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    Glad I was right. Most off the time I feel like a beginner too. At one time had a similar kind of problem It can be very frustrating but very rewording when you find the cause Good luck!
  2. Maybe you can first tell us what you exactly want. Two equal sized columns in the center? To the left??? Maybe then we can help you any further... grtx
  3. I think what you want is: 1 - MOre space between the two columns 2 - More space between the border of the cel and the text or maybe both:-) Well this can be established by: 1 - Celspacing - Amount of space between two cells. In nothing is declared there is no space other then the one suggested by border, Try >cellspacing=5 2 - Celpadding - Amount of space between the border and the text . Nothing declared and aligned left it's directly agains the border. Try >cellpadding=5 For your page it would be something like: ><TABLE BORDER=1 cellspacing=5 cellpadding=10> Try it out and see if I am right and if this is what you want. Good luck.
  4. woesap

    Html Help

    I think it has to do with the width of the pages. The index page has the following: In the first body paragraph: ><!!---FIRST BODY PARAGRAPH---> <table width="469" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr valign="top"> <td width="89"><img src="images/electric.gif" width="89" height="85"></td> <td width="380"><div class="text"><font color="000000"> On the goverment page you have: >!!---COMPANY HISTORY---> <td valign="top"><img src="images/t_pp.jpg" width="131" height="21"><br> <div class="text" style="margin-left:26px "><span class="tahoma"><font size="2" color="000000"> <i So on the second no declaration of width and thus the width as long as the text. In stylesheet you have: >background-repeat: repeat-x; Wider page, middle menu block same width with repeat x gives repetation of the background image.. I think. I would suggest eitherto enter a fixed width or turn off the repeat. Good luck
  5. Mothacuss, In short, it's possible but not in the way you want it. You can have two domains and park one on the other. BUT, both domains have to point to the basic public_html directory ergo the same site. You are not allowed to have multiple sites with multiple domains on ONE account. Two options: 1 - Get a reseller account starting from $19.99 p month . With that you can do what you want eg as many domains and sites. 2 - Get a second (starter) plan starting from $4,- a month and put the second site there. One of the administrator or staff members will correct me if I am wrong because i am just a 'simple' family member also :-)
  6. J null, I am not sure abt making the form the way it looks on paper. I guess you need hand coding for it (other than Bruce's suggestion). I you have a form then I think Ultimate Form Mail can help you further. The've got a version where you can put your form also into a webmaster template(cutsomize it) and put the variables into the fields. Thus you get exatly the same form with the data mailed to you. If you need further assistance or have questions abt the possibilities of UFM. They have an excellent support forum
  7. I dont know it that well but what adress is in the configuration file for the ' LIVE' directory of phpnuke. When it is www.domain.com/subdir then a rotuing from subdir.domain.com might not work ?! Maybe you can look inti that and play with it and see what happens? And more hopefully someone comes along who has actual experience with it..... Good luck!
  8. Hi pple, From the cloudy Netherlands I wish you all: Happy NEW YEAR and all the best for 2005 Grtx, Richard
  9. I think he has UFM, already working fine... With a little help at the UFM forum ..... Richard alias ALTB(at UFM forum)
  10. Polat, Isn't MAMBO an option for you? Personally I like it and that can be installed quite easily.
  11. No not completely true. It depends if you want to point the different domains to the same site or another one. You can have multiple domains point to your public_html directory aka the same index.html but you can't have a domain pointed to a subdirectory..
  12. Hiya Jack, Good to see you here too and not only on your forum It works both ways. TCH is good for you and you are good to TCH. It was you who suggested TCH to me when i was looking for a host. And you were right. It was and is a good choice. Although a bit early I wish you and TCH all the best for the next year and years to come...
  13. Here in the Netherlands it's now abt 32F/O c They are predicting a sunny day with low temperatures. All and all not bad!
  14. zro Have you added Folder as a subdomain? It only works if you declare the folder as subdomain otherwise it's just a subfolder. Good luck
  15. HAve you tried the vertical-align option? Maybe vertical-align: top will correct this I think the problem is within this line in css: >#Rightside { margin: 20px 0px 0px 0; The margin 20px could be the problem I agree with Rick, best use tables to align both columns. Try that out first I suggest Maybe vertical align again? I am NOT a CSS guru but hopefully there is something right in my suggestions Good luck!
  16. Donna, It depends on how you want to process the informatiion sent. 1. You receive the emails and update your mailinglist with the information. 2. You want the information directly in a mysql database and from there transport it to the mailing list. If you want no 1 there are two UFM options: UFM free - With an link to the UFM site in the emails sent. UFM Basic - Without linking and with a few extra options If you want no 2 you should choose: UFM Pro - Same as basic but with support for MySql. You could check more details (such as pricing) at UFM Site Off course you can also check out the suggetions TCH-Thomas made. Does this clarify it a bit?
  17. From frontpage help section. Maybe there is something in it that will help: The highlighted line maybe important! --QUOTE---QUOTE--- Set up a form to save form results using a custom form handler You can use your own custom script (ISAPI, NSAPI, or CGI) as a form handler. 1. On the View menu, switch to Folders view. Right-click the folder containing your script, and then click Properties on the shortcut menu. 2. Select Allow scripts to be run. If you don't want others to be able to see files in this directory, clear the Allow files to be browsed check box. 3. Click OK. 4. In Page view, right-click your form, and then click Form Properties on the shortcut menu. 5. Select Send to other, and then in the drop-down box, click Custom ISAPI, NSAPI, CGI, or ASP script. 6. Click Options. 7. In the Action box, type the URL to the form handler. 8. In the Method box, select the method of submitting information to the form handler: *The Get method encodes the form's name-value pairs and assigns the information to a server variable called QUERY_STRING. *The Post method passes the name-value pair directly to the form handler as input. To use the default encoding method "application/x-www-form-urlencoded," leave the Encoding type text box blank. ---END OF QUOTE ---
  18. Just for my curiosity. Uner what name did you post there? I can't find any post on the UFM forum. Maybe you could PM me your details and I will have a look at it.
  19. I would also suggest to go to the support forum of UFM. It's located HERE Coder might be able to help you and certainly will if he can. Good luck
  20. I don't know or use formmail. My first guess is that the variable isn't recognized as an array. From what you say, you can select more than two options so the varable must be an array. Long shot but you could try to put [] behind Likes_dislikes >Likes_dislikes[]
  21. My first guess is there is something wrong with your reply templates. But Mike is right. Go to the UFM forum. I am a regular visitor there and Coder and or I can probably help you with the right information.
  22. I recently tiried this one for family pictures. beta version also has slide shows etc. Pretty nice and easy to work with. CHeck out (replace * with t): >h**p://gallery.menalto.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=index
  23. Great Thomas Keep up the good work!
  24. All at TCH. It looks great and surely more professional. One point of criticism though. I find the flash movie reloading and playing after every refresh or movement to another page getting annoying rather quickly. I looks fancy but a static flash would look very nice enought too! Hope I make some sense Keep up the good work!
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