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  1. You have to realize, however, that the code generated by these "site builders" is almost never a valid HTLM. In other words, you automatically cut off many viewers. Most standards-compliant browsers will simply refuse to display your page the way you want it to look. Without getting too deep into technical issues, just submit your site (or any site you like) here: W3C Markup Validator. Just enter the URL to the Address field and click Check. This should give you some ideas. You don't need to look at the errors explained below, if you don't feel like it. Just note that there are reasons for standards to exists. Happy building. :hug:
  2. I think it would be interesting to know what operating systems TCH members use. I made the poll very simple—no specifics in the poll itself. You are free to add posts giving us more details about your platform of choice, however. I hope both members and TCH staff will find this poll useful.
  3. I've noticed that AWStats v. 6.1 has been available for quite some time. Don't you guys want to update? Among other improvements and new features, the new version is suppose to have less load on the system during updates.
  4. Guys! Great service. Just applied yesterday and got the confirmation a few hours later! I'm impressed. Re major announcement: AWStats working? Because it isn't for me... Edit: OK. AwStats problem clarified. Thanks to TCH-Mike. Rock Sign
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