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  1. Transmit turned out to be a very decent app.
  2. Hey, you're welcome! Knowledge is power, isn't it?
  3. Opera is just becoming a decent browser. Version 7 is the first to handle CSS2 properly (more or less). Right. As far as Internet Media Type "text/html" [RFC2854] goes.
  4. Sure. This is because browsers interpret your code (as opposed to compiling it). If web browsers actually complied the code fed into them, half (if not more) of web pages would never make it to the reader. The markup validator is your regular compiler that checks the syntax of your code. Naturally, just because you make no syntax errors does not mean your web site will look or work as intended. But unlike, say, software programming, where you cannot possibly build your application with syntax errors, web site building is more forgiving.
  5. An interesting observation. There is no way of knowing for sure that most people are using IE. Many browsers can (and many do) change the agent sig to pretend they are IE. This is done specifically in order to override poorly coded pages that require IE. XHTML is great. I wanted to code my site using XHTML originally. Then I realized that not all browsers support it in full. Went back to HTML 4.01 Transitional. Research shows, that it is much easier to code using valid markup and then adjust it to IE, if needed. Oh boy! PM me right away if you find one! On the other hand, more and more people recommend using Movable Type. Agreed! Absolutely! But isn't it frustrating to know that some of your friends cannot see your page?
  6. Yup! See the pictures below. Do they look familiar? They do? Which one?
  7. Wow! I didn't expect such a reaction to my post. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but the point was absolutely different. I was not ditching the newbies for not knowing HTML. I wanted to attract their attention, however, to the fact that those who offer online "web site building" solutions may be doing them a bad favor. I agree. Yet, I see an internal contradiction here. What is the purpose of making a web site? Some people tend to forget, that the sole purpose of the Internet was to create a system for informations exchange available for everyone. Regardless of people's choice of platform or browser.I looked as some of the sites above. I saw tags that were specific to Netscape or IE. How can one create a browser-dependent web site? Once again, I'm talking about the companies who allow for "easy" web site creation. Unlike their clients, they should know about standards. I know. I began with Microsoft, then gave it some apples. Somehow it did not surprise me. At least Apple, unlike Microsoft, doesn't do this Sorry, but I don't buy this. Browser detection? Huh? ON THE INTERNET? Ahem... To whom? It was important for me when I was making my web site. It's my first and only one (*hugs his web site and kisses it tenderly*). It's very simple, and I began making it without ANY knowledge of HTML. It learned it for that purpose. I put it up on the Internet only after I manually fixed it (I originally made it in Dreamweaver) and optimized the code. Why? See below. That only proves my point. You see Betty1, theoretically you don't have to. Really, really. Unfortunately, the definition of the web browser cannot be applied to every product that claims itself to be one. Once again, before resorting to online "web site building" solutions, decide what the purpose of making a site is. Before I uploaded my web site to one of the servers of a company who shall go nameless because it RRRRROCKS!!!! Rock Sign (ahem, sorry, got carried away), I made sure it adheres to HTML standards and looks exactly the same in the following browsers: Mac OS X Safari iCab Firefox Mozilla Opera Mac OS 9 Netscape iCab Windows 95, 98, 2000 IE 5 Windows XP IE6 Am I nuts? Most likely. Am I a professional web designer? Far from it. In fact, I don't think I am going to make another web site. Well, I might, but there is no need for it currently. Then why did I go through all of this? Well, guess what? I want my site to be available to everyone. AND to be standards compliant. I apologize to everyone whom I might have offended by my posts in this thread. Believe me, I did not intend to bash web building newbies. The sole purpose was to attract their attention to the caveats of the tools they're using. If at least one of these newbies becomes a professional web designer, or at least remakes his or her site to be more compatible, I would be much, much happier. Like that: woooot The thread is called "Very Frustrated Website Builder Newbie." I'm saying that I understand where this frustration comes from. Not only can this be avoided, but you might become addicted to web site building, because it is fun. We are a family, anyway. We're here to help each other. I'm more than willing to do so, so let's hug! :hug: Anyone?
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