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  1. I'd like to apologize for suggesting that TCH's cpanel could be the problem. I TCH has been an awesome server all & all. TCH-DON helped me do some tests, & I'm certain now that the problem is on my end, either my ISP, or something else. I strongly believe it is my ISP. I emailed my ISP's tech support (Airimba Wireless) twice asking about port 2083 being blocked, both times I received no response. They usually reply to my messages. Airimba wireless has given me plenty of headaches in the past, & I would not put it past them to be blocking port 2083 cpanel, but who can beat $20-$30/month? Not DSL. Now, there are plenty of traceroute programs out there, but which one can test over port 2083? I sure hate to download & install a bunch of possbly spyware-ridden shareware/freeware programs before finding one that would do the job. *sigh*.. the quest continues.
  2. Those links timeout for me. I need the https://www.x.com:2083 of a known working cpanel login page (preferably both TCH & nonTCH) so I can test if its the isp/laptop or TCH.
  3. Let me know what the solution is when you two privately solve it. I'm in the same boat here. I do not think AOL is interfering, because it is not installed on my laptop and my cpanel is being blocked too. Also, read this: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...=0entry117608 This leads one to believe the problem was with the ISP, but such a conclusion is not certain. cpanel: port 2082 and 2083 & 2086. I've tried them all. Do any of the programs I mentioned earlier match gdidly's installed programs? My email is Greenlllayahoo.com replace "a" with @. Louis
  4. My notebook has a Broadcom BCM94306MP internal wireless EthernetFast EthernetIEEE 802.11g. I have looked for a while and cannot find any internal firewall that belongs to the Broadcom adapter. I just emailed Airimba wireless tech support explaining my situation. i'll let you know what they say. I'd like to test the port by accessing another cpanel login screen. Can someone give me some pages that lead to cpanel login prompts hosted by various hosts so that I can test if it is the TCH host or a local problem? Please either email or reply here your cpanel login page and I'll see if it either times out or if I can load the page. I do not need the login or password for this test. Thank you in advance.
  5. https://www.thedreamschool.com/cpanel times out I've added https://www.thedreamschool.com to the trusted sites in iexplorer. It times out in firefox also.
  6. ISP: Airimba wireless (broadband) system: laptop, Athlon 2500, HP pavilion, Windows XP Problem: I cannot browse cpanel. Both firefox & Iexplorer timeout when trying to load the page, either with the cpanel URL given by tch, http://www.thedreamschool.com/cpanel , or the http://www.thedreamschool.com:(cpanel port # - I forget at the moment) I can access cpanel through AOL on another computer. I can access FTP through the laptop, but I need cpanel access through the laptop. Firewall is not the problem. The problem exists regardless of enabled or disabled firewall. There are no external firewall programs, trojan or virus protection programs running or installed. Once I did a fresh format/install of XP, before any other programs were installed, I could access the cpanel, but after installing my normal programs, it would no longer work. Suspect programs are: Xampp (apache, mysql, email, php... for windows package), Yahoo/AOL IM, freeenet, Airimba Connections Manager, Kazaa/Sharezaa... As a side note, for some unknown readon I cannot install or run any versions of AOL on the laptop either. I'd like to be able to access phpmyadmin with this laptop & airimba connection. Is there a 3rd party app that will allow me to create mysql accounts, databases... w/out cpanel? Thanks for the support. BTW I did a goole search for blocked cpanel and out of the handful of hits, I got another complaint from a member of TCH. I suspect it has something to do with this ISP. I saw other users on TCH have the same problem. Spread the love:
  7. Can someone put a link up to a recent copy of the php.ini. Is it true that placing it in the user directory & editing the local copy enables the user to change it's settings? I've read here that the .htaccess allows the PHP settings to be changed as well. I'm experimenting with a script called AZDG dating lite, and it is very sensitive with sessions settings & I need to tweak it. Thanks. Louis
  8. TCH Don, your most loving welcome is greatly appreciated. It is so nice to receive such warmth from a complete stranger in these hard times. Rock Sign
  9. TCH has changed my domainname over from tabiatonline.com to xxxxxx.com Everything works well, except Cpanel. I have tried: I suspect cpanel is still setup for the old domainname (tabiatonline.com). Should I get another ticket, or is this something we can solve together?
  10. In the email TCH sent me, it said: Control Panel ========================================== To login to your control panel please go to the URL below, you can use the username/password above. http://www.tabiatonline.com/cpanel or before domain name propagation http://xxxxxxx/cpanel Detailed instructions on cPanel can be found online at the cPanel Web Site located at http://www.cpanel.net However, since then, the domain name www.tabiatonline.com has expired & instead I have registered a new domain-name: www.xxxxx.com. That domain-name is forwarding the user to a folder in my TCH user account. Here is my info: username: xxxxxxx NS1.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM NS2.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM my webspace: http://server56.totalchoicehosting.com/~xxxxxxx/ my site redirects to: http://server56.totalchoicehosting.com/~xxxxxxx I need help because I cannot access cPanel & I need to use the mysql database features. Thanks in advance. Louis
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