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  1. In regards to the Head Guru's reply here: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...showtopic=30246 I don't think I'm blind. As before when I clicked on the link from the email I got, I recieved a message that no such file exists and that it was deleted or moved and to contact the administrator. I did a search for this thread and looked at my last posted items to find this thread. I couldn't. Please don't accuse me of being blind when in fact you did delete the thread and now you posted it back - but having deleted haejin's reply. Yes, it's censorship. And my point of in the thread link
  2. I posted a thread a while back saying how I was unhappy with TCH on how they handled the movement of my server. I was critical of TCH but nothing whatsover that would warrant my thread's deletion. I got a reply from a staff member who politely replied. Today, another user replied to my thread stating that he was unhappy with TCH's customer support in the last six months and he gave examples of this. The thread had nothing whatsover offensive or something that should be deleted. Unless any review of TCH that is not positive is deleted. I have read on the forum that TCH deletes such rev
  3. So, I got an email that TCH will be restoring the server my website is on. I got this email Oct 28 at 9:07AM and now, on Oct 29 2:55PM (add an hour too cause of time change) my website is still offline, even though last night the server was succesfully restored. I submitted a help desk ticket and got a response that said: "we're looking into this issue" and they put my ticket "on hold". I really don't like the way TCH has handled this server restore for a number of reasons: 1. Bad Communication - They informed me that within 2-4 hours my server will be restored. I got the email o
  4. Hm, I did that... but when I go to one of my parked domains I get an internal server error. Any ideas why? I can post my .htaccess if needed.
  5. Hi, I have several domains (B-G) parked on domain A. Domain A has SSL and so if any of the B-G domains land on A and use the SSL, the user will get a warning that the SSL is not for the website that is requesting it. Is there something I can put in my .htaccess to fix this? Assuming I want to keep domains B-G parked on A. Maybe something that will change the www.***.com to domain A (while keeping the rest of the link the same)? Also, if I do this... what effect will this have on SEO? As in search engines some of the results are coming up on my parked domains (B-G) instead of domain
  6. I use CubeCart and I love it. It is sooo much easier to use than either oscommerce or zen cart. The admin center is not confusing and very simple to understand all the links make "logical" sense. And you don't have that annoying triangle links and the layout of both oscommerce and zen cart.The skins can be easily customized via css and html. I would highly recommend it. The support forum itself is very friendly and there are tons of mods for it that you will find useful. Install it and try it (its in fantastico)... i guarantee you'll love it. BTW, a comment about paypal. One of the rea
  7. You can install a shopping cart called CubeCart (which is in Fantastico in cPanel). There is then a mod for it called "manual credit card processing" or "offline credit card" that will collect the credit card info. It will then be available in your admin section. Once you have marked the product as "shipped" it will be deleted. It is stored securely (encrypted) in the database and deleted once the product is "shipped". I'm not sure of the exact location of the mod... but you can find it by searching for it on cubecart.org You can probably modify/hack the checkout page to simply use that f
  8. Why not simply use something like photoshop or fireworks?
  9. You can advertise on google. Or if you have can compete with similar sites price-wise you can post your products on sites such as pricegrabber.com, bizrate.com, and nextag.com. You can also do affiliate marketing.
  10. Yea, I also did that. Still get an error... very weird.
  11. Thanks Bruce, figured without password it would be useless to have username info... guess maybe I was wrong(?). So, here are the same images with the confidential info blurred out. I read a bunch of threads on here regarding the same subject, but still I can't figure out how to fix it. I haven't tried setting server to localhost, but since the mySQL is on the TCH server and not my computer, I don't see how that would help. I'll give it a shot though just in case. Any other suggestions though? EDIT: So I read the thread you linked to... and it makes sense that localhost can wor
  12. When I try to add a mySQL connection I get an error. I created the database and added the database user to it with ALL privilages. I also added % as an access host in cpanel mysql. Here are images of what info I typed in. The FTP works well, it is the sql connection that doesnt. EDIT: TCH-Bruce - I removed the images with your cpanel information in them - If you are going to post images like that at least blur out confidential information. This is the error:
  13. 1. USCexchange.net 2. USCexchange.net 3. A forum dedicated to USC students and alumni only 4. Commercial (though there are no products being sold) 5. Yes, link to TCH added at the footer Thanks
  14. all right well, i decided to completely redesign the site from scratch for various reasons but thanks guys :-)
  15. well, if you go for example to the leukemia page...the menu works fine in IE but the homepage + EBV..the 2 pages i changed..the menu does not work i dont know why this would happen
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