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  1. My weblog runs on MT 3.2; I tried implementing password protect via CPanel for a sub-blog directory, but I only get error messages when I try to access the sub-blog. As with kristian's situation, the problem seems to be the mod_rewrite conditions in htaccess. If I delete those rewrite rules in the main htaccess, the problem disappears. Deleting those rules in the subdirectory's htaccess does nothing at all. Can anyone suggest a workaround that would allow me to password protect the sub-blog without trashing the mod-rewrite rules for the main weblog?
  2. I'm using Movable Type 3.2 and have run into the same situation. kristian was kind enough to share her solution with me, but it didn't take. I'll post my own thread and ask for help.
  3. Those pictures of the datacenter reminded me of the warehouse shot at the very end of Raiders of the Lost Ark... Anyway, I can connect to my site again and am indeed very happy. Thanks for the updates and info!
  4. Just submitted the ticket. Thanks, David.
  5. Alas, this MT user is still suffering from error messages - not the standard 500 server error messages, but messages relayed through the MT Dynamic Pages error template: When I spoke with MT techs last week, they thought that the messages resulted from the buggy DBD::MySQL module. I decided to wait and see what happened when that issue was resolved. Looks like I still have a problem - possibly an unrelated problem. I'd like to be sure before contacting MT again, though. Has TCH actually updated to the new version of the DBD::MySQL driver that MT describes here? Thanks!
  6. SpamAssassin is an awesome utility, and it's made checking my email much less of a chore. I'd like to train SA so that less spam gets through the filter, but I haven't a clue how to begin. Everything that I've seen on the web about training SA using the sa-learn program has left me as confused and frightened as the grandfather on The Simpsons. I've read this forum's existing intro to SA, but it's not really the step-by-step guide to training SA that I think would be helpful. So...any takers? It would be a great boon to me and many others.
  7. Thanks much for the welcome, Don. I just popped back into the thread to let you folks know that the domain is mostly propagated, the required changes to mt.cfg have been made, and everything's insanely great (as they say in SteveJobsLand). Very thankful for the help, and quite glad to be here. (I imagine that a lot of your customers probably arrive at your shores as gasping, grateful refugees. I know the feeling. )
  8. Sweet. Rick, thanks so much for making those changes. Lisa, thanks very much for the explanation. Rob, thanks for the Thumbs Up. I think I understand what I did wrong, or much of it at least. Once the domain has propagated, I'll edit the mt.cfg file as Rick suggested. Including Bruce moving this topic to an appropriate venue, I've heard from four TCH reps in the course of this thread...which is four more than I would have heard from at my old host. It's much appreciated.
  9. I'm not proud. Lisa, that URL is . Your other question: jeez, what path haven't I tried? But the StaticWebPath I initially used, and came back to, was /mt-static/ . Seriously, any help would be greatly appreciated. I decided I had the path wrong, but can't seem to figure what it should be. Name server propagation is underway; the blog itself, with accompanying HTML and directories, is set up and waiting.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I had in fact set up a database before the first attempt at installing MT, but, uh, did it badly. So I started from scratch, made a couple more mistakes, and painfully solved them. Now the blog has been recreated, the old entries have been imported, and things seem to be working well enough. I changed the name servers for the site, so the new blog should be online soon. I do have a question about a weird result. As I login at the new blog's MT control panel, the pages are all...style-less. Just plain vanilla text. Imagine a CSS page without the stylesheet, and you'll get the picture. The control panel site certainly works, but its appearance troubles me. Has this happened to anyone else? Could I have overlooked a file during the MT installation, or perhaps corrupted it? PS - It must be the files in static files folder: the docs and images folders and the styles.css file. They're all there where they should be, and I took care to send images as binary and other files as ASCII. Could permissions be the problem?
  11. I'm trying to set up my blog at the new TCH account in advance of changing the nameserver settings, but am running into problems. I followed the basic MT install instructions, but get a 500 internal server error when I try to run any of the CGI scripts; I must have incorrect settings in the MT.cfg file (looking at the CGI Path, DataSource, Object Driver, Database, DB Host, and DB user settings), but am not sure what they should be. I'm pretty sure that I uploaded everything correctly (certain files uploaded as binary, others as ASCII). I certainly don't mind starting from scratch, but could use help with the config file settings. Also, do I have to create a database in advance before uploading the MT files? Any guidance would be appreciated.
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