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  1. You are correct that there is no definitive front-runner; I can only attest to my experience and the experience of colleagues in the industry and from the conferences. Less is slightly more simple in implementation in that it requires a single js file, but this has serious implications when JavaScript is disabled. Sure there are other processing methods that have surfaced, but none of these are considered official implementations. When we looked for a preprocessor, we did a significant amount of research and chose to run with Sass because of the notion that an additional third-party applicatio
  2. So I opened a ticket with the help desk and have been told something that I am extremely shocked to be told and would like some clarification. As a front-end developer, I spend the bulk of my time writing CSS, JavaScript and building sites within open-source and proprietary CMS's. Everything that I do is in responsive design and my company does alot to keep the company using the most current techniques. An example is the fact that I have been using responsive design for more than 2 years professionally and the initial article describing the process is only 3 years old this month. The p
  3. yeah i knew of that one. i posted the sytax of it from php.net above the script. I just tried to make the mail snytax and noticed that this script is only handling the senders as requested. Didnt realize that till just now when I tried to add the function. I am going to have to look at this tonight, I work nights and its bedtime, and get back with you tomorrow. I am going to read and try and finish this script now that I have something to work with. Im going to compare this to my knowledge of another scripting language similar to php. I know I need to add a input for Subject and return em
  4. Now im no expert with php, but I did the plugging and formating, but sompething in this just doesnt look right. There is no mail function for one >bool mail ( string $to , string $subject , string $message [, string $additional_headers [, string $additional_parameters ]] ) > <div class="feedback"> <table> <tr> <td> <div id="leftbar" class="col300"> <div id="recipient"> <form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action=""> <input type="radio" name="whoto" value="1" id="whoto1" checked="checked" /><
  5. I will test this out to see how she works. Its amazing how close php is to my old game script. But then again they are both made off C++. Should be easy for me to grasp it once I get to learning it
  6. wow. i was merely asking how to edit an existing file. you could have just said do it yourself. i will ask any scripting question from now on elsewhere. Sorry i wasted your time
  7. I have this script for a feedback form that I generated on a site and I need to learn how to modify it to do what I need to be done. http://www.everythingdarts.com/Templates/contact.html If you look on that site, you will notice there are 7 possible recipients of the message and the script I have only deals with the form going to one person. how can i modify this script to allow for the radio buttons to decide the proper recipient? I also need to be taught what to put with the radio buttons as I have not learned what would go there to work this yet. this is the html code for the form
  8. I assume this program will work on our servers here?
  9. i saw that. any other tips for an awesome calendar for a web page?
  10. i dont suppose you could provide a link to it? I would like to see how it is setup cause the faq i found where it was mentioned sounded perfect is it something that can be seperate from the board?
  11. where is this tab on TCH forums that is for the calendar on here? I cant find it
  12. i understnad this, but i dont want one visitor to see that we just installed the same thing that they have used for ages. to the avgerage user who knows nothing of computers, i copied that site
  13. anyone know of any other web calendar programs? I got the one above installed and once it was running realized that this is the same calendar another site similar to ours uses and I wont allow us to be seen as copying
  14. valid point. Im actually curious to look at the calendar on here, but cant find its link
  15. Where is this at? I dont see this...
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