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  1. UPDATE>>>>>> All is well and my problem has been solved..... Thumbs Up Always remember...... Communication can solve 99.99% of ALL problems...... :hug: I'll be back when I need hosting in the future..... Rock Sign TaTa for now....
  2. it's a great service plan, cheap and reliable!!! the only thing I can say in a negative tone is that it's like the hotel california...you can check in but you can never leave!!!!!! I been trying to end my service for almost 2 weeks and can't get anyone to even reply to me!!!!!!! Mad!!! Mad!!! Mad!!! Mad!!! Mad!!! Mad!!! Mad!!! Mad!!! I have sent in 2 help tickets and sent 3 PMs and still no answers. get me outta here......PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. just checking in to see if that permissions list was ever posted...if it was can I have a link to it or a copy...p l e a s e
  4. they were coming down as bad animations(non-animating) and I think that something was causing them to become corupted on DLing. So I really only changed the permission values to what they should have been and now they work fine.
  5. just to clear up some items.... my files were fine when I ULed them. they worked for others on this forum. when the "folder permissions" got messed up...the files became damaged, somehow. So the first problem was the permissions and i still don't know how they got changed...???? I only became aware of the problem when some of my sigs on other forums stopped animating
  6. thanks...please let me know when it gets posted...or can you email me a copy...P L E A S Essssssss hehe I got rid of the file and had to re-upload all of my animated files because none of them worked after D/Ling them? But I think I fixed it now and they work great....crossing my fingers. mazz@onthefareastend.com thanks
  7. Well after banging my head against my desk a few times...I tried to D/L one of my animated files and it was not readable...I had this problem from the start and I thought it was because of the permission settings... so is this a problem on my end or is something happening when the leave the server????? If somebody would try to D/L this file and see if it animates I could rule out the server and narrow down my prob....tnx....................... the file is here
  8. YES, YES, YESSSSS You got it now......hehe Ok now ....do you have such a thing????
  9. I just can't resist playing with photos....I'm not very good but I have fun!!! Here are my entries...pick 1 BTW: I don't have a DVD player...no less a burner...an I could use one!!!!
  10. Sorry, but YES you are..... I wanted to say defaults for all folders (default folders)... I did go into my site thru FTP and I reset as you said and all is well!!! Thanks Joe
  11. Thanks for the info... I'm using phpbb that came with the account. there has to be a place that has a listing of the default (recomended) settings for all folders....but where is it???? If nobody knows where it could be found...is it possible to get somebody to make one up...it would be easy to do with an FTP program like FTP PRO or FTP Voyager... when i get squared away...I will do it and post a nice pic or document with the info for others to use. I am also gonna make a back up of the default setup!
  12. I'm doing this web thing to learn...like a hobby...so far so good. Tonight I tried to go onto my forum...it's just another learing tool...and I came up with a whole page of errors in my browser and could not get into the forum! I did go back to cPanel and I see that there has been a lot of traffic into my admin folder...Now I don't remember what the permissions were to be set at? Is there a list or page someplace where i can see what the default and recomended settings are and should be? and the settings for permissions of things I might add also. 2nd question Can i just rebuild the whole forum or reload a new one...I have DLed 2 that I would like to play with? If you want to take a look it's at onthefareastend.com/forum
  13. ok lets see if it works here???? I've tried IE6, NS 4.7,7.0 and opera 7 well I can't seem to post a pic here????
  14. no...it's not animateed for me...hummm...I need to check my system now...great....hehe
  15. Really????? Then what the heck is my malfunction?????? I'm stumped!!!
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