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  1. Gidday Thanks Rob. But I did say I was a thicky didn't I. I have read that article and understand how it works but I don't know how to upload my logo or how to down load those files to do the changing. Do I have to use a FTP program to get at them? Is that the thing that my tiny little brain is missing? I have also just read the link about the upgrading and it warns to make sure I have fully backed up everything. How do I do that? Thanks again mate. Cheers Jack
  2. Gidday I have a few problems, and they like to all come up together to confuse me. [1] I have had my forum on my website for quite a while and it was installed from my cpanel. I have had a person hack into the forum and delet an entire thread. I believe that this is much harder on the later versions of phpBB but can I update without loosing everything that is on there at the moment. And can a newer version still not cost more. [2] I have just realized that I don't even have a link back to my main website from my forum, and was wanting to change the phpBB logo to my own and have that as a link, can someone tell me how. [3] How can I change my password for the cpanel as I have had a couple of computer crashes since I set it up and no longer have the original password. I know I am a bit of a dumby when it comes to these things so could anyone offering help please take that into consideration and explain in very simple lEnglish language. Cheers Jack.
  3. Gidday Thanks. The URL is http://www.kiwicraft.com/Forum/ I now see it is all under one category. If I create new categories, how do I move these forums into the diferent forums that I would have set up? Cheers Jack
  4. Gidday, O.K. then, thanks mates. Now from that, here comes another question. Can I reorganise my forums now, as I had only createdforums and no categories. So can I now create categories and place my existing forums into them to do a total reorganization? I hope you know what I mean. Cheers Jack
  5. Gidday, I have a forum on my website that was put there through the Cpanel. In the Administration part there are two panels, One says to create new Forum and the other says: Create new Category. What exactly is a category and why should I use it if at all. Cheers Jack
  6. Well, I finally got that cleared out, Hundreds of emails like everything I had ever received had been coppied and stored there, in more than one place as well. My biggest trouble now is I have forgotten my pasword for the cpanel. I had it stored in my computer to load automaticlly, so I had forgotten it some time ago but that didn't matter. I tried to put in a ticket and just tried to check out what I though the password was so had to log out, now I can't get back in or send a ticket. Cheers Jack
  7. Gidday I havren't checked that yet because it is something new and I haven't even worked out how to. I think tat's the only thing I haven't checked, must be it. Cheers Jack <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm not sure of the best way to do it, but I do it by logging into horde. At the top right of the screen there is a place to open other folders from a drop down menu. There you can open (and clean out) all of your folders. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Gidday, Bloody hell, I opened up that Horde thing and found 592 messages in there. I have been trying to delete them all, all 30 pages, but only go up to page 20, when it just stopped working. It's like every message that I have received has been copied and stored there just to try to block things up. Trouble is, now Horde has stopped completely and I can't even get into open it. What can I do now? Cheers Jack
  8. Gidday It tells me I have over 400 meg available so shouldn't be that. Cheers Jack
  9. Gidday I havren't checked that yet because it is something new and I haven't even worked out how to. I think tat's the only thing I haven't checked, must be it. Cheers Jack
  10. Gidday I have noticed that I am not getting much mail lately. Then tonight I have a couple of people get messages to me saying they have had mail returned to them with the message that my mailbox was full. I have checked my server mail and it showed no what so ever. Then I checked in my cpanel mail and found 11, none of any great size. My would my friend have gotten the returned because my mailbox full message. Cheers Jack
  11. Gidday Thanks for all the advice so far. It's just that with my limited knowledge I thought of the forum. It would be good to keep controle by everyone using it to have to have a user name and password and having to be registed I suppose. Like I said, I am a real novice and the best thing is that I know it, so do realy appreciate all the advice I can get. It's not that any advice can ever be wrong, it's just wrong when used. Cheers Jack
  12. Gidday Thanks Mate. I hope someone can explain something about this blog thing cos I don't have a clue. How are they set up and is there a cost, and can it's use add extra traffic to my site? Thanks again Jack
  13. Gidday, I am jost an ordinary simple country boy and am hoping to get some advice, that is in simple, very simple language. I have a craft website, and I have a forum on it for Kiwi Crafters, but now I have also joined a writing group. My question is, would an ordinary forum be O.K. to set up so that individual writers could post some short stories etc. If it would work, would the actual writers still keep their own copy rights. If a forum would not really be suitable, what other thing could I set up on my website to be used for this sort of idea. Thanks for you advice. Cheers Jack
  14. Gidday Thanks you jokers. I got it going. Even an old thicky like me can get these things. It's great Eh! Cheers Jack
  15. Gidday again, Well, I have put a furom on my site but have not yet linked it so it is still only me who knows it's there. Only trouble I see at the moment is that the forum is locked and I don't know how to open it. I can work the test forum O.K. but there seem no way that I can see to open up a topic on the main forum, in fact it is as if it ain't there. It does say at the bottom that the fforum is locked. How do I unlock it. I want to see that it is all working before anouncing it on my front page of the website. Any help most appreciated. Cheers Jack
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