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  1. I was hosted by Pinchpenny, and the quality of service was declining (after they switched owners), so I decided to switch webhosts. Looked through findmyhosting, found a thread about TCH, read some reviews. The prices were better than what I was already paying, and I figured service couldn't get any worse, so I switched over. Havn't regretted it, especially when my old host died and a bunch of people I knew lost their entire website.
  2. AlanV

    Card Games

    My summer's been quite boring, so I had a chance to finish up one of my old card games, and create another one. If you ever find time and have nothing else to do, I'd love to get feedback on either/both, since I'm not sure how either of them plays yet. Suggestions or critiques are would be great! Saint Seiya Tournament Card Game http://seiyacg.alanv.org Zeke's Nose: The Card Game http://zekesnose.alanv.org
  3. If you use htaccess/htpasswd to password protect a directory, then any attempted access to the file will prompt for a username/password, even if it's just an image embedded in another page somewhere. What you could do is, assuming you have an index file for the directory, use a simple password script on the index before you're allowed to view the images/etc. Since the index file is what's loaded when a user enters a directory name, this would theoretically work... Then, to get a directroy listing, you'd just have to make the index.html/.php (probably php if you're doing password protection) file a directory list with links to every file. The reason you can't use htaccess/htpasswd passwording to only prevent directory listing is because they assume you only want authorized people to view the folder's contents. If you link the images somewhere, people could just click the link and see the file (if it didn't protect everything in the directory). So yeah, that's a long way of saying that, as far as I know, you can't do exactly what you want, but you can do something that could work.
  4. You can also use FTP to move files directly from /subdirectory to root, which might be quicker than downloading everything and re-uploading. And I agree... moving the location of a script requesting a database shouldn't cause any problems (just make sure the script's location is updated in any configuration files).
  5. I've had the same problems. It's driving me crazy... Should've checked the forums first Thanks Nice to know it wasn't something I did, and wasn't something wrong with TCH. TCH rules!
  6. My desk is messy I'm ashamed... I'm a CS major but I only have one computer
  7. Thanks for all the help Upgrade is working perfectly
  8. Make MT generate content onto a page other than index.html Then, make your index.html page a static page, and stick the MT-generated page in an iframe on your index.
  9. That's outragous... they're really squeezing every penny they can out of MT3.x, aren't they? I recently installed MT for a friend for free (the free version). If you need something installed in the future, just ask around on the forums I'm sure someone'll do it for you for free.
  10. Alright, thanks. I can't remember exactly how I installed MT Blacklist. Do I just delete the blacklist files, or do I have to mod any cgi files as well?
  11. Is it safe to upgrade MT if you have the MT Blacklist plugin installed? I don't want to corrupt my installation or someting (I'm running 2.63, will be upgrading to 3.15)
  12. I'm at the airport right now (heading home for Christmas break! yayyyy) Tons of problems (from my journal) Anyone else hate flying?
  13. Or they just take something someone else made, blatantly copy it, and hire lawyers to give them rights so they can defeat the "competition" >_<
  14. Works fine for me! I'm in PA
  15. If you do not wish to purchase a license to run MT 3.x I would recommend you upgrade to MT 2.661. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Where can I get that? I don't see anything except the newest one on the official site...
  16. Another thing: 3.x requires a licence for multiple blog/author support, and I'm running 5 blogs with 8 authors off one installation... so would I need to pay for the upgrade?
  17. I'm still running MT 2.63, and I'm afraid to upgrade to 3.x... Any suggestions? I don't want to be the one to take down a TCH server... I have mt-blacklist installed, and no spam comments are getting through, as far as I can tell.... but could the server still be affected?
  18. I like it! The fast reply is very, very nice. Curious: What happens if you pay for the licence, upgrade, then let your licence expire? Will the forums stop working?
  19. AlanV


    Can't help you there, Rob. Folks around here (Florida Keys) say it's just a myth - along with temperatures lower than 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 C) and frost. I think I vaguely remember something about it from when I was a kid but that may have just been a movie I saw or something. Everyone go make a snowman for me, ok? Our snowman rules
  20. AlanV


    We got the first real snow of the year yesterday in Pittsburgh. It was exciting... my first time in snow since I moved from Colorado to AZ http://photos.alanv.org/cmu7/index.html Everyone else getting snow too?
  21. You could do it as a blog and use Movable Type or another program that offers multiple authors. Each writer could get a username to post stories and such. The way I do fanfic postings is manually.... the author emails me the fic and I copy-paste into the site (ex: http://gilder.alanv.org/gfanfic.html ). Depends on how much time you're willing to put into the site, and if you want writers to be able to post/manage stuff themselves. There are probably some written work scripts out there that can do what you want... but I've never come across one (then again, I've never looked for one). Maybe someone else has?
  22. I'm guessing email only would be cheaper, because you don't need as much storage space or bandiwdth, and no cpanel/my sql/subdomains/etc
  23. At least I'm doing my part ...I'll let you think about which side I'm on :-P
  24. AlanV

    Virus? O.o

    ... or is it the other way around? O.o Maybe its that inboxes in the base directory can't be reached... only boxes under the /mail/alanv.org/mailboxname ?
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