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  1. Looking at most replies on issues like this I suggest that you enter a help desk ticket. BUt maybe staff or moderators have a even better idea
  2. I have to agree with Dick. Try Ultimate Form Mail It's easy to configure, very secure because e-mailadresses are hidden and it's also got anti-spoof. There is a free version but also commercial versions at reasonable prices. (I hope it's allowed to say that here ) But maybe more important. He's got his own support forum and his support is comparisable with the one you can get here.. I think it will work with frontpage but you could ask the author for that.. Good luck
  3. Just to add my two cents. I'm in the Netherlands so a few miles further down the road:) No problem with repsonse times yet and I don't expect any real ones. I'll think you will be safe and the prices and support should make you not hesitate any more
  4. Nice. I do think the queue is a hoax. I also had 67 pple in the queue and took abt 30 to 40 seconds to resolve. I think it's just a way to get you signed up....
  5. Panayiotis and others, Just for learning purposes. Wouldn't it be enough to to enter a ticket and ask to be upgraded to another plan? Does one have to signup again and order an upgraded plan????
  6. Don, I'm not sure that is actually the question. I think the account you use when logging into cpanel etc is the one intended. My guess is that one can't use the same login for different accounts. Could it be you are mixing up the TCH account and the hosting plan account???
  7. Ah well. We as current users know that response time is no big issue by experience. But quite a few pple won't 'gamble' on a server overseas because the're affraid that it might cause delay. When I look at postings in forums and newsgroups it's often said that hosting in the Netherlands (in my case) is better because you have less change of response delay. It's also obvious that how longer the road is you must travel, the bigger the chance of traffic jams. I did inquire in this forum abt delay when form overseas. The responses were reason enough to me to decide to take the chance. However. The question is would I be more inclined to sign up? Well I wouldn't be MORE inclined any more because of experience. But I do think most pple will. Concluding: If you provide servers overseas at comparitable (?) prices and include that with the perfect service you give, I do think you will get a lot more customers. I'll help you promote in the Netherlands
  8. Ryan, Look in the top left corner for help desk or click the following link: Supportdesk You need your account info to make the ticket. Good luck
  9. Well, I couldn't resist trying one also.... I think I need to make it a bit more cheerful and the hair looks grey rather than snowy white.... But still.... It's not too bad:)
  10. Aella, I'm not fully into this type of sql (Oracle sql I am) but I think the problem lies in this line: >if(($num > 0) || ($num2 > 0)) { In my opinion, the code underneath will only be activated if you've entered an already used username AND a already used email adres but bnot seperatly. I would suggest leaving the line out and see what happens.
  11. Well Simon, here are my two cents: 1 - You could create a development subdomain and make it protected. After your done, move it to it's defenite place, update menu if becessary etc... 2 - I guess the sites mentioned use a content management system. This allows you to maintain and develop pages online and decide when they will available,active etc. Try this link for comparison of different CMS. h**p://www.med-ia.ch/os-cms/ 3- This is the way I do it: * Create/edit pages on my local PC. * Upload it to a testing account. Partially I use my webspace I have with my ISP but that doesn't have all the features. You could also create a free account. There are several possibilities here but lycos is an alternative. You will get ads then but for development it's no problem. * Test the pages on a testing account (which could also be the former mentioned subdomain. * Upload it to the production site. I never have to take the site down but to be honest. This mentioned site doesn't have mysql and stuff.. I hope it's a bit usefull to you! Good luck!
  12. Take care pple. I hope you get out allright! I've never experienced it and according to footages I saw of previous ones, I hope I never will. Take cover and take care!
  13. Hmm Ed, The server monitoring pages are updated. The real time server stats page isn't yet. That one only goes till 74. So I think there's still more work to be done
  14. Try removing the slash in front: >img src="/images/construction.gif" so try >img src="images/construction.gif" I don't know the exact reason but is could/should work. It does on my page Good luck
  15. In case it's not working yet.... Speak the following lines outloud as if they were sheeps jumping the bar.... 1 customer website 2 customer websites 3 customer websites 4 customer websites 5 customer websites 6 customer websites 7 customer websites 8 customer websites 9 customer websites 10 customer websites 11 customer websites 12 customer websites 13 customer websites 14 customer websites 15 customer websites 16 customer websites 17 customer websites 18 customer websites 19 customer websites 20 customer websites 21 customer websites 22 customer websites 23 customer websites 24 customer websites 25 customer websites 26 customer websites 27 customer websites 28 customer websites 29 customer websites 30 customer websites 31 customer websites 32 customer websites 33 customer websites 34 customer websites 35 customer websites 36 customer websites 37 customer websites 38 customer websites 39 customer websites 40 customer websites continue until you reach 23.000 ... Sleep tight!
  16. Netherlands here also.. And especially for Yme369: Goedendag landgenoot Eelco. (Hello fellow countryman Eelco)
  17. Great. And now I finally know what I forgot to post as a question... I knew I wanted to ask something but forgot what... What a relieve BTW i'm on 78
  18. Thnx Bruce for both answers. I will investigate it but I think I will stick to c-panel for a while..
  19. Thnx Rick, I thought so. Curious enough I can use squirrel so obviously that port is open. Ah well, too bad. I don't think a request for opening the port so I can manage my website will be acknowledged Any thoughts abt viewing stats without cpanel?
  20. OK the exact number was a wild guess. 2082 is prob right. But that's on the server side. What abt my client site. That's the question. But thnx for the reply
  21. Hi you all out there. I have tried to access my cpanel at the office i'm working. It's not showing and generally times out. I have an idea what could cause this but i want to check that with you all. I think cpanel is communicating on a different port . I know it's using 2029 on the server site and prob also on the client site? I expect and am almost sure that for security reasons most ports are closed here at work. Am I right or is there another reason? BTW At home I have no problems ergo it isn't a cpanel problem. Along that way. Is there anyway to view my stats without using Cpanel?
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