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  1. Okay. Thanks. Didn't realize I was breaking the rules. Let me make a few changes to put me in compliance with the AUP. It should all be fixed sometime today. Thanks for the information. -Steve
  2. This may be a silly question, but I'll ask it anyway… I've been a TCH customer since, I think, around 2006. Currently have several sites here, including my main business site (sigmadog.com) with no problems. I like working with TCH. Recently I've started a new web-based business on the side, PetArtWorks.com. I purchased the domain through TCH and currently have it forwarded to a section on my main business site. But I've decided it's probably a good idea to house it on its own site to avoid confusion. So I'd like to purchase hosting for PetArtWorks.com and build the site while the domain is still pointed at my Sigmadog.com site, and then redirect it to the new site once it's done. I'm sure this is possible, but I'm just a dumb art guy and want to make sure it can be done easily without major issues. Thanks for your help! Steve
  3. Thanks, Alex. I did not know that. I'll try 5.5 and see if that helps me.
  4. Also, I've been asked to find out the size of my tmpDIR and whether it is empty. How do I get that information?
  5. Follow up: I deactivated all plug-ins and switched to a standard WordPress theme (twentythirteen, I believe) and suffered NO core dumps. I then activated my Sigmadog Theme only (no plug-ins) and am now getting core dumps again. Seems like the problem is with the theme. Perhaps I need to dump it and start over. Also, I've been told by some that PHP 5.5 will "work better with WordPress". I have no compelling reason to believe this, but thought I would ask if TCH is planning in upgrading from 5.4 anytime soon.
  6. Awesome! Thanks, Tina. I'll deactivate that plugin and see if that solves the issue.
  7. Not sure what might be causing this, but there are some very large documents being created in my Public_html directory. They are all named "core.XXXXX" with X being a series of random numbers. Each file is over 100 MB, and they seem to be created at various times during each day. I've looked at the files and they are mostly gibberish with some codey-like words sprinkled here and there, but I can't make any sense of them, but they are taking up major space, and adding up every day. I just deleted about twenty of them earlier today. I've recently installed the WordPress framework UltimatumTheme and these mysterious files seem to have started around that time. I'm asking the support at Ultimatum this same question, but since they are fairly slow in responding I thought I would ask you folks here in hopes that someone might have seen this before. Could this be caused by a WordPress plugin? If so, I can shut them down and restart one by one to determine which is the culprit. I'm also wondering if this is worthy of a TCH support ticket, as it doesn't seem to be server related IMO. Would TCH support people be able to figure this out?
  8. Aah! Thanks, Bruce. Knowing that will prevent a lot of head-scratching later. I will conduct myself accordingly. Thanks again to you and Dick for the help.
  9. Thanks! I didn't know about the IP address issue. I'll remember that when making the switch. As for the htaccess issue, do you mean any rewrites of the htaccess file itself, or something else entirely? I confess that I am quite ignorant when it comes to htaccess stuff. I appreciate the quick responses!
  10. I have a client who is very unhappy with her current hosting and wants to switch. I told her how much I enjoy TCH, having been a customer for over 7 years, and she's all for it. I've read a couple previous posts (all from 5 or more years ago) about switching hosting and am just posting this to make sure the procedure's haven't changed. As far as I can tell the process should go something like this: 1. The client will contact TCH, setting up a new account and purchasing a hosting plan 2. TCH will send my client a "Welcome" email with, among other things, a DNS for the new site location 3. During the period of time before my client switches the DNS to the new location, using her login information (with her permission, of course), I will be able to muck around and setup her new site files (I'm planning on a Wordpress install) without the site being visible to the general public (i.e. those searching for her URL). 4.Email accounts will be established on the new site prior to DNS switching to minimize email downtime during the re-directing period. 5. When I am finished with developing the site, the DNS will be changed, and the old hosting account can be cancelled after 24 hours, or once URLs are re-directed to the new site. 6. Everyone lives happily ever after (except, perhaps, the former web host). Is this scenario about right? Anything I'm forgetting?
  11. I just checked the Total Choice domain section (updating some of my domain stuff), and may I suggest that section be updated to fit the new design?
  12. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can create your own web site utilizing a WordPress installation. WordPress provides a ready-made structure that satisfies most small business web site needs, and the best part is that once it is installed, it's pretty easy for the business owner to have full control over all the content. You can actually do all this yourself using the Total Choice cPanel (the Fantastico button in the Software/Services section will allow you to automatically install WordPress). Once WordPress is installed, you can customize the look with a free theme, add functionality via plug-ins and lots more (check out the WordPress.org site for more info). I've set several clients up with their own web sites this way (with some customization), and they love the control and flexibility it gives them.
  13. I agree with Bob. The site looks a lot cleaner and is easier to navigate.
  14. I think this may be a capability of "suPHP", though I'm only speculating. Here's the suPHP site.
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