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  1. No, you would not be able to run Intalio|Server on a TCH Shared server. It requires a Java server which TCH doesn't provide, or require you to run your own which TCH also doesn't allow (TCH doesn't allow user programs to remain resident in memory, nor open ports on the server for listening). It would require a dedicated at TCH to run it here. It's a rather involved process for running on a shared host anyway.
  2. Haven't forgotten you. I just need to fully test out the concept before sharing it as I wouldn't want you accidently deleting files you want to keep. Just been swamped with work and my daughter's 6th birthday this weekend. I'll get to it shortly.
  3. The short answer is yes. The longer answer is it would take some thought to make sure you aren't deleting files you shouldn't be, but it can be done. Do you want to only delete emails in the INBOX? Or do you want to remove emails from other IMAP folders as well? Do you want to remove emails that are unread as well? Or only those that have been read?
  4. Ahh... now it makes sense. Yea, I use Google Apps for one of my personal domains (primarily just to help others troubleshoot problems with it). Google has pretty aggressive connection limits that can cause occasional authentication failures (this is the main problem I run into on occasion). Other than that, it's been pretty reasonable. You should have less problems with those kind of things IMAP'ing to your TCH account. And I am using Thunderbird on my Mac. So far it's still my favorite, and I like the ability to run add-ons. Currently I'm using Lightning (calendar that supports Outlook meeting requests), LookOut (tnef decoding... more outlook support), and Mail Redirect (redirect emails in whole... useful if you want to redirect an email and retain the original from, instead of forwarding it).
  5. I use IMAP extensively. What are these negatives you speak of?
  6. As long as those folders are created under your TCH account in either mail app, they will exist on the TCH server, so you should be fine. I've used both successfully for some time (although now I'm primarily a Thunderbird man).
  7. This is what I had inherited when I took my current job (note: this isn't TCH) over 7 years ago: Thankfully, we've moved since then which allowed me to redo the whole thing.
  8. As we have a lot of phpBB users here, I want to mention that due to the phplist 0-day exploit, phpbb.com was compromised and the password hashes for all accounts were posted publically (which means that people could figure out the passwords given enough time). If you have accounts on there as well as anywhere else that you may have used the same password, you should change them. See phpBB.com's announcement for more details.
  9. Important to update.... it's what took phpbb.com down.
  10. Yes, you can set some things in .htaccess, which is basically what that is asking about. I don't know what options Expression Engine requires, but I do believe TCH supports the required ones as I know we have customers on here who run EE.
  11. I'd prefer the Blackberry Bold, but since I'm on Verizon and hate AT&T, I'll probably end up with the Storm and hope the software improves soon (and it should). A Bold on Verizon would be my dream. (Verizon should be getting the Curve 8900 mid-year, but that's not quite the bold). Currently, still using my 8703e.
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