a Support forum where 3rd party software support is available by the many family members and staff members that use that particular software. Our Forums are located at https://ssl.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/ Thank you for choosing TotalChoice Hosting Best Regards, Muhammad Ali Level 2 System Administrator TotalChoice Hosting L.L.C ***** The Ticket ID is PCS-74241 if you want to take a look. Any assistance would be appreciated. Gil
  3. Gil


    I have two clients on my reseller accounts that are unable to log into their Agora Admin area to makes changes in their shopping carts. I installed a new cart on a new account and am experiencing the same problem. Agora tells me it is probably a server problem and TCH advises me it's an Agora Cart problem. I tried several suggestions on the Agora website, but it's still not working. (We get an "you are not authorized, etc message.) The usernames and passwords used are correct. Can anyone help?
  4. Add me to the list, Biil. I often send myself or my wife a .exe file and it's an annoyance to have to ZIP them. It would be nice if your users had the option of turning this filter on or off. My guess is that it's not possible??
  5. I was finally able to get into the help desk using the username and password in the original welcome mail from a different account. Still don't know why the first one didn't work unless cookies thought I was a different user. Since I was able to get in I guess it doesn't matter except to other users. I don't want to beat this to death! Thanks for the replies.
  6. Same problem as previous post. Cannot log into help desk using the username and password supplied in welcome message. Have some serious issues that need resolving!
  7. Yes - Mailman. I overlooked that option - thanks loads. Gil
  8. After setting up a small maillist, the members are receiving spam from addresses that are not list members. Has anyone else experienced this problem? How can I correct it?
  9. Are virtual DNS addresses available for the reseller accounts? I'd like to be able to use NS1.**** instead of NS1.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM
  10. I did a little experimenting and it appears that a TCH mailbox will send and receive large attachments. (Over 5 Mb.) Horde also had no problem, but NeoMail appears to be limited to 2 Mb. Thanks for your inputs.
  11. Is there a limit on the size of email attachments either POP3 or on the SMTP server?
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