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    Cruising the WWW, hanging at the beach during summer, sleepig in winter.

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  1. Hi all, Thanks always to TCH for the great service. U do ROCK. Sometimes getting the following error message when trying to view my site. Warning: mysql_connect(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (11) in /home/username/public_html/includes/functions/database.php on line 19 Unable to connect to database server! Any ideas? My side? TCH side? WWW side? Cheers, Wayne Edit: removed cPanel username
  2. Bill will ride a camel around the seashore of the US as an advertising gimmick for TCH. The camel will have TotalChoiceHosting.com tattooed on it's side. And Bill will be naked except for a big hat. Am I right?
  3. Bruce, thats the one. Thanks. Its a bit difficult to find on the front page. maybe it should be called Members' Pages or something? Thanks again for all your support. Always appreciated. Wayne
  4. Thanks Thomas. BTW, where can I view the Family? WM
  5. Please add the following site. 1. http://www.fukuokaguide.com 2. Fukuoka Guide 3. Lifestyle guide providing information about Fukuoka, Japan. 4. Non-profit Kind regards, Wayne
  6. Thomas, Thanks for pointing that out. Silly MISKATE. All fixed. Regards, Wayne
  7. I also read mata tags were dead but use them for the better feeling thing. How about header tags? A better way of PR? WM
  8. Beat the bugger 15-11 he he he. Some of those volleys were very fast. Suggest using spin shots. WM
  9. I too scored 16. Some lucky guesses involved. Some interesting facts learnt. Thanks, WM
  10. Hi all, Thanks again to TCH for their service, the Gurus for all their help and member too. Please add my latest site to The Family. 1. http://www.shopaholic-japan.com 2. Shopaholic Japan 3. An online shop providing Japanese electronics, gadgets, toys, food, clothing and more. 4. (Hopefully on the way to being) Commercial. Regards, Wayne
  11. Rob, thanks for the info. Much appreciated. Kind regards, WM
  12. Hi ya, Thanks to the TCH family for all the help in the past and no doubt tons more in the future. I have purchased a domain name and have set up ocSommerce and have it running in a subdomain. Will move it to root when all goes live. I see from other osCommerce sites that they are secured by SSL certs. So I had a read through the Help section and forums here and am more confused. What I want to know... -If I only accept orders through my osCommerce site and receive payments through PayPal do I need an SSL cert? -If I need an SSL cert, can I have osCommerce sitting in root? -If osCommerce is in root and someone enters through my domain name is everything secured? Is root SSL'd? -If I use a shared SSl cert from TCH can I get a logo to put on my website for customers to see and feel at ease? Trying to ask as many questions as possible so I dont have to keep coming bak and bugging the Gurus too much. Ahhhh...so many questions and total confusion. Hoping someone can understand whats swilling around my head, make sense of it and even shed some light on it all. Kind regards, WM
  13. Hi all, Im wanting to set up a live webcam at an event to be held here sometime soon. Have had a look on the www and its all quite bewildering. Im currently tinkering with Apple's Broadcast and Darwin Streaming Server. I'll be running OSX 10.3.9 with an iSight camera to a LAN connection. Does anyone have any hints, info, experience they can share with me and others needing to know? Thanx in adavance. Wayne in Japan
  14. Hi all, Sorry if Im not posting in the correct arena. I have noticed in awStats that I have been getting hits but not page views. Some of these are originating from myspace.com. I have also found some sites that are hot linking my images. Just wonder what is the best solution? I have sent email but no responses. I have some of the images in my phpwebsite Photo Album. Is it possible to just put in a stop hot link script for individual images and domains (eg mywebsite.com)? I also use my disk space for my avatar on bbs's. Wayne
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