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  1. Bill, I got a call at work today and found out it was your birthday. I hope you had a blast, birthdays just seem better when you can spend it with those that mean the most. Maybe on the next one you can have the entire day off.
  2. Jim, If TCH is anything like the place I used to work then the account would be suspended. We would get calls all the time from customers asking why they were unable to access their account. The lawyers would contact us and we would shut them down. If we got a promise from the customer not to do it again we would turn it back on. If they were caught again it was a permanent ban, even the internet connection.
  3. Having never installed anything on a Unix Server it took about 20 minutes for me to get PHPNuke up and running when I had it there. Would be nice to have a quick install though for all those interested in it.
  4. Its gone up to 1000 days to have nameservers propagated now? I am glad I did mine before the change.
  5. I am all for using your right to protest. That said I wonder what people think when they do it in the middle of the very thing they are protesting. Who thinks that gathering en mass or making statements is going to change what is happening. Sure you can get 200k people and rbing a downtown to a halt. At what cost? They are keeping people like them that may have the same beliefs from going to work and letting them just try to get on with their life. Lets not let anyone get into the places they need to get so they can make a living and support their families. I wonder what would happen if those protesters all gave the same amount of time they were out protesting and decided to help those around them that are less fortunate or spent that time teaching the future of our nation not to hate. Aside from getting on the news did they think they could stop the conflict. Bill, moron is right. It matters not if I agree with whats going on over there. I am just another nerd behind a keyboard who wants our troops to come home soon and safe. I say if you really want to protest, do it with your vote. Better yet, just vote. Sorry for the rant, not wanting to start a flame war or offend anyone, just expressing my agreement in lengthy detail. ***NOTE*** This book is just opinion and nothing more. Facts may not be entirely correct as the author is a few fries short of a happy meal. The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the raving lunatic that wrote it. The contents of this page have not been reviewed or approved by TCH or any other sane person. Please dont feed the lions. Thank you for flying.
  6. I could give you a run for your money in reptile discussion. Pythons mostly. Other than that I am back to the tech stuff.
  7. I suppose if one knew what they were doing they could view source and select all. Then copy and paste into an HTML editor and edit out the code as well. It just depends on how well you know the editor you are working with.
  8. Funny thing is I know where everything is on there. When you have kids and the rest of the house to clean you tend to leave the place nobody sees messy. Or at least I do.
  9. And to think I am married with 2 kids. The one place I get too tired to clean. Click here for the full effect.
  10. Tony, Not that I get much traffic at the moment but I put a link up on my site. I am getting a shopping cart soon so the whole layout will change but I will keep it there. Then its off to have the family give a review.
  11. I think I can answer number 2. That cost is in adition to the registration fee. $10.95 for the domain registration and $9 for the privacy option. Total is $19.95
  12. By the way, you were right in your answer. A year at a time.
  13. Lianna, Thanks for the reply, I told Bill you rock.
  14. Not so much a pre-sale question, I am here and you cant get rid of me. I want to know if I gan buy more years of hosting to lock the price in? Can I buy 5 more years? Is there a maximum number I can get, I am sure I cant get more than my life expectancy. Just wondering what the maximum hosting amount was.
  15. jmazz, I have those moments all the time so dont feel too bad. Sometimes I think my few good moments revolve many of the "smack myself on the head" moments. Turtle, great snakes but a tad nippy. Beth, nice looking Burmese python. I had 2 pair for a while. One at 16', 1 at 14' and 2 at 12'. Great tempers.
  16. Lianna, I didnt ask, a bit of humor Cheater looking it up on the web, though I guess thats what its there for. Being a reptile keeper I guess I expect everybody to know the answer.
  17. Jmazz, I think you will find the good folks here can provide answers to almost any question you have about TCH and it seems many to those that push the edge of what TCH offers. I still havent gotten an answer as to what the longest snake on record was but methinks its not quite related to hosting.
  18. Bill, It cracked me up when I found out. I have the site loaded and am waiting on propagation, then I can set up all the extra features. Of the other hosts I have had you have far and away more options and site add on's than the other places I have been. I have a feeling this is the first of many accounts I will have with you. Thanks for everything so far, Rob www.knifeandblade.com
  19. Already got my email to change my name servers. You guys rock! Rob www.knifeandblade.com
  20. You may want to ty a trace to the site as well. I used to work at an ISP and we noticed that some hops (routers) would slow at the same time every day. Often times due to them throttleing down or congestion. Rob www.knifeandblade.com
  21. Hello all, I have decided to make the jump and got my first acount here. I work for a major domain Registrar and was referred here by a customer. I check out all recomendations by our customers and decided to have a look. I liked the prices for what you got but had to dig deeper and find out more. I dont mind paying more if it means good service. I have been watching the boards for a few weeks and did some digging around on the net and could find only good reviews. I also had a brief conversation with the Head Guru and was impressed. Today I decided to come on board. I am looking forward to getting my welcome letter and getting started. I get free hosting at work but decided this would be the better place for me. The feeling of family was the deciding factor. Thanks guys and get ready for the questions Rob www.knifeandblade.com
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