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  1. The way autoresponders work I believe is that if personX emails you and they receive an autoresponse, if they then email you again before the interval time has elapsed they will not receive another autoresponder So for example PersonX emails you at 1pm - They receive an autoresponse Your autoresponse interval is set to 6 hours If they send you another email between 1pm and 7pm they will not receive another autoresponse If they email you at 8pm they will again receive an autoresponse and the interval gets reset. It is just a way to ensure that you don't get autoresponse pong going on I think and to limit the number of emails being sent. i.e if personX emailed you, then turned their autoresponse on, your autoresponse would respond, then their autoresponse would respond to your autoresponse, and so on. This can and has taken down email servers in the past.
  2. You will be able to use MySQL here, which is a free open-source database, so there is no extra license fee. Here at TCH they offer a one-click install of the SMF forum software (again free). So all you would need to do is: Buy your domain Buy your hosting (You can do both here at TCH if you wish to combine them) Log into your site's Control Panel (CPanel) Click on Fantastico De Luxe Scroll down to SMF Click that and follow the instructions on screen. No database, programming or technical know-how required. If you ever get stuck you can always pop back here to the forums or contact the help desk for assistance.
  3. Apparently if you just create a new user with the same username as the one you want to change, with a new password it will change the password. Otherwise, you can delete your current user and create them again with the required password.
  4. Another option instead of using POP3 to access your email with outlook is to use IMAP.
  5. Thanks guys, much appreciated!!!
  6. What error are you receiving when you try to download from your computers?
  7. Looks like a theme thing to me: http://codex.wordpress.org/Excerpt Your theme would have to use: the_excerpt() within the page.
  8. Using that script and your script together and modifying them both seems like a bit of a waste of time to me - they aren't very compatible as they use different field names and expect a different number of fields etc. I would rebuild it from scratch personally. I don't even think that PHP form processor is very good. It's not very intuitive at least. I am a freelance PHP developer so if you would like any assistance please PM me and I will see if I can help.
  9. You can actually restore from a full site backup but I believe you need to get the helpdesk to do it for you. Someone may correct me on that but I am pretty sure that is how it works. What I tend to do personally is take backups of my database separately using a script called dbsender.php and then I take periodic home directory backups via FTP or using the home backup option in cpanel. Everyone will have their own techniques but this works for me personally. Edit: Thomas beat me to the punch!!! Damn!
  10. You said Google don't appear to have this problem, which is explained by Carl saying they have their own mailserver configs which makes sense. So if gmail works, why not sign up with Google hosted apps and point your MX records to google and use google instead of the TCH servers? If it is that much of a problem then this seems like a sensible solution. If you need help changing your MX records you can contact the helpdesk and they will assist with that. I use google apps for all my domains.
  11. I don't know the ins-and-outs of what software is not allowed on TCH but it might be worth checking if FPDF is supported. http://www.fpdf.org/ It requires no PDF libraries, it is just a script and some fonts. I have used it many times before, forgive the gross website. It is pretty easy to use, just requires time to fiddle about moving things around the page with trial and error.
  12. I've sent you a PM, don't hesitate to respond if you have any problems.
  13. The solution I came up with for this problem was that I would use the PHP native FTP methods to log into my account via FTP and CHMOD the folder I wish to upload files to (changing permissions to 777), then upload the file using PHP (move_uploaded_file), then when the upload was complete, use the PHP FTP methods to CHMOD the folder back down to 755, or something more secure. This way I don't have to leave my folders globally writeable except when I was explicitly uploding. I know it is a bit of extra work, but it means I don't need to worry about leaving my directories exposed. This could also be used to set files as writeable and then you can set them back after you are finished. I also experienced the pain of the "nobody" ownership on files. But ended up writing my own PHP script which would delete directories using (unlink) in case this ever happened. I can PM you this code if you would like, it came in handy for me when I was building my own site.
  14. Wordpress or any similar blog would do nicely for your needs. I have installed a few wordpress blogs for people I know who are, let's just say, less than computer savvy and they have found it a cinch to get to know and use. No need for any PHP, JS or CSS skills really, unless you want to be designing your own templates, in which case you will require some CSS and XHTML knowledge. But you can download loads of great looking themes very simply using Wordpress.
  15. I use the InnoDB table engine on a few of my tables on a reseller server so I would imagine that InnoDB is supported on all servers. Not sure I can help with the rest though.
  16. Sounds like you want a rewrite as opposed to a redirect. try something like this: > RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^challenge your-actual-page.html [QSA,L] This will rewrite challenge to your-actual-page.html but 'challenge' will remain in the address bar.
  17. I have no idea why they would opt for a H1 when you are on the homepage and a div otherwise. Backup your current template version, then change that line you have quote above to: > <div id="title"><a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>"><img src="HTTP://WWW.YOURDOMAIN.EXT/YOURIMAGE.png" alt="<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>" /></a></div> You might need to fiddle with the CSS, removing the padding for instance, not sure how it would render without seeing. You might also need to specify border: 0px; on div#title a img
  18. Haha, The iPad looks like a joke to me. Just looks like an iPod Touch through a magnifying glass.
  19. I am not versed in HTTPRequest2 but the preg_match I don't think will work with hashes and without a start and end delimiter. Surely it would have to be something more like: >if(!preg_match('/https?:\/\//', $_GET['path'])) { I thought hashes were used for comments.
  20. I thought php.ini files were set for an entire apache install and shared over all the vhosts at compile time not runtime? Or have I missed a trick here?
  21. in response to your question about suPHP you are correct any PHP flags will not work within the htaccess and would probably result in a 500 server error. All PHP flags must be set in the php.ini file, but as you are on shared hosting you will be unable to do this. At least that is my understanding of suPHP. I may be wrong, let us know what tech support say.
  22. Unfortunately I am not a flash developer nor an OAuth expert so I can't really help out there I am afraid.
  23. A 403 means that the server you are requesting (in this instance twitter) is denying your request. They have possibly blocked your IP or User Agent. Doesn't Twitter offer an API for this sort of thing? What is it you are trying to do with the script exactly?
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