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  1. What they mean is this: ww.shmoo.com/idn Examples: hxxp://xn--tdali-d8a8w.lv/ hxxp://tūdaliņ.lv/ Or, more specifically: hxxp://www.pаypal.com I have edited this post to remove the actual links. Please do not add links of this nature in the forums. Thank you - Tch-RobertM
  2. There are two USB ports on the Mac. Try using one for the keyboard, and the other one (with an extension cord) for the mouse.
  3. As far as I know, the Ti PowerBook uses an ADB keyboard. Anyway, your problem is not software-related, I'm afraid. Has it always been like that, or did you notice this recently?
  4. You need to modify your configuration file. It is located in /tmp/awstats and called awstats.your domain name.conf. Open it in a text editor and locate the line that reads: AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser=0 change it to: AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser=1 and save the file. Now you should be able to update your statistics from the browser.
  5. Just realized I made a post in a wrong forum. Sorry. Anyway. Add margins on the sides. And, what is a CALANDER? woooot Need help?
  6. Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is a Windows feature that allows users to create links between one application and another. With these links, data inputted into one application is automatically "transferred" to the other.
  7. Hm. Laughing aside. Do you think it means that Microsoft is going to buy Firefox eventually? Good-by #1 free browser...
  8. and tan (The Girl from Ipanema)
  9. Legally, I don't think Apple will like this idea. I'm sure Apple's lawyers are working on it. I sincerely doubt it is possible to achieve such high emulation speed results. It is almost impossible to emulate RISC architecture on a CISC microprocessor. Much easier to do it the other way around.
  10. More and more sources say that your actual rank depends on how many pages link to your site. This is not to suggest that you should not optimize your site for web crawlers. Google uses the phrase you have in your Description meta tag; some other search engines do so, as well. But not all of them. It also depends on how much a particular search engine query matches the description. Another important thing to know is that there are literally billions of pages on the Internet. Web crawling bots devote only so much time to indexing your page. If the page itself is not optimized (contains too much unnecessary code as opposed to actual content), chances are crawlers will give up before indexing it. The best way to get higher rankings is to have as many people provide link to your web site as possible. At the same time, links from higher-rated pages weigh more than those from obscure home pages. Avoid submitting your link to "link farms." Most web crawlers are aware of those, and will effectively lower your page rank. I know it sounds tricky, but that's because it is. Ten years ago, web crawlers were much more forgiving. Today, the situation is different because of billions of web pages that exist.
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