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  1. If I want to delete a subdomain is it sufficient to simply delete the subdomain folder from the server or are there some other tasks required? Thanks.
  2. Problem Statement: I have a number of email accounts associated with one of my domains. One of the accounts is an address that is used as the default address. The problem is that when I look at Horde I don't see a folder for this account and two other accounts have no folder. These three accounts are essentially spam catchers and the emails in them are not directed to my local client so I rarely look at them. I rec'd a message saying the mailbox was full but could not find a folder containing the emails. Shouldn't I see a folder for each email account associated with the domain? I ran a test by setting up a new email account and a folder was immediately added to the list of folders in horde. How do I find the missing folders? Thanks.
  3. Hi Dick: Thx for your response. Yes, I already went through that article before I posted. I had already exhausted the suggestions other than server side caching.
  4. I'm finding that changes I make to my Wordpress templates take a very long time to percolate through to the page rendered in the browser and I wondered if there is anything in the TCH setup that effects this. My workflow starts with making changes in Eclipse and saving them to the server. I made an independent check of the template file on the server by downloading the file via CyberDuck and the downloaded file shows that the change I made has been saved to the server side template file. I reloaded the browser - no change Cleared the browser cache - no change Went to a different browser and inserted the same URL - the newly downloaded page appeared without the change. I've had this happen on a couple of TCH servers recently. Any suggestions as to the source of the problem? Thanks.
  5. Does TCH make a backup of customers sites or is that a customer responsibility? if the latter - are there automated ways of implementing a backup? Thanks.
  6. Thanks so much for your response, I appreciate you helping me fill in my knowledge gaps. This problem appears to have been caused by my inconsistent use of the url format. The blog is in a subdomain but I set up the the blog with the url in the format www . example . com / subdomain instead of subdomain . example . com For the most part I make links using the www format but occasionally I've used the subdomain format. I discovered that consistently using the subdomain format appears to solve the problem.
  7. Request: I need some help understanding how to trouble shoot the following problem. Symptoms: I load a feedback form with each page of my blog, the form is loaded using Javascript. However, on the home page the first time you visit the SITE the form will not load. HOWEVER, if you enter the site by going to a different page then the form loads and if you then return to the home page, using the menu, the form loads as expected. So this condition occurs on entry to the site and, as far as I can detect, only occurs on the home page. Using firebug I see a reported internal error 500. After some researching I found that I needed to look in the server error log so I went to the C-panel and reviewed the log. If I load the home page to create the error again there is no mention of it in the server error log (I assume I'm looking in the right place, in the C panel under Logs?). Questions Should the '500' error show in the error log If '500' errors should be in the log what is the reason mine is not appearing Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this type of problem. Other Thoughts: I suspect that the problem is that the file containing the form is not being found for the home page on the initial request. However, I'm baffled as to how this could occur. Since the form is loaded via a script the same process is used for every page so how could one page cause the file to be not found. If the form never loaded on the home page that might give some clue but once its loaded on another page then it will load on the home page. I don't believe that this is a scripting problem per se but this still seemed to be the best place to ask the question. I'd appreciate any answers to my questions above and any guidance on how I might troubleshoot to find the source of my problem. Thanks
  8. background: I want to collect information on browser and OS from page viewers. It seems the way to do this is to use the "get_browser" function in php. However, to get the full array of data it appears that the php.ini file has to edited to point to a browscap.ini file. I've successfully done this on my development setup using a local MAMP installation. My production version will be on a Wordpress site hosted on TC. My Question If I use the "get_browser" function in a php script for the production version will the array attribute work because the php.ini file points to the browscap file? Alternatively can the php.ini file be edited? As you can probably tell from my questions I'm a neophyte on this subject and would appreciate some guidance. Thanks.
  9. I'm submitting a site map to google using a Wordpress plugin. The site map is being rejected for two errors. One is undefined and the other gives a reference to html error 500 I don't know what this means but research on html error 500 suggests that it’s a problem on the server side. Is this likely to be something concerned with TCH or is it likely to relate to the Wordpress files on the site. The site involved is a subdomain running Wordpress 3.0.1 Thanks
  10. @ TCH - Bruce Thanks for your response. My apologies but I miscommunicated. My question is not about accessing the subdomain - at least I don't think it is. My question is: "do I have the correct code for redirecting" The reason is that google is "suggesting" that a user define a "preferred URL" so that when google crawls the site they (google) don't repeat the content for different versions of what is essentially the same domain. In my case a bad result would be that google crawls the site for tools/example.com and then crawls it as example.com/tools. For root domains google lets you specify your preferred url. However, if you have a subdomain the option is not available and so they suggest a 301 redirect. Apologies if my explanations are vague but I just learning this part and I'm still fuzzy. With regard to your last point I manually installed both Wordpress sites. Any pointers on the redirect question would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Since google only offers their "preferred url" feature on a root domains they suggest that you do a 301 redirect in the .htaccess file to handle the preferred domain. I've searched around and can't find a tutorial that deals specifically with only redirecting for a subdomain, most examples seem to focus on just handling URLs at the root level. In my case my preferred url will be http://tools.example.com I assume therefore that I have to redirect http://www.example.com/tools to the preferred url? Searching the web suggests the following code is close to what I want: >Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} . RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^example\.com RewriteRule (.*) http://example.com/$1 [R=301,L] For the subdomain rewrite does this code become: > Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} . RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^example\.com\tools RewriteRule (.*) http://tools.example.com/$1 [R=301,L] My assumption is that the above code, or the correct version of it, is inserted into the .htaccess file at the end - ie no additional code is needed. The subdomain and the root domain are both running Wordpress blogs. I'd appreciate any pointers to detailed reference material, or direct answers, on how to tackle this problem so that I can be sure I've got the code correct. Thanks.
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