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  1. If you could open a support ticket with the URL that you are seeing that error, we can certainly look into it and see if PHP is missing something.
  2. Hi Kim, The issue is because the secure Cpanel control panel uses a different SSL certificate to the main shared SSL certificate on the server. That's probably why the tech said it was fine as he checked the main one. I've now updated the Cpanel control panel SSL certificate. All looks good now .
  3. The reverse DNS records will soon be added . We've requested for them to be added at the datacenter but of course this will take up to 24 hours to be seen around the globe.
  4. Hi, I do apologize for what the tech said via live chat, if you open a helpdesk ticket and explain the problem and we'll be able to resolve the issue for you. The tech must have mis-understood your problem.
  5. Yep, that should be fine. We're still working on a long term solution to ensure the stability of our servers.
  6. Since I started this thread I should really reply. I do aplogize for the lack of a reply to all the suggestions and views that people have made about ways that users of MT or TCH can use to block these comment spammers. Obviously I was occupied with all the MT comment spamming that was happening during the past 48 hours. Right now I can see that it's going pretty strong, but the new filters that we've put in place are working and we'll continue to fine tune those filters as new spammers come known to us. HCSuperStores, I do have to apologize to you and any other user who was affected by th
  7. We have seen an increase in comment spamming on Movable Type blogs. This is now happening more often since spammers have discovered this as a new way of spamming. TotalChoice Hosting would like to strongly suggest all Movable Type users to take some simple actions to prevent your blog from being spammed. There is a very useful article at: http://www.elise.com/mt/archives/000246concerning_spam.php The very effective measure is to rename the mt-comments.cgi script, the article at the URL above explains how you can do this (scroll down to "How do you fight spam on your blog?"). When r
  8. We've received a reply from our datacenter and they can confirm that everything is working on our side. We are not blocking any IPs. I can get to www.talasilas.org without any problems. It is possible that the problem may be with your ISP. The only suggestion that I have is that you should contact your ISP.
  9. Hi, I've opened a ticket with out datacenter to see if they can trace the problem. The traceroute from our server to your IP address shows the problem is on your end. So it's possible the problem is somewhere in the middle . I'll update you as soon as I hear back from the datacenter.
  10. Thanks cvk for the post. All of TCH servers are running Pure-FTP, but if there is a server that is using ProFTPd, then please notify us and we will most likely switch it over to Pure-FTP. As far as I have know and have seen in the past, Pure-FTP does not have the delay that you are talking about. I have seen it log in straight away. I'll be doing a check later to make sure that the servers are running Pure-FTP. Again, thanks for informing us of this.
  11. We can't provide specific support for filter rules, but after doing some tests, I found that mail was not being delivered to you as the mail server had problems reading your filters file. I had to delete all the filters to get the mail working again. I've just sent a test email message to your account and it went through successfully. I've put a copy of your old filter file named "clanfmc.com" in your public_html folder.
  12. I've just posted a test messages and the total records showing was 26 at the time. I then closed the browser, opened a new browser window and typed in the URL again. The record count was still 26. Andy has also tested it and has not experienced any problems with it. Since it works fine here and for Andy too, this does suggest that it's a computer problem over there. As far as we are aware, server29 has no problems on it.
  13. Just wanted to provide an update... Apache and PHP on server26 has now been re-compiled.
  14. I moved the TCH files over to the new server a few days ago, the databases were moved today. Therefore new files uploaded during the past few days are only on the old server. I have just updated the uploads folder with the new uploads, so the images should show up fine now .
  15. I have just changed DNS over to the new server for TCH. DNS changes do take up to 24 hours to propagate around the Internet, for many the changes should happen within a few hours from now. You'll know you're on the new server when things speed up . More updates will be provided from myself or from Bill as things develop.
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