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  1. You need to create the subfolders using cpanel or ftp.
  2. The image source is declared in the page's html as h**p://whoahorse.com/forum/emoticons/smileyName.gif, yet there is no directory named emoticons inside the forum directory. So either your icons are in the wrong place (or not present entirely) or the links being created point to the wrong spot.
  3. Yes, Crucial is a reputable dealer; I've purchased memory from them on several occasions and never had any problems. Make sure to wear an antistatic wrist strap so your modules aren't damaged by static electricity. Line up the notch on the bottom of the stick with the complementary protrusion in the motherboard's memory expansion slot. Seat the stick firmly into the slot until the the clips slide easily onto the notches on the sides of the stick. That's pretty much it; memory upgrades are just about the easiest type of upgrade you can make that involves opening the case. Good luck with your new improved pc.
  4. Options -> Privacy -> Saved Form Information -> Clear
  5. It seems that the files on the lambert server aren't getting parsed for servers side includes. In order to have them parsed as SSI and executed the following must happen. The server must have mod_include installed and enabled. Either the server's httpd.conf file or your site's .htaccess file must include this directive: >Options +Includes Also either of those files must also contain the apache directive telling the server to parse all .shtml (or whichever extension you choose) files as SSI:>AddType text/html .shtml AddHandler server-parsed .shtml Alternately, you could use the >XBitHack on directive to parse all files with the executable bit set (use cpanel interface to chmod all SSI files to executable).
  6. A minor error: the % of total forum posts is incorrect when viewing user profiles (in the active stats box and to the right of total cumulative posts).
  7. Yes, it's best to learn what those apache directives do and then edit .htaccess by hand.
  8. This should work: ><img src="http://cook.inssar.org/objects/ind_flag.gif" /> but doesn't because it gives a 404 error while trying to find the missing 403 error page. So, you need to add that subdomain (http://cook.inssar.org/ and http://www.cook.inssar.org/) to your allowed sites in hotlink protection.
  9. Several ways exist to deny bots access to files and folders: The best, yet quite tedious, way is to use ><meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow"> in the header of every page you don't want spidered. I use this method and it doesn't take long to implement since I use php templates to do most of the dirty work for me. You can, of course, use the robots.txt file to control robot access to your sites contents. However, if you are at all security conscious I would recommend against this method. Any divulgence of your site's directory structure, file names, naming conventions, or types of extensions used will make it that much easier for knowledgeable folks to gain access to it and use it imporperly. The only 100% (well, almost) guaranteed method is to password protect a directory or file. This will almost surely hinder usability but works well for folders containing only support files (e.g. cgi-bin, javascript, includes, stylesheets, images, etc...). You can use >deny from <ip> in .htaccess to deny certain bots, but you would have to know the ip/domain of every bot to be denied. This isn't feasable for large-scale denial, but is good for denying those "rogue" bots that ignore robots.txt and robots meta tags. You can do a google search for bad or rogue robots to find the names and ips of many of the worst offenders. After the fact if you find any of your pages indexed on a search engine you can usually submit a request for removal of any and all pages from your domain.
  10. On the line: ><input type="hidden" name="server" value="www.domain.com/subdirectory/"> you changed domain.com/subdirectory with the address of the protected directory right? Since this is javascript and not all people have javascript enabled in their browsers (e.g. myself) this still might not work for everyone.
  11. Just do like Mike says in this http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...=14581&hl=phpbb post and open a support ticket asking them to upgrade the version of cpanel on the server your site is hosted on. I did this and they even updated my forums to 2.0.11 for me.
  12. Wow, what a cool guy. Thumbs Up Oh yeah, and Rock Sign
  13. You might want to remove that unused light blue/grey navigation bar in the top right. Removing the table data for tnvcurve.gif and the instance of spacer.gif that's just after it in the code should fix it. Heck you could probably get rid of two of those tables and the spacer.gifs entirely. Also once you finalize the look it would be a good idea to change the inline styles over to one or more external stylesheets. Then you could get really crafty and have multiple stylesheets and use a few lines of javascript to allow users to change to whichever style they most prefer or even to their own local stylesheet. woooot
  14. You could always block the whole isp, but I find it too extreme to block a whole isp worth of possible visitors due to the offensive nature of only one.
  15. Will there be a report for server 86 this month, or are you waiting for it to be up for a full month before starting to post its uptime?
  16. Oft methinks the ostensible omniscience of google scary. :Nerd:
  17. Monthly reports work for me. Superior server uptime paired with strong customer support was the deciding factor in my move from my former host to tch.
  18. Until the affected browsers make a fix, you can just disable javascripting (for all but trusted sites at least) to keep yourself safe from exploitation of this particular flaw. I generally turn off all forms of active scripting for all sites not on my trusted list. This only rarely affects my browsing ability and keeps me safe from the vast majority of browser-spawned malicious code.
  19. My site resides on Server #86 and I don't have the option to upgrade to 2.0.11 yet; it still has the old 2.0.10 upgrade option only. I suppose I could just download the binary from phpbb.com and manually upgrade it, but I'm just so darn lazy...
  20. My choice would be option number one: more detailed information. :Nerd:
  21. According to the web-hosting-plans page, extra (Add-In) bandwidth is $2.50/month per extra 1GB. The tch policy on account upgrading can be found here.
  22. In the php.ini file, does tch set the short_open_tag and asp_tags language options to on or to off?
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