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  1. its me again... im having problems when trying to use the per-folder script... i have configured the script, created a cronjob to run it, and it works perfectly when configured to backup a small folder (the compressed file is generated, then send to the remote ftp server, then deleted from origin). but when i try it with a bigger folder, apparently it generates the compressed file ok (it takes about 5 minutes for 1gb compressed file), but theres an error when trying to send it to the remote server. i receive a cron job error email, and in the same folder i get an error_log file with the same info. the temporal compressed file is created aparently ok, and is not deleted nor send to the remote ftp server. any ideas? should i create a ticket for this?
  2. thanks!, thats perfect to backup the big folder. a last question: any idea how to modify a copy of the script to do a backup of more than one folder in the same gzip? so if my site consist of: -public_html - folder a - folder b - big folder - folder c i would like to do a backup of folders a, b and c in the same gzip? thanks
  3. ops, somehow i forgot about this post, sorry... the reason is i would like to have periodical local backups on my pc. the problem is, 90% of the size of my site reside in a specific sub-subfolder. but this 90% rarely changes over time. the other 10%, though, may be changed frecuently. so i hoped to be able to make local backups in my pc every week, for example, for that 10%, BUT every six months for the 90%. this way reducing downloading times etc. also i have had problems when trying to download the weekly full backup from cpanel (takes long time and sometimes i end up getting a broken compressed file). the option in cpanel to restore last-week backups would be great for what i want, except i cannot download it, only restore (as far as i know) thanks,
  4. hi, i would like to be able to create a backup of all the contents of a directory except one subdir. (that subdir is more than 1gb and doesnt change, so i dont want it downloaded with every backup...) is there any way to do it? maybe modifiying the script from the backup faq or something? thanks
  5. hi, i have installed a magento online store and it needs php5 to run. i see on my info.php my TC server is running php 5.2.14, but for some reason when installing magento it shows Internal Server Errors, that i have only been able to solve when running it through a php5-cgi (php 5.2.3) instead of the apache module. ok, no problem with that. the problem is, that php5-cgi doesnt include extensions (for example, soap) that i need. so the solution would be to compile myself another php5-cgi with the missing extensions, (preferably php 5.2.3), but i dont have access to a computer with linux installed, nor have any experience with this stuff, so... is there any posibility that totalchoice could do this for me? if not, is there any place where i could get a php5-cgi compiled with custom options? thanks,
  6. thanks for the replies! i will try the suggestions as soon as i install outlook again (formatting HD right now) thanks!
  7. hi, i usually use outlook to get the email, but then the emails are deleted from the server, so i cant read them trhough webmail. is there any way to change this in the configuration, so that the messages remain in the server and i can access them by webmail, even if they have already been downloaded with outlook? thanks
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