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  1. What's the easiest way to switch from pop to imap?
  2. I'd like to temporarily disable an email account. Didn't there used to be a way to do that from the Email Accounts area?
  3. Looks like someone's been tweaking with Horde or how Horde interfaces the mail files for one's main account. No more 'inbox' folder... now it's simply called 'mail'. I must have missed the notice.
  4. Don

    Front Page Alternative

    I thought MS Office SharePoint Designer 2007 was the FrontPage followup. Perhaps there's more than one directin to go.
  5. If one uses the File Manager to examine ones Mail folders, there's a folder named CUR. What is this folder and how does it relate to the associated InBox? Recently I've had a number of files (mail messages) appear in these folders and am trying to figure out how to return them to the InBox (or if I should even bother).
  6. Hi eurrzcpa (how do you pronounce that?) Are they using an out-of-browser cookie catcher like ZoneAlarm? Do they have an alternate browser installed and, if so, do they get the same results?
  7. This implies setting up a separate account in my client software (Thunderbird) which points to user@yourdomain/spam. However, when I do that, it sees it as duplicating my "normal" (user@yourdomain) account and won't allow it.
  8. Thanks, Alex, I'll give that a whirl. I didn't realize that that would work for the individual spam boxes as well. As for the rest of you... way to avoid the question. Are you guys politicians perchance?
  9. Each of my user mail accounts has a 'spam' folder which can periodically cleaned by the 'Clear Spam Box' option. If, say, a user would like to see what's going into that folder, is there a way they can view the contents via a mail client (like Thunderbird), or is their only option to view it via on-line access?
  10. Even if the email isn't SPAM?
  11. I'm looking for a technique to filter incoming mail at the server level based on more than one one piece of criteria. For instance, can one edit the .filter file manually to add additonal AND or OR filtering?
  12. That's true if you're picking out specific people. However I'm finding, for instance, that the vast majority of questionable mail comes from/through foreign IP's. It'd be handy to be able to deal with them as a group.
  13. Does anyone have a preferred technique for blocking/failing mail from an entire range of IP addresses? Scanning the header for a few choice digits is a pretty in-exact science, as those digits may not be the IP or the right part of the IP.
  14. Hmmm.... I guess that's a round-about way of telling me I can't filter my spambox. Once Spam Assassin decides it's spam and puts it in the spambox, I can only manipulate it manually.
  15. I don't wish to discard it, I would like to filter it to different folders.
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